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nude on sand

Guide to Taking Good Nude Selfies

I know what you’re thinking – naked photos aren’t your thing. Many people tend to put off taking their own nudes because they don’t think they’re capable or worry about revenge porn.

There’s no reason to feel bad about taking a nude picture, though! Boudoir photography is a multi-million dollar business because women like to get naked and show off their favorite facial expressions.

We’ve all been self-isolated for a while, and that somehow makes us hornier. It could be a primal response to anxiety or a desire to have more human contact. You could be happy to have nice weather! If you aren’t quarantined with a regular sexual partner, you have limited options for sex. Taking photos of your naked body can help you feel hot and sexy in a way that you don’t when you’re doing the deed with yourself.

If you don’t have the money for boudoir photos, my best advice is to master the naked selfie. You just need some flattering lighting, sexy lingerie, makeup, and creativity. Don’t put off taking that hot photo of yourself; I’m here to help you strike the pose and snap that photo!

Steps to Take Good Nude Photos

I’ve come across a few observations when I take naked pictures, and I’m here to pass them on to you. Remember that you’re a beautiful woman, and you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Nudes have a way of bringing out your lust for life (and sex), but there are a few steps to take to ensure that you are safe while being creative and having fun.

Consider Natural Lighting

Natural light is ideal, so if you’ve got a room in your apartment that has that afternoon sunlight, take advantage of it. Your nudes are sure to look that much better.

However, don’t feel upset if you only have artificial light at your disposal. You can still snap some sexy pics without natural light. A well-placed lamp can be highly useful.

The goal here is to set up the light source so it’s only coming from a single angle. That lets you work with the shadows. You may also consider two light sources if you need to fine-tune your pictures.

Regardless, make sure it’s a warm light (yellow-colored) because it doesn’t leave you with a clinical appearance and is often more flattering. I know what you’re thinking: You only have cool white light in your apartment. That’s okay, too! Just drape a colored scarf or shirt over it to change the scene.

Candles are also your best friend here. They serve the purposes above and are excellent if you’re a little scared of your body appearance. String lights also create that same effect, and you’re not rolling around nude near a flame while you snap that photo.

nude on sand

Think about the Background

I know you are super excited to take nudes, and that’s so amazing. However, it’s worth noting that you should focus on the background before you start snapping selfies. You may not think much about the toilet, trash can, dirty laundry, piles of dishes, or the cat’s litter box. Still, the recipient is likely to see all that and be turned off by your sexy pic.

Instead, you should take some time and clean up. Snap a photo of the space without you in it. Take a moment and look at the picture like someone else might. Do you see clutter and dirty areas? Clean them up before you take the photo.

A bit of work now ensures that your photos look amazing and no one thinks you’re a slob later.

Do you have plants, books, exposed brick, clean furniture, and attractive lamps in the home? Get creative, move them around, and give your space an update. You’re sure to feel sexier and more relaxed so that you can enjoy your fun photo shoot!

Props can also help here, such as ropes, flowers, fruits, or other food. Your goal is to enhance and not distract. The photo is subjective, so much of it depends on what you’re trying to say. If you are focused on passion, choose a lacy bra and bite your lip. Overall, the background matters, even though you’re more focused on your angles, lighting, and poses.

Don’t Worry if You Don’t Have a Mirror

Some people only have a small bathroom mirror, but they aren’t needed to take a photo of your nude self. Belly-flop nudes are excellent here. Lie on your stomach on the bed and snap those pics. It’s ideal for when you’re sleepy or feel bloated.

To do it correctly, lie on your stomach and bend your knees enough to push the butt up. You can even put a pillow under the thighs. The goal here is to highlight the curve of the butt and back.

Another mirror-free approach is to sit on the side of the bed or couch and snap the photo from above with your phone. This highlights the thighs and chest and is easy to execute and set up. You can often get your full body in the photo, too!

Then, there’s the bubble bath nude. You definitely don’t need a mirror, and I don’t know many apartments or homes that have one hanging directly above or beside the tub anyway. With these photos, you can take snaps of your feet, legs, knees, or anything else. The water captures light well, which is pleasing, and your creative juices can flow.

Mirrorless nudes are also great for taking discreet photos. The power of suggestion is crucial. Sending nudes is about sensual energy and sharing an intimate part of you. Therefore, you may want to expose your shoulder and give a pouty lip.

Drape a bed sheet, loose top, or robe around your body, shrug off one shoulder, and ensure that the pic cuts off above the lips to show a touch of cleavage, your throat, and the shoulder. It’s chaste but still very sexy!

Mastering the Mirror Selfie

If you do have a full-body mirror, those sexy photos take on a new dimension. Lean it against the wall if you can move it and tilt it to a 70-degree angle. That helps you look lean and long.

Try putting one leg in front of the other to help accentuate length. Push out a hip to sharpen your waist and highlight the curves or do a half-turn to show off your butt.

Generally, a mirror selfie is an excellent option because it’s exciting, and you can choose semi-nude or full-on poses. I recommend that you use a grimy mirror. Don’t clean it because it can protect your identity and leaves things to the imagination of the recipient.

However, you should still make sure that your camera phone has a clean lens before you take the photo. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting pics that seem to have bad lighting.

The “In-the-Moment” Nude”

Staged pics can be amazing, but a spontaneous approach never hurts. That “in-the-moment” nude can be a surprise to you and the recipient.

There’s more excitement when you snap nudes at random, and the receiver often has a delighted response. In a sense, it’s the best part of taking nudes because there’s something more thrilling about it. This is a fresh pic and not a stock picture on your phone.

Think of when you see a photograph from Getty Images. It has everything you need, but it’s also a bit boring because you know it’s posed.

However, I also think that there should be some lead-up to your photo, such as flirting or saucy texts beforehand. That exchange ensures that the person you’re talking to wants to see it.

A spontaneous nude often requires you to go into an unoccupied room or bathroom. It’s easy to take the picture from an angle above your head to expose your cleavage. However, you can also do a straight-on shot of your boobs that you’re holding or touching.

Body Or Face – Not Both

If you plan to be in your birthday suit and show your bare breasts or butt, you should make sure that you’re leaving out identifying parts, such as your face. Besides, I find it hard to get photos where my butt and face look good – like Kim Kardashian good.

One pose idea is to take a sexy pic with your legs on the wall. It’s suggestive and does well in almost any lighting. You can easily hold your phone without worrying if your arms are long enough to get the best facial expression, too.

I should point out that sending nudes is a little risky. If you have full-on frontal nudity with your face showing, it’s easy for those photos to end up on the internet.

My recommendation is that if you’re sending nude pictures, it should be only the top or bottom half in the photo at once. However, if you plan to be clothed (in naughty lingerie or cutoffs), you have more posing options and can have a beauty mark or tattoo in the picture.

sending nude pics

Tuck and Hold

You should pay attention to your angles if you want a seductive sexy selfie. I’m sure you know about the elbow-under-the-boobs trick. It makes your cleavage pop, and now you do if you didn’t before. The right angle helps you look curvy when it matters and smaller where you want it.

Taking photos isn’t that easy, though. You have to do it so that people don’t know you’re holding up your breasts or pushing them in because it ruins the illusion.

I’m not saying you should be completely uncomfortable to snap the picture. However, you should think about posing and angles when taking nudes. Find out what makes you look good and do whatever you can to get that in the photo.

Gasp Before the Snap

When you’re taking photos and want to be seductive, you should focus on getting the bottom half of the face in your picture to show off that sexy mouth. Just remember that the duck-face is no longer popular. It makes people roll their eyes.

To get great shots where your mouth is the focus of the nudes, you should take a quick gasp right before you snap it. With lips slightly parted, you heave those bosoms out and make yourself look sexier and hotter than you’ve ever felt before!

Avoid Crotch Shots Unless Requested

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want my vagina hanging out for the world to see. You probably don’t, either. We’ve all gotten that nude selfie from a guy who sends the dick pic. Why do they do that?

They think it’s sexy, but be honest. Wouldn’t you rather see a dip of their hipbone or a flexed bicep?

Don’t take a photo of your crotch unless your guy specifically asks for it. Then, only take those pictures if you feel comfortable and trust the other person. Otherwise, your “other lips” might be plastered all over the internet for anyone to see.

Assume Everyone Sees That Nude Photo

What happens if your phone (or your lover’s) goes missing? If you’ve sent nude selfies with your nipples and face in plain view, it could end up as a gross meme or be part of a Google Search. That means you’re embarrassed and feel less than sexy. The same applies to identifying tattoos and jewelry.

It is perfectly legal to take a nude photo and receive them if you’re over 18 years of age. However, I recommend that you’re not totally naked or that the pose features your face.

Nude Photo

Prepare Yourself

Before you take any pictures, make sure you understand your skin tone so that you get the right lighting. You should also ensure that the room is clean, and don’t forget to strike a pose that fits your body type and style.

The goal is to feel sexy here, so think about what you’re wearing in the photo. Do your makeup and hair, and feel confident and excited about your nudes.

I know that you’re probably thinking you only want a pose of your body, so your hair and face aren’t likely to show. That’s okay! When you primp and prepare yourself, you get in the mood! The other person is sure to notice that!

Have you ever thought of doing a boudoir session? The professional photographer has someone to do your hair and makeup because that makes you feel empowered and sexy. They pose you in different ways and focus on the lighting. In fact, a lot of work goes into it, so you should be doing that at home with your images.

Bonus Tips for an Excellent Sexy Photo

What you’re wearing, your hair-style, and your pose all matter for nude selfies. However, here are a few other tips to ensure you have a great at-home shoot:

Use a Tripod

You’ve probably seen a nude photo of someone on social media and wondered who took it. Not everyone wants or has another person to take nude selfies of them. However, you don’t have to, thanks to Bluetooth technology!

There are plenty of inexpensive tripods to help you set up your phone where you want and snap nudes with a remote. This is perfect because you don’t have to have access to the shutter button. You can even set it up for the camera lens to take the shot on a timer so that you have time to get situated and look cute.

Consider a Ring Light

Lighting is so crucial for sexy selfies. Uneven and harsh light could create unflattering shadows. You know that natural lighting is ideal, but a ring light could be beneficial if you have no other options or like to take your nude photos at night.

It diffuses the lighting while you take photos with your phone’s camera. In a way, it adds the shadows in the right spots, but you still have to play around with it and practice to get the best pose and shot each time.

Practice the Poses

An excellent pose is crucial for nude photos. Most women forget about using props, such as mirrors, chairs, or sheets. Plus, you have to think about your current mood at the time. Are you feeling naughty or just want to show a little leg in the shot?

Grab your camera or phone and practice posing until you find the options that make you feel gorgeous and show off your curves. Figure out what you like most because this is an art. There’s no wrong or right way to do it, and most guys prefer that you capture yourself in a way that makes you excited.

Use Photo-editing Apps

We’ve all seen those photos of people after they’ve used photo-editing apps. They don’t look anything like themselves and have altered their entire appearance. However, hear me out!

You can use them responsibly to boost the quality of your sexy selfies without even editing the face or body. In a sense, you’re using filters that can soften the appearance of the space around you. Plus, it’s easy to make minor changes to hide an imperfection or edit out that thumb in the camera.

The goal is for you to feel comfortable while nude, so the shot you take might not be perfect. Editing photos is art, and my advice to you is to go into this session feeling confident and not worrying about the stuff you can’t change. Decide to be empowered and love yourself completely to capture the best side of you.

Take Many Photos

You’ve probably got a favorite influencer, and you scroll through their perfect pictures every day. I promise that wasn’t the only pic they took for that photo shoot. Even a professional photographer has to take many shots to get it right.

Overall, you’re probably sure to see flaws in your picture, but the recipient isn’t like to notice them. Grab your camera and take the shot!

Store Photos Securely

We can’t leave without talking about storing all your photos safely. What do you do after your send the nude? Should you delete it or add it to your storage?

If you’re highly uncomfortable, you can delete the pic from the platform used so that you and the recipient can’t access it again. Delete it from your device if you want no trace of it.

Those who want to keep their nudes (especially the good ones) should secure the file. Cloud storage is susceptible to data leaks and hacks, so it’s best to use local storage. The easiest option is to use your phone’s notes app, move the pics there, and password-protect the folder.

When you want to access the photo, you have to give a biometric feature, passcode, or security pattern.

Some people hide the folders so no one can see them if they break into the device. That can be beneficial when other family members or friends have your code for your lock screen (or for people who don’t use that feature).

I hate to have to say this, but make sure that you and the recipient are over 18 years old. Otherwise, you are holding naked pictures of minors, and that is considered child pornography. Storage, distribution, or production is illegal under federal law.


Taking good nudes starts with having confidence. You can be fully covered during the shooting or go all-out and be completely naked.

The goal here is to be comfortable, so you might have to practice taking a nude photo before you’re ready to share it with someone else. Sometimes, you may only want to take such photos for yourself. There’s no harm in feeling sexy and snapping a pic. It’s a bold indication that you have self-love and enjoy sex.

You want to be safe while you take and send photos like that. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you’re sharing with, whether it’s a significant other or a hook-up.

When you’re at that stage, consider letting your SO photograph you. It’s a great way to express yourself and spice things up in the bedroom!

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