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What is the Deal With Asian Massages?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage from time to time.  A good old fashioned rub down is not only good for the body, but also the mind.  Today I’m going to tackle a topic that’s widely known, yet full of intrigue by the outside world:  Asian massage parlors.  I’ll speak about the good, the bad, and the dirty.  I’ll pull no punches in referencing stories about the rampant sex scene that happens in these often dingy centers for human trafficking in hopes of steering people away from being an accomplice to this awful trade.  While I’m all for sexual encounters between two consenting individuals, there is no place in this world for sex slavery.  NONE.

What are Oriental Massages?

First, let’s go with what is often advertised online, in media publications, and around town when people look for Asian massage services.  Later on in this blog I’ll share with you a link to an article from a worker at a legitimate Asian massage parlor, and there’s no reason to believe these techniques aren’t authentic, although it’s fair to question how well skilled or trained the workers at the erotic massage parlors are when incorporating them into their services.

You’ll largely read ads or literature that sounds like this:

As the name suggests, an Asian Massage is a type of bodywork that follows the principles of traditional Asian medicine, which usually translates to touch-based therapy with very specific purposes. This is why there are many kinds of Asian massages with different effects on the body, although they all aim to rejuvenate the body and promote some degree of physical and mental relief.

There is also usually a mention of the body’s energy flow or chi.

Creating balance within one’s inner elements resets the body.  This is something different from Western techniques that pitch relaxation.  Other than that, another difference is that when you get a legitimate Asian massage you can do it with your clothing on.  I’ve done many of these types of treatments at local “Foot Spa’s,” which are one of the most relaxing things on the world and in my experiences never involve sexual favors. In counterpart, I’ve been to many posh hotels and at any spa I’ve been to around the world, every massage is done fully nude to bare skin.

Types of Asian Massages

A few types of legit Asian massages you’ll encounter can include:

Accupressure Massage

Amma or Amna 

Ayurveda Massage

Chi Nei Tsang

Jin Shin Jyutsu


Thai Massage

You may also see Deep Tissue, Swedish, or Reflexology advertised.

The Rise of Asian Massage’s Providing Happy Endings & More

Growing up in the Midwest I remember only a handful of Asian Massages that looked to be on the sketchy side, but fast forwarding a couple decades and a move to Florida has me perched right in the belly of the beast.  There are only a handful of suburbs that I’ve been to that don’t have a sketchy looking sign with neon lights attracting in men of all kinds looking for a happy ending and more.  The grimier the suburb you visit, the more abundant you’ll find these types of places.  In fact, years ago I did an entire expose on the Fort Lauderdale massage parlor scene.  It’s no different in Miami-Dade County, nor is it different in Palm Beach County, which had the infamous Robert Kraft scandal.  Take a trip down 441 by the Hollywood Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel and you’ll see places that both lucky and unlucky gamblers can visit and perhaps take a load off for the right price.  I’m not saying that all dingy looking, low budget Asian massage parlors in Florida will get you a happy ending or other sexual services, but as a betting man I have to say that the majority of them do offer these services.

It takes no more than a quick search of Rubmaps to find out which of these places are offering more than just a little stress relief on sore muscles, if you get my drift.

I could post stories about massage parlor busts in Florida for weeks on end, but to share a few of the ones that have ties to prostitution, here’s a few the media seemed to cover more aggressively.

Note: I didn’t go to the extent of following these cases, I’m simply publishing news clippings.  As always, assume everyone is innocent until proven guilty. These media clips are for informational purposes only.

The Miyako Spa in New Port Richey

This one dates back to 2012, which should tell you all you need to know about the livelihood of rub and tugs in Florida.

A woman named Marianne Brewer mentioned that she saw girls in the window in the adjacent commercial unit “wearing only slips.”  That comment, plus the facdt that all of the customers at the Miyako Spa were smiling men, was all the stylist needed to know to lead her to believe there was prostitution of some sort going on next door.

The ugly part of this story is that Police had gathered that some of the workers there were being forced against their wills to work there.  

The operator of Miyako Spa, a man named Stephen Chellis, was cited due to the fact that a few of the women working at the spa were living there.  This is a common practice and I’ve read this in many other stories of massage parlors being busted.  This wasn’t the first time the spa was in trouble, however.  Back in 2007 three women were arrested for prostitution as well as operating a massage business without any form of license.

Source:  TampaBay.com

Miyako Spa raid

Charm Spa Massage in Pembroke Pines

Moving back to my neck of the woods, South Florida, we have the more recent situation in 2020 where the Police Department invested in massage services in order to follow a lead that a little bit more than the old back rub was happening off Taft Street in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Imagine being the officer who gets to spend department funds on a massage with the intent to figure out if he’s going to get a little bit extra!  That sure does beat high speed chases and shoot-outs with thugs, am I right?

The officer got three massages “in the nude” and four women were arrested aging 48-58 and all of them were from Shanghai, China.  While I will never turn down a massage, the ages of those women are quite high, and while MILFS like the Mrs. Wolf of Wall Street will never go out of style, these women just don’t do it for me.  These women faced prostitution charges and were found to NOT have a license to practice massage therapy.

The steamy details just got better as I read the erotic tale of the police officer, who spent $450 throughout the process.

Hongyan “Wendy” Li, 50, and Rongling “Mimi” Huang, 52, were at the Charm Spa Massage, 9137 Taft St., police said. The officer purchased a 30-minute massage for $50, and he later placed $58 more on the bedside table in front of Li.

Li, who was in possession of a New York Driver’s license, touched his behind, then took her fingers through the outside of his anus, grabbed his junk, and said for the fee of $120 he could have sex with her.  She further offered a blowjob for $100, and then upped the ante to have sex with both herself and Huang for $200.  (Costa Rica sex workers, you have competition!)

Seriously, when is the last time you heard of a double team for $200?  I’ll hang up and listen.

asian massage pembroke pines bust
Would you? Be honest.

On another occasion, the officer had met Huang and got a 30 minute massage for $50.  When gave her an additional $40 and suggested that she “tease him.”  She proceeded to grab his junk and offered him oral sex for another $20.  He ended up giving her $20 for “the additional minutes.”

The not so funny part about this was that the reports listed Li’s address as the actual spa, Charm Spa Massage, while Huang had her permanent address at a home by the aforementioned Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The 5 Roses Asian Massage & Spa in Pembroke Pines

In the same story, a woman named Jianxia “Yuyo” Xin, 58, and pictured below, also had the pleasure of meeting the undercover officer, *(who I should just add has the best job in the world), on November 27. The officer paid $30 for a 30 minute massage and then gave an extra $40 on a table when he met Xin, presumably in a massage room.

“She grabbed my hand and placed it on her buttocks while simultaneously manipulating my genitals,” the officer wrote.

According to the report, Xin listed her permanent address at, you guessed it –  the 5 Roses Asian Massage & Spa.

pembroke pines massage

The Body Salon Pembroke Pines

In the third installment of this incredible expose given by the Local10 media, I present you with Wiexia “Emi” Shi, who is 48 and works at The Body Salon, also on Taft Street in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  May as well dub Taft Street as “Rubdown Row” after this.  Again, the undercover officer went in and left a $40 tip on the table and when that happened, Shi touched his balls and said a “hand job” was $50.  (The old lady double team for $200 sounds like an even better deal now.)

In news that won’t shock you, and what makes this even more sad, is that Shi listed her address as The Body Salon.

Do All Asian Massage Parlors Have Old Ladies Working?

I don’t know, I’m not one to frequent these places in my day, since I have plenty of luck on adult dating sites where I meet like-minded, horny women.  However, in the past, yes, most women that work at rub and tubs are down on their luck, middle-aged women.  However, most advertisements lure in horny men with advertisements like this one I found for a North Hollywood Asian Massage:

hot asian women
Absolute STUNNERS.

I mean come on, these women are absolute SMOKE SHOWS.  Who wouldn’t want to get a massage by these women?  This place is an ad for the Cozy Spa, and judging by it’s website, well, it probably sums up the entirety of my stereotypes, findings, and reported facts.  Check it out:  https://hollywoodasianmassage.com/

Note:  not many of these places have websites.  They tend to stay off the radar and rely on word of mouth and seedy websites where paid members share such secrets.

Do All Asian Massage Parlors Offer Happy Endings?

NO.  And in fact, the ones that do often give a bad name to the ones that are legitimate and offer services using the ancient massage techniques passed down from generations. I found this article by Julia Wei to be eye opening and nothing short of fascinating. I urge you to read it for a perspective on how she immigrated to the USA to do legit massages.  She goes into great depth to talk about the confusion between the playful Asian culture and a sort of confusion that happens with Americans who assume that is a type of flirting.  I can’t urge my readers enough to read this blog.

asian massage
This is a typical Asian Massage. (Professionally and tastefully done.)

I’m going to continue to build on this article as time permits.  I once again wanted to state that while I do support like-minded people having intimacy, even if money is exchanged where legal, of course, I’m 100% against human trafficking.  Unfortunately, as the stories I shared in this article prove, many women are subject to this awful torture.

If you know something, say something.  Information to contact people who can help is below.  (All information is confidential.)



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