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Dating Profile White Lies To Watch Out For…

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that a lot of people lie about things when it comes to online dating. Their objective is to attract people like you. That said, it should come as no surprise that people are going to do whatever it takes to catch your attention.

Yes, even lie to you!

These white lies made by people who don’t take dating or hooking up seriously are everything that’s wrong with this world. Please, be sure to take notes and understand what people “fib” about and what they’re typically honest about. You should probably read this article as well.

dating profile white lies

8 Most Common Dating Profile White Lies

These white lies are in no specific order and they each matter equally.

1. Enjoying long walks.

No one enjoys long walks. This is the most absurd crap I’ve ever heard. If you do, then you’re not for me. That settles that.

2. Former Model.

Yea, okay you’re a former model and I’m the richest man living in Miami, FL. This is the biggest bunch of crap and a huge lie to say the least. Anyone that has to bait you in with that probably sucks at life.

3. Living in a gated community.

There are sites out there for people who are inmates. Those who are not, please stop using the sites for free people. None of us want to come visit you in jail.

4. I’m packing a big one.

If you’re carrying such a large johnson in your shorts, then why is it necessary to announce it to the world? The ladies should be lining up down the street to get some of that. You don’t need a dating site. No, I’m not implying that everyone using dating sites have small dicks. Don’t think so deeply.

5. I’m my own boss.

We all know that’s complete horse shit. Unless you’re working for yourself (in which case your clients are your boss), then you’re a complete liar.

6. I drive an expensive car.

See number 4, you’ve probably got a small dick if you’re reporting this.

7. I’m all natural.

Look, no one gives a shit if you’re all natural or not. Do you look good? Yes! Okay then, let’s move forward and stop lying.

8. I socially drink.

You’re a raging alcoholic bro. Lay off the hard stuff!

These are some of the most common things that people lie about when it comes to using all sorts of online dating profiles. These #datingprofilewhitelies have got to stop, seriously! Let’s do what we can to make them stop, starting with being honest with ourselves. The good news is that many of the sites which I suggest joining are as upfront and honest as they get. It’s typically the stuffy mainstream dating sites where you end up with issues like this.

If you know of any other dating profile white lies that you see frequently then drop a comment below and let me know!

If not and you just want to get down to business – you can do it here.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, make no mistake about it. Most of the escorts and hookers out there in this world lie as well. Yes, even those Miami escorts posting on Backapge and those hounding you for cash at the strip clubs – they lie too.

Special thanks to all the Twitter users who participated in this event and did their part by hashtagging accordingly. Thank you all!

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