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Colombia Prostitution Guide

Being I’m in Miami, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Latin America, I’m close to a lot of debauchery.  If you didn’t read about my recent trip to Costa Rica, read about it here. I  go into the do’s and do nots when it comes to hiring escorts, visiting erotic massage parlors, and finding hookers.  Today I’m going to talk about sex in Colombia and more so how it pertains to the prostitutes in Colombia.  They can be real lookers, but what do you really need to know about legalities?  Read on to get the down low.

colombia prostitution

What is the Prostitution Scene like in Colombia?

Most men will agree that the going rates for working women (escorts) in Colombia is among the fairest prices in all of North and South America.  Add in the number of available women, and the amount of them that are absolutely stunning, and you have a formula that just breeds new business in the hobby of whore mongering.

The women have very shapely, fit bodies on the average mostly because of the organic food available to them and the sheer fact that they aren’t really into junk food like people are in the U.S.A.  There is also a lot of walking done on a daily basis, which definitely helps.  On the average, I’d have to say that Colombian women have more drive than women from other nations when it comes to being fit and looking their best.  They also have a lot of competition, and well, that adds fuel to the fire.

The population is a lot younger than the U.S.A. and Europe because a generation ago people were having three to eight kids per family.  It’s slowed down, but now people are having less children, and this created a lot of 18 to 30-year-old women in today’s society, right in the wheel house of what foreign men would look for in a local prostitute.

You’ll find women of all types in Colombia.  There are darker skinned women along the North Coast in the cities of Cartagena and Baranquilla.  The more popular tourist city of Medellin, made famous by Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, has lighter skinned women and many that sport blonde hair.  The City of Cali features women with “Piel Canela,” which translates to cinnamon skin.

The women are always looking for options due to the fact that men in Colombia are serial cheaters.  Not all of course, but the vast majority have side chics.  Women are often left pregnant and then subsequently abandoned for something younger and better.  It’s sad, but true.  Left to make their own way in life, many women turn to prostitution.

One thing that’s agreeable by all visitors to Colombia is that the women – no matter where you go – are drop dead gorgeous.

In case you weren’t in the know, now you know.  Colombia is officially on the map as a destination for paid pleasures.  Don’t let the fact that there were issues in the 80’s and 90’s with drug cartels scare you, just know that your life is a bit cheaper in Colombia if you mess up.  The drug cartels do not mess around, but if you stay away from them and be respectful, you should be just fine.

The sex trade, which is legal, was made popular in Medellin.  Having been there on multiple occasions, I can say the trip is well worth it.  The women are way more beautiful and sweet in comparison to Costa Rica, and your money goes a bit further.  You’ll also find a booming industry in Cartagena, which I have not visited, but friends tell me it’s much more commercialized and comparable to South Beach.  Of course, the Capital city of Bogota is rampant as well and you’ll find action in Barranquilla, a coastal town made famous by notable residents Shakira and Sofia Vergara.

hot colombian girls

How to Be Safe in Colombia

This should be a no-brainer, but many people get themselves in trouble for being out in the streets after dark – alone.  Anywhere in America’s – shit – even bad parts of Miami – you need to be in groups and be aware.  If you are out at night, take cabs or Ubers.

Never leave your drink unattended.  The chance of having someone poison you is much higher when compared to other countries.  When you get drugged and lose control, you will be robbed.  Women are absolute assassins when it comes to this act of robbery. Being an obvious foreigner means you have a target firmly placed on your head.

Bring cash for a place to hook up. If you are in a nice hotel, chances are they will make it a scene when you arrive back late with a sex worker.  There are plenty of love motels located in all cities of Colombia as well as Latin America, and it’s quite common to use these.  Of course, if you rent a VRBO or Air BNB, you may have no worries about this depending on the rules you agreed to.

What is the Cost of a Prostitute in Colombia?

How much do prostitutes cost in Colombia? This is a question with varied answers, so please read below to find out how the situation changes depending on where you may be headed.

Colombian Strip Club Girls

Like many other Latin American countries, strip clubs are basically brothels that provide entertainment.  Watch the women perform, grab you you like, and then approach them about the “deal.”  Some clubs have rooms on location to use, while others will charge a fee to get take out.  You’ll spend less if you can do the deed on premises, however.

Note:  Most strip clubs have minimum consumption charges.  Make sure you know what you are getting into before it becomes an issue.

Costs:  this varies by location – basically if it’s a local dump, you’ll be getting cheap sex.  If you are at a fancy joint, like Fase Dos in Medellin, you’ll pay more.  However, it’s worth noting that the strip club girls will always be the highest paid in the grand scheme of things.  You will be relieved that the cover charge to get in was 10,000 COP, which is about $3.50 right now.

Colombian Bar Freelancers

Ever go to a bar in the U.S.A. and have a gal who is all over you, being social, interactive, and into you?  You strike up a nice convo, and bring her to your room, and then an awkward discussion about price surfaces?

Me neither.  But in Colombia, it happens.  And it happens more than you think.  Which can be good, and bad. 

Prices for the freelancer girls in bars is about 100,000 COP, which of course you can negotiate.

Colombian Brothel Girls

When I say brothels, I am not including the strip clubs, just to be 100% clear.  However, don’t be shocked if a brothel has some sort of strip tease to get you hard and horny.  At a brothel, you meet women, talk to her, make a deal, and then head to a room for sexual pleasures.  An hour is the standard time frame but some offer 30 minute quickie sessions.

You may have a small fee to get in, but it won’t be much.  Maybe 10,000 COP. If you are in any red light district, you will probably find one of these.  Most have a dozen or more women and sometimes get packed up with up to 50+ on weekends.  You will find that they are akin to dive bars and somewhat unkept, so I’d advise you to leave any valuables at home, but that should be common sense.

Prices for brothels in Colombia are normally about 150,000 COP an hour.  A very well established one will command about 300,000 COP.  The best one I visited was called Loutron.  Run, don’t walk, to Loutron if you make it to Medellin.  Actually, you can’t do either because it’s way up on a mountain.  Just trust me here.

If you want to get yourself good and excited, just check out their Instagram page.

Colombian Massage Girls

Just like going into the clearance section at your local Walmart, you’ll find the best deals on women at an erotic massage parlor.  While the women aren’t as gorgeous as other places, there are plenty of them around and you could always find one you like. It only takes one, right?  You’ll find places that range from downright hidden to in your face and well known.  They offer women from a handful on location to sometimes 15-20 if it’s a busy spot.

You’ll get the basic rub down, and if you are lucky, an actual massage.  As it moves into an erotic massage, you’ll get a hand job, blow job, or sex.  This ranges, and is to be discussed beforehand so you know what you are getting and for what price.

Again, you may not like the women there as much as strip clubs, but I’ve heard some people saying that recently a lot of the women like these places because of the discretion.  It’s also fun picking them.

Expect to pay around 100,000 COP for a full hour of fun. Sometimes, they will be higher, and some will be less.  You often will find beer available for purchase. What’s better than that?

Colombian Dating Site Girls

Don’t rule out dating sites when in Colombia.  Many men who travel there use them frequently.  However, be careful of organized crime and women who will drug you.  I stay away from these for the most part, and if I do use them, I meet the women out in public and vet them for a while.  There is no shortage of women dating online.  Many gravitate towards Colombian Cupid.

If you ask expats what’s their favorite way to meet girls in Colombia, most of them will tell you Colombian Cupid. That’s the biggest online dating site in the country, and it has thousands of young and attractive Colombian girls, all of them looking to meet a nice foreigner.

Lots of these women are covertly looking for propinas (tips.)  Expect a request for money (RFM) for 50,000 to 100,000 COP.

Escort Sites in Colombia

I have heard amazing things about using escort services in Medellin, however I’ve never used one personally.  If you use Google, you’ll find many I’m sure.

Expect to pay 300,000 COP or more.

Colombian Street Hookers

While I’m not into street walkers for safety reasons, there’s always that one guy who has to be Indiana Jones and go on a crusade for the temple of ho’s who walk the streets.

These are the bottom of the barrel, cheapest options if you are up for an adventure.  You’ll find that larger cities have areas full of them, in fact. I’ve only seen them on the streets that surround Fase 2 in Medellin, and again, I don’t believe in this for safety reasons, so be very careful.

Prices will range from dirt cheap to very cheap.  Not making this up, you can get laid for $5 if you play your cards right.  However, don’t expect a beauty. 

If you have any questions or inquiries, please leave them here.  I’ll try to keep this page fresh as I have many friends who visit Colombia frequently and they love sharing their hook up stories with me.

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