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How to delete Okcupid

How To Deactivate Okcupid Account

If you’re using OKCupid, then chances are you’re going to want to eventually cancel and delete your account from the site. Trust me, I’ve used the platform and it’s not as good as the sex hookup networks, so if you’ve joined, you’ll likely eventually be over it. That said, what you need to know is that canceling your membership is pretty simple. I’ve laid out the specific instructions that you need to take if you’re looking to deactivate things. Now, for those looking to get laid faster, give this site a shot (my favorite site) and you’ll get laid very fast.

How to delete Okcupid

Deleting and Deactivating OKCupid.com Account

OkCupid makes it easy to delete your account but they don’t make it quite as easy to make sure that all of your data gets removed.

It seems that they keep it on their servers forever, even after you’ve closed down your account. That’s why you should take a few minutes to make sure that your digital footprint is taken off of the site when you want to remove yourself.

Use The Delete Page

Luckily, OkCupid simply has a delete page that you can use to delete or disable your account. If you choose to disable it, you’ll be able to start it all back up whenever you want to.

All you have to do is click on the delete/disable page on the site. Then simply enter your password and decide whether you want to delete or disable it. It’s really that simple.

Get Your Account Back

If you accidentally delete your account then you can never get it back. It’s gone from you, but the information is stored by the site. If you’ve disabled it then you can return at any time just by entering your username and password. Everything you left will be right back there waiting for you.

Easily Remove Personal Data

If you want to make sure that your pictures and videos are removed when you delete your account then the best thing to do is remove them before you delete your account. You’ll have a much better chance of them actually being taken off of the servers that way.

Remove Third Parties

If you signed up with your Facebook or Twitter accounts then you’ll want to make sure you revoke their access. Each site is going to have its own way of doing it. That way you know that no one can ever reactive your account without your knowledge.

Conclusion: Delete Your Account

Go ahead and delete your account if you’re not satisfied with the services. I’ve already canceled mine if you’re wondering. That’s my suggestion here and if you really want to get laid, then use a site that caters to hookups, not mainstream love.

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