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CBS This Morning Backpage Crackdown Report!

If you’re a news-watching guy like myself, then chances are you’ve put some time into watching CBS This Morning at one time or another. I watch it daily and it especially caught my eye this morning for one specific reason. They were talking about Backpage! Let me make one thing very clear! I, the owner of Sexdatingapps.com do not think that people should use Backpage.com to meet people. It’s a bad idea, plain and simple.

It shouldn’t come as any shocker that it wasn’t anything good that they were discussing either. I don’t think it could be any worse for both the girls posting on Backpage as well as the guys trying to meet up with the girls in the listings.

CBS This Morning Backpage Crackdown
Credit: CBS This Morning News

The Facts About Backpage and It’s Soon To Be Downfall

If you’re thinking about using Backpage, then please think again. This morning there was a huge discussion on CBS This Morning which opened up a can of worms and revealed everything that goes on at various local levels of this website.

I’ll tell you right now, the serious look on everyone’s, including Gayle King’s, shows how big of a problem this is. Officials across all states in the United States are putting task forces and dollars behind cracking down on this site specifically. It’s for good reasons that they are doing this and I agree 100% with them doing this.

Gayle King CBS This Morning
Credit: CBS This Morning News

They’re putting forth efforts to try and get the website shut down for good. They are doing this because they know that many of the girls on the website are not posting ads willingly. They’re working as escorts and doing so for pimps to try and make them money.

There is a bill that’s being proposed right now that could shut this website down for good. It would remove the legal protection that Backpage.com and the site owners have for simply hosting the ads that prostitutes place. It’s a crackdown that they’ve been working on for months and I see it soon coming to a screeching halt.

Here’s where it gets really bad for guys like you and me. Well, not so much me because I do not use Backpage. I constantly tell people to avoid the site at all costs. Here’s why you’ll eventually end up getting arrested! Police officers are posing on Backpage and placing ads on the site. They’re posing as escorts and trying to pass off as such to lure in Johns to arrest them.

Look, paying a girl to have sex with you simply isn’t legal. Worst case, you end up dead or in jail. At the very least, you could end up getting in legal trouble and possibly getting an STD doing so.

I tell people time and time again that there is absolutely nothing good about Backpage.com or Craigslist.org or this site right here. All of these escort listing style sites don’t even work. You’re far better off using a legit adult dating website to meet women who will have sex for free. Any other way is not worth the embarrassment.

Backpage Arrests
Credit: CBS This Morning News

There were Sherriffs on CBS This Morning stating that they place ads to set people up. They get 50 to 100 calls daily from people. Johns call them, they show up and they get arrested and dealt a fine for doing so.

Even worse, the Backpage crackdown is cracking down on the pimps and they are getting serious jail time for doing so. I even covered some personal experiences that I had on Backpage while in NY and why you should avoid it. Unless you want to spend time behind bars, your best bet is to use a safe and secure dating network that caters to those looking to have casual sex.

When it’s something mutual and money isn’t exchanged, then there is no issue at all. That’s where your head should be!

Do NOT use Backpage classified section unless you want to end up in jail! Instead, use premium hook-up sites!

If you’re looking for girls who want to have sex, then just use a site that caters to that activity. I use the Fling app because it’s just single girls who want to hook up for free. There’s no crime in doing that!

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