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Make Semen Taste Better

How to Make Semen Taste Better – It Starts with What You Eat

Most men feel there is nothing better than getting oral sex. A good blowjob can help you relax and unwind and makes for a great time. However, some people out there generally don’t like it, but it’s often hard to beat for many.

What would happen if you ejaculate, and your partner tells you it doesn’t taste good? They may stop giving blowjobs or may avoid getting it in their mouth, and that would ruin the feeling.

Semen tasting iffy isn’t front-page news. It’s a gooey and weird substance that comes from the genitals. However, if you worry about how your semen tastes, there’s good news. You have some control over this.

Lifestyle factors, including smoking, exercise, diet, and drug/alcohol use, can significantly impact the flavor of your bodily fluids.

This article will help you learn how to make semen taste better. Find out what to eat and avoid!

Make Semen Taste Better

Exploring Cum Taste

Many studies claim that swallowing semen is good for the health and can fight depression. However, your partner must want to do that, and they wish to have a good time while doing so. Otherwise, they’ll never give another blowjob again.

It’s only fair for you to do whatever you can to make your semen taste better for your partner. She will want to give you a blowjob and find it more pleasurable.

Semen is made up of more than just sperm. Actually, 80 percent consists of water, but there are also amino acids, proteins, glucose, fructose, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Though that seems like a short ingredient list, the flavors within can range a lot. Semen could taste like bleach or be almost sweet. Overall, what you eat will determine the taste of your semen!

Much of that flavor is out of your control, but you can adjust it to a degree through your lifestyle and diet. Most guys don’t know how they rate on that scale because they never taste themselves (and that’s okay).

Many times, men think they taste okay because their partner swallows, but most women know how to hide the spit-it-out factor from you. Even if you watch it going down, that doesn’t always mean she likes or wants it. She’s actually showing you that she’s into you.

It might be wise to ask your partner what they think of the taste; they’ll probably be honest with you, but they may not want to hurt your feelings. Just imagine how they’d react if you told them you didn’t like the kitty!

If you’re in a committed relationship, the chances of getting honest feedback increase. Regardless, there’s no harm in eating and drinking things you know could make semen taste better.

Avoid That Bitter Taste – Don’t Do These Things

Many lifestyle and food choices will affect the taste of your semen. Here’s a quick rundown of the items that might make you taste bad:


If you are a smoker, you should understand that stale cigarette flavors will infuse into the semen. This is especially true for those who smoke frequently or smoked immediately before sex.

The flavor will also come out of the nipples and skin. Smoking could also make your teeth yellow and cause your breath to stink, so it’s wise to avoid this vice at all costs. If you currently smoke, you might consider quitting.

Drugs or Alcohol

You should always take the medications prescribed to you, but if you imbibe in marijuana or street drugs, be aware that it will make your semen taste bad. Likewise, if you consume alcohol on a daily basis or overindulge, you may find that your cum tastes bitter or sour. Consider enjoying a cocktail after you’ve done the deed!


Dairy is very healthy for you because it adds good bacteria into the digestive tract to make digestion easier. However, that doesn’t automatically mean you have a healthy flavor profile.

Likewise, dairy often makes people bloated and gassy. You don’t want to deal with that when you’re having sex. It’s best to avoid cheese, milk, butter, and yogurt before sex. The general rule is to stop consuming dairy for a full 24 hours before you hit the sheets.



While no formal studies have been conducted, most people claim that vegans and vegetarians have the best-tasting semen, and there’s a reason for this.

Steak might taste amazing to you, but it will add more salty flavor to the semen. If you plan to eat meat, poultry is the best choice instead of red meat.

However, you should also be aware that some partners enjoy savory or salty snacks. If that’s the case, they may like the taste of your cum after you eat steak or other red meats.

High-sulfur Foods

High-sulfur foods include things like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Though they’re good for your body, they will intensify the natural taste of your semen, and it won’t be pleasant. Likewise, it might smell like a match, and no woman wants to get a whiff of that while they’re going down on you.


A little caffeine is okay, but you don’t want to consume too much. In large quantities, caffeine could give your semen a bitter taste, and there’s simply nothing appetizing about this!

Processed Foods

Generally, fast food, such as burgers, pizza, tacos, and fries, has a chemical inside that will make the semen taste bitter. Therefore, you’re better off, in terms of your sex life and your stomach, to avoid them whenever possible.


You’ve heard of asparagus pee, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you consume this vegetable. It will turn it green, so just imagine what that might do to the taste of your semen!

Though asparagus is healthy, you shouldn’t eat it the day you’re having sex. In fact, it might be best to hold off for a few days.

Things That Might Make Your Semen Taste Good

Now that you know what you shouldn’t eat, you might be wondering what items might help you. Learning how to make semen taste better can be as simple as trying different foods.

If it’s something that’s good for overall health, it’s likely to benefit you in many other areas. However, if it’s bad for you, it will have drawbacks. Plus, it’s good to remember that smell and taste are highly related.

Pineapple Juice and Other Fruits

Many foods are known to sweeten the taste of your semen, such as wheatgrass, parsley, peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon. However, you should go for naturally sweet foods, such as eating pineapple, kiwis, plumbs, or blueberries.

Those who dislike the taste of fruit might find that they can tolerate it when they add cinnamon. If you simply don’t like eating pineapple, you can always try drinking pineapple juice! Stock up and have a little each day for the best results.

Pineapple Juice

Cranberry Juice (Cranberries)

Cranberries are a tart fruit, which might seem counterproductive when you want the taste of your semen to be sweeter. However, they will balance pH levels, which improves the semen taste with time.

If you must have a cocktail before sex, consider a Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry). Go higher on the cranberry juice and lower on the alcohol for the best result!


Celery is quite high in vitamin C and can flush some of that salt flavor out of the semen. Plus, most people consider it a negative calorie food. This means your body uses more calories to digest and chew it than it contains, so it’s great for many reasons.

Overall, the vitamin C in celery can boost your sperm motility and count. Some people even say it’s an aphrodisiac food because it helps your body produce pheromones.


Semen is actually made up of mostly water, which is what makes it travel and squirt out. If you don’t get enough, you’ll find that your semen tastes bad. It might also be globby and thick, with a poor texture.

Get enough water in your diet by drinking at least 44 ounces per day. There’s some speculation about what the right amount is, but you can’t go wrong when you consume water. Mix it with a little pineapple juice to get even more benefits.


Many people aren’t thrilled with wheatgrass shots, but it’s a superfood because of all the benefits it offers. Wheatgrass is filled with various nutrients, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. Therefore, it can boost metabolism, purify the blood, cleanse the liver, detox the body from metals, and treat body odor.

How does it help your cum taste better? It has high amounts of chlorophyll in it, which will help you keep your sperm pH levels in check. Therefore, it will taste less acidic!



Most guys aren’t going to chew on mint sprigs, but fresh mint can be added to drinking water, smoothies, and meals you prepare. You can even enjoy an herbal mint tea. It’s worth the effort because mint has vitamin A, iron, and fiber, which will relieve IBS symptoms and indigestion while improving brain function.

Did you know that consuming mint might relieve cold symptoms because of the menthol? It will also prevent bad breath, which is a benefit if you’re hitting the sheets with a new partner or just want your current lover to enjoy the fact that you took the time to freshen your breath.

Studies indicate that peppermint and spearmint could decrease a woman’s testosterone levels. However, when men eat it a few times per week, it can make their cum taste less acidic and provide a sweeter aftertaste.


There are countless spices available, but ginger, nutmeg, cocoa, cinnamon, and rosemary are the ones that are great for your health. They have antioxidants, can reduce body inflammation, and could even lower blood sugar levels.

Likewise, when you sprinkle them on your food, they might pull the acid out of your sperm, making the cum taste sweeter. It won’t be like cake, but it will be easier for your lady to take in.

Plan Ahead to Have Better-tasting Semen

There are likely certain foods you shouldn’t eat when you’re about to engage in a sexual encounter or kiss someone. A good rule of thumb is not to consume anything you wouldn’t before heading out on a first date. This includes broccoli, asparagus, onions, and garlic. These are strong and will make the taste of your semen more pungent.

Generally, if it will give you bad breath, the semen tastes more acidic, too.

Anything that is toxic to you will be harmful to your taste. Therefore, it’s wise to put down the alcoholic beverages because they won’t make semen taste sweeter. Though they might have natural fruit juices or taste sweet to you, they have the opposite effect on your sperm.

The Impact a Healthy Diet Can Have on Sperm Taste

It’s hard to change your diet and lifestyle, but think of it this way: When you’re healthy, this will make your semen taste better in the long run. Semen is an indicator of good health. Doing drugs, drinking alcohol and coffee, and smoking weed will alter the taste and add bitterness.

Instead, you should be consuming natural sugar in fruit and avoid red meat if your cum is too salty.

Overall, a healthier diet is the best thing you can do to impact the smell and taste of your semen and keep pH levels in check.

Consider making a smoothie with pineapple juice, parsley, wheatgrass, peppermint extract, and lemon juice. Take a shot glass, and drink this mixture each day to improve your semen and sperm taste.

How to Make Semen Taste Better – Final Thoughts

Everyone knows that the foods they eat matter, but you may not have realized they could affect the taste of your semen. You’ll probably never experience the flavor profile for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your partner to enjoy herself while giving you a blowjob.

You can help your semen taste better by following the tips listed here. Pineapple juice is one of the best things to drink, but water is also good. Just remember what to avoid, and you’ll be on your way to better-tasting sperm in no time!

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