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I Know That Girl: How To Connect With A Girl You Know On A Casual Dating Site

This article covers exactly how to handle a situation where you know a girl on a dating site. If you want to have sex with someone you know and have seen on a hookup site, then pay close attention. I’ll be the very first one to say that I’ve had this happen to me on more than one occasion. I’m browsing through one of the dating sites I use only to stop short in my tracks and say to myself, “I know that girl!” Now, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to run into the same situation.

There’s no way around it.

However, there is a right and wrong way to act. If you find yourself coming across a girl that you know on a casual or sex dating site, then there are certain precautions that you must take before going in to make the connection. I’ve come up with a list of suggestions and tips to help you connect with the local girl the right way without coming across as a total douchebag or creep.

After all, the end goal is quite simple. It’s to meet someone locally to have sex with and she’s likely got the same goals set. So, don’t screw this up by taking the wrong approach. These tips will help you be more successful locally, no doubt about it.

I know that girl

Tips For Connecting With A Girl You Know Using A Sex Network

The very first thing that I’m going to say is to not immediately attempt to message this girl. Do not make the mistake of doing so right away. It could blow your whole cover here and blow up in your face.

Instead, there’s a very specific process that I take to successfully connect with a girl that I know using these sites and you must do the same. I will say this, you absolutely can bang them. I’ve done it on numerous occasions but you need to play it cool. Here are a few tips…

#1 – Do Not Eradically Engage

What I mean by this is you’ve got to have a specific strategy and plan if you want to connect with a girl you know. You can’t just message the girl via whatever dating app or site you’re on and explain to her that you were searching and said to yourself, I know that girl, and you decided to message her.

She’s not going to be all that impressed by that. Instead, you’ve got to have a plan. This is about playing your cards right, taking the right approach and hopefully getting laid in the long run.

#2 – Play The Unknown Card

Sometimes it’s a better approach to play it off like you don’t know the person. If it’s been a long time and you haven’t connected with the girl in forever, then use that to your advantage.

Let’s assume you message a girl that you know but you play the unknown card, your best bet is if she brings something up about knowing you make it seem like you didn’t even recognize her and that she looks fantastic. That’ll shift the conversation away from the connection and get you both on the same page as far as hooking up is concerned.

#3 – Never Break The Unspoken Rule

Not sure what the unspoken rule is? Well, it’s not talking to friends, family, or anyone that you know about being on the dating site. This can cause a lot of problems for you and others on the network. You might get kicked off for discussing things outside of the dating network too as most have a closed-door policy and they protect their members.

In other words, don’t go run back to your buddies telling them you saw some girl you know looking to bang on a dating site.

#4 – Ask Her Out

You always want to ask this girl out once you’ve made the connection but do so in a manner in which it’s not going to publically showcase your connection locally. Ask the girl if she’d like to meet at a bar in the town or city nearby.

Again, this takes the gossip out of it and helps keep your anonymity in play for both of you. If no connection or spark is there then move on and keep searching the dating pool. Trust me, there’s plenty of fish in most of these networks, especially this one here.

#5 – Have Sex And Move On

Neither of you are using a casual fling site to try and build a long-term relationship with a local person, so don’t make it that. Your best bet is to simply have sex with this person and move on to the next one. The NSA rule of thumb applies even if you know the person you’re connecting with. Don’t ever forget that.

#6 – Act Normal In Public

If you run into this person locally in public, don’t make any mention of the dating network you are using or what you’re up to these days from a relationship perspective. You’ve got no right to start that conversation nor does she, plus you don’t want to lead on like you’re looking for more or that you know more than you do if in a group of people.

Well, I guess the next time you see somebody online and say, “Hey, I know that girl!” You’ll now know exactly what to do if you want to have sex with them and keep banging other local girls in your area.

Oh, one final thing, if you end up getting frustrated and you decide to turn to The USA Sex Guide Forum or some other foolish site like The Nightshift Co then you’re an absolute fool. Stick to the script and keep using online dating apps/sites to get laid for free.

You’ll have far better luck and chances are the girls you know that you meet on those sites I’ve just mentioned you won’t want to sleep with them because they’re most likely gross AF.

Conclusion – You Can Casually Hook Up With Girls You Know

Wrapping things up here is quite simple. There is no reason why you should think about hiring anyone to hook up. Additionally, there’s no reason for you to use any of the sex guide forum sites as they’re not worth your time and money.

Having said that, you’ve got tons of options to consider for apps and sites for meeting people. All you have to do is take a little bit of action and you’re all set.

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