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How To Get A Girl To Break Up With A Guy

I’ve covered some strange topics over the years and nothing is really too strange, but this might be one of the more awkward things I’ve covered. It’s about breaking up couples or getting a girl to break up with her boyfriend. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and have even consulted with a breakup expert on this stuff. Here’s what I know about the whole process and my thoughts/views on everything. Before I kick things off, you’ll be happy to learn that you do not need to turn to escorts in Colombia or even any of the major cities in the United States. You can, in fact, get this girl to split up and smash.

Get A Girl To Breakup With Someone

Break Up Couples: Tips For Causing People To End A Relationship So You Can Hook Up

Let’s say you meet a girl that you really are head over heels in love (or in lust) with…but she’s got a boyfriend/ex-boyfriend still in the picture/new dude/or other love interest. Basically, someone else is taking her to Fuck Town, Population: 2 every night – but it ain’t you.

You have two options:

  1. A) Take the high road, telling yourself that “everything happens for a reason” so you leave her alone and let her pursue her true love with this other guy, wishing them the best.
  2. B) Say “fuck that” and break them up.

If you’re more inclined to choose “B,” I’m going to teach you how to do just that.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, as Spiderman taught us, so I encourage you to use this extremely potent technique with great care only on the girl you want to marry.

Ahh hell, I don’t give a fuck – use it on any girl who’s with a douchebag dude that you want to bone.

So this is what you do:

Get her engaged in a talk about her relationship, her guy, cheating, etc.

Tap into all of her inner doubts and fears, drudging up all of his past cheating, dishonesty, and general shadiness.

Wait – that’s not even the start of it.

Now, tell her that there’s one foolproof way to find out once and for all if her boyfriend is honest and faithful…or a complete scoundrel who is looking to fuck everything with T & A that walks past him (basically, a “GUY”).

Tell her that she should try this with him the next time they get together.

When she gets together with him next time at a restaurant, date, or even at home, (although it works better in a public place so he can’t run and hide), she tells him that she wants to play something called “The Phone Game.”

Her friend told her about this game (sort of true) and that it builds trust and a bond between boyfriend and girlfriend (quite the opposite).

The game works like this: you both hand over your phones to each other, with the passcode to get in, of course.

That’s it.

Of course, this is a lose-lose scenario for him. IF he turns it over and goes through his texts, emails, social media, etc.,  she’ll find inappropriate messages and flirtations with other women – and probably even nasty photos. That is unless he’s a pro at hiding the text messages like me.

But IF he says “No way, I’m not doing that,” then he’s guilty as hell –and she knows it.

Most guys will be totally shocked and stumble around and try to make excuses.

But she’s more than willing to hand over her phone, too, which is fair play under the rules of the game. (Of course, she already scrubbed her phone for anything that could implicate her – including dick picks; probably YOURS!)

There’s literally no way this guy can win, and the ensuing fight should be a fucking whopper because you basically just trapped him into a corner of cheating. Checkmate, dickhead!

Now, if for some reason he agrees, and his phone and social media and everything is 100% clean, then he’s an angel, and he’s obviously right for her and they should spend the rest of their lives together. So you can just resort to cutting the brake lines on his car. (Joking. Sort of. Snip snip.)

But 99% of the time, you just drove a HUGE wedge into the relationship and started an epic brawl about cheating.

Too often, girls stay with Mr. Wrong so she might end up going back to him…in a week or a month or whatever.

But in the meantime, guess who is there to pick up the pieces, be a shoulder to cry on, and be available for hot steamy breakup revenge sex?


Good luck, and happy hunting!

Oh, and assuming you fail miserably in getting this girl to break up with her man, you can always turn to the tried and true sex network apps. They never fail, they work, and they’re practically free!

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