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Five Main Types of Call Girls You’ll Meet On Escort Sites

I hate to lie to you about anything. I’ve been using escort sites for years, that is until I started using online dating sites. Along the way, I came across a number of different types of call girls. These escorts are all a piece of work regardless the type and they all have issues. However, I want to break the call girls down for you so you know what to look for if you stupidly hire a hooker. I certainly don’t suggest doing that but some people just don’t listen to me ever.

types of escorts and call girls to avoid

Main Kinds Of Call Girls Posting Ads On Escort Sites

These are some of the kinds of call girls that you’re going to run into when you decide to use a shitty escort site. I’ve told you on more than one occasion that I can’t stand these girls and I never use sites that advertise escorts. Why, because they are fucking disgusting!

The Addict

Addicts are everywhere on escort sites like Backpage and Craigslist. The show up with their eyes rolling into the back of their heads and mumbling like crazy. Some of them are twitching from the crack they smoke while others have track marks running up and down their arms.

The Drunky Brewster

I’ve been with some drunk escorts that can seriously pound booze! It’s incredible how drunk some of these whores get when they get on a drunken tear. There is nothing worse than paying a girl for sex and having her be really bad at it.

The Clock Watcher

This one might be the worst of them all. The escort that watches the clock like a hawk is normally a bitch and a half. Either that or she ends up trying to charge you way too much after your session, nickel and dime-ing you for 30 seconds worth of hanging out. That shit is super aggravating.

Ghetto Rich Bitch

No, what I hate more than rich escorts? Ghetto rich escorts. They legit think that they are worth more than Mark Cuban when they don’t even have a place to sleep. They literally sleep on dudes poles to get their rest. You ain’t shit hoe! I’ve got more money in my wallet than you do in your entire bank account. Get rid of those fake Louis Vuitton bags too. Shit looks weathered and depressing. They can’t even afford to stay one night in the hotel room that they are banging their client.

The Baby Momma

Some girls that escort to make a living use their kids as a crutch. They try to make it seem like they are doing it for their kids. Look, we know their kids got taken away by DSS. You can’t fool me and you’re not getting an extra $10.00 for baby formula…

Well, that’s a quick rundown of the types of escort girls that you’ll meet if you stubbornly use Backpage and other escort websites. Don’t do it bro! It’s not worth the hassle. Just join a real sex dating site or download one of the many fuck buddy apps that people are successfully using today.

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