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Funny Dating Bios For Guys

Whether you’re using slightly mainstream apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Zoosk or if you’re using more forward-thinking apps like Snap Sext and AFF, you’ll always find that a funny dating bio works.

Trust me, it just works!

In my humble opinion, you’d be a real idiot to not try and poke fun at yourself or at the very least add a little bit of laughter to your dating bio.

The best bio (especially for a hookup site) is one that’s witty, quirky, and clever. The extra effort can really score you more points than you can even imagine. While I’m not going to create a bio or profile for you, I will share some thoughts that I have which might help improve your chances of hooking up in the long run.

Online Dating Bio Advice

The Funniest Ways To Spice Up Your Dating Bio

There are many ways that I spice up my Tinder and Fling profiles. While I’m not going to share my profile with you in fear of trolls ruining my social and sex life, I will tell you what I do and why.

I’ve made many changes to the bio on my profiles and these changes below seem to help me hook up the most.

Work Song Lyrics Into It

My Neck, My Back Song

This is a nasty song and any girl that comes across your bio with these lyrics knows that you’re DTF and that’s all you’re looking to do. They also know that you don’t play when it comes to the kitty. Meow!

Get Emotional Baby

emotional but funny dating bio

This one’s pretty funny because the girl doesn’t know it’s coming. She thinks that you’re some sappy overly emotional dude until she finishes reading your bio. It’s a winner for sure and gets me laid on the regular.

Email Chain LOLs

email fwd message chain humor

If you’re the type that hates forwarding email chains and all that bullshit, then let someone know in your profile bio. You’ll be hitting it in no time if you meet your match, trust me.

Nigerian Scammer

Nigerian dating scam bio

The old Nigerian scammer bio will certainly draw some attention. It doesn’t always work but sometimes I’ll get a few chuckles and responses from local girls with a sense of humor.

Movie Line Bio

This one is great and it’s quite common for people to use the Good Will Hunting line (the same one used in Step Brothers). I’ve had plenty of success using this and I think you’ll have some hookup success if you use this as well.

Bio For Plumbers

dating bio profile

The unclogging and never clogging toilets approach works although it can be a bit nasty at times to some girls. Just try it and see how things pan out.

Now, should you really strike out with all the options that I’ve provided, then there’s got to be something wrong here. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I have never had someone strike out completely using every single tactic. It’s almost unheard of and if you need my assistance, just email me and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

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