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Foods That You Should Avoid While Casually Dating

I don’t spend enough time discussing health and fitness on my casual dating site. While I’m super into fitness, I just don’t ever discuss it here. That said, I’d like to take the time to talk about nutrition, why it’s important and how it’s related to dating. Believe it or not, there are certain foods that you should do your best to avoid when dating.

You are probably thinking that there is no correlation to nutrition and dating but there is and I’m going to share some of the reasons why the correlation exists and what I typically suggest people steer clear of if they are using dating sites to meet people for casual sex. Find out what foods you should be avoiding for the best dating success. Foods to avoid while dating

Four Foods To Avoid When Dating People

There are of course a laundry list of foods that you should avoid. However, I’m going to give you only the most important that you must put forth best efforts to avoid at all costs. Let me preface by saying that I love some of these things I’m about to share with you and even though I love them, I still do my best to avoid them like the plague.

Onions and Garlic

Food #1 will make your cum taste horrible. It’s a known fact that eating onions and garlic can really make your cum taste terrible. Now, you might not care about this but I can guarantee that if you’re getting a blowjob from some girl you met on a dating and you cum in her mouth, she’s not going to like the taste. In fact, that might be the very last time you cum from her sucking your dick. Ditch the garlic and onions and pick up some fruit like papaya and pineapple instead. Anything citrus-based will do the trick and help improve the way you taste.

Let me try and put things into perspective here with this. When you go to eat a girls pussy, you want it to taste okay, don’t you? I rest my case! Do the right thing and avoid that Italian garlic and onion seasoning.

Soy Products

Some people that don’t eat meat, love to consume soy as an alternative. They eat hundreds of pounds of it on an annual basis. What most guys don’t realize is that soy contains estrogen properties that are beneficial in females. Males that consume too much protein often have lower testosterone levels versus those that choose to consume red meat. I steer clear from anything soy based these days. I thought I was doing my body good by consuming so much soy but in reality, I was totally destroying my testosterone levels. Now I go to a nice steakhouse and indulge instead!

Mints And Menthol Based Gum

I know you probably think I’m crazy but I promise you that I’m not. When you’re on a date. I want you to think twice about grabbing a mint the next time you want to kiss a girl. Why? There’s something in the mint that’s been proven to reduce the testosterone levels in men. That’s right, the menthol in the mint does this. Once your testosterone levels drop low enough, you’re likely to see a drop in your libido as well. If you want to perform like a stud, without taking penis pills and testosterone enhancers, then you need to do your best to keep your test levels to the max.


Last but not least, there’s alcohol. You want to avoid drinking booze. I’ve mentioned how bad this substance is for you and the negative impact it can have on your sex life in general. No one wants to hook up with a drunk idiot they met at a bar. The whiskey dick problem that so many guys have all stems from too much alcohol. Guess what, alcohol makes it tough for you to keep an erection. It can cause stress, make people anxious and overall make your sex life a living hell. You never know what you’ll have in store for you if you drink too much. Not to mention, alcohol makes you really fat and it lowers testosterone levels. So, as much as you want to get wasted with your date tonight, it’s best to cut back on the booze as much as possible.

These are all simple foods that I suggest you avoid if you are using any adult dating apps or sites. These girls are looking to get fucked by a guy with a hard johnson. They aren’t looking to meet up with someone that buckles under pressure. Do everything you can to win that battle.


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