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Best Cities In Florida To Meet Hot Girls

Having spent a number of years in South Florida, it’s safe to say that I’m a guru when it comes to meeting girls in the local area. The problem is that you need to know which cities to go to in order to meet these hot women.

Sure, you’re going to come back at me with some garbage that every town has hot girls. You’re 100% right, there’s a good chance that a hot girl lives in every single town and city in the state of Florida.

I’m not arguing that at all.

However, some cities have more smoking hot women versus others. Remember, this is purely a numbers game when it comes to hooking up with local horny women and if you’re in Florida then you’ll want to keep reading this…

Hot Girls in a Florida City

Top 6 Cities/Towns In Florida For Meeting Hot Girls

This list is in no real order as they’re all pretty much loaded with smoking hot girls. However, you need to know how to connect with them if you’re in these cities. I’ll cover that at the end of the article, just keep reading.


Specifically, the South Tampa area is where it’s at if you’re looking for girls that have finished up college and are just getting started in the real world. It’s a super popular destination for people that have attended college all over the Sunshine State.

The thing that I like about this city is that the girls pretty much have their act together and believe it or not, it’s where Hulk Hogan is from. More importantly, it’s where his daughter is from as well. Hehehe (creep voice lol, JK).

No doubt about it, you’ll be able to connect with hot girls especially if you go during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. That’s when all the hot girls come out to play!

Gasparilla Pirate Festival

South Beach

If you don’t know what South Beach is then you’ve likely been living under a rock. South Beach is located over the bridge in Miami Beach. It’s a rather transient area but some of the most beautiful women in the world gather here to spend late nights in clubs and sunny days topless on the beach.

It’s an area where it’s 100% acceptable to go topless and walk around in g-string thong bikini bottoms. I’ll also add that the Ocean Drive area is where all the bars are located, so drunk sexy girls from South America and across the world come here to party.

Most people burn out, but if you’re into good food, fast cars, lots of partying and just hooking up then this is the city for you. I spend most of my time here and to be exact, at a restaurant called Meat Market on Lincoln Road sipping blue cheese olive martinis (primarily with hot milfs). The girls are hot all around in South Beach.

girls on south beach miami

Coral Gables

Looking for well-off college girls? Then you might want to spend some time in Coral Gables, FL. This is the home of the University of Miami and I’ve gotta say, there are a ton of smoking hot girls that go to this school.

While I didn’t attend school here, I have banged girls that went to school there. The bars in the local Coral Gables area and South Miami area are pretty good, you’ve got lots of options.

Assuming that you completely fail at finding someone to bang (which you won’t if you do as I say), then there’s always the option of heading to Playmates by Merrick Park or BT’s Gentlemen’s Club (not as good as Tootsie’s but closer) in the South Miami area. You probably won’t have to hit those spots though, my guess is you’ll find someone to bang from this area especially if you hit a local party or happy hour.

If you’re willing to shell out some cash, you can always post up at the Morton’s on Miracle Mile or Swine if you’re an Old Fashioned type of guy. There’s also a bar called Copper 29 which gets popping and filled with local hotties on Friday after 9 pm.

coral gables girls from University of Miami

Ft. Lauderdale

I love this spot. Las Olas is crawling with hot girls all over the place. They’re mostly hanging out beachside or at the bars across the street. The great thing about Ft. Lauderdale is that the beach is within viewing distance from the bars. Meaning you can literally be chugging beers and planning your next move on how you’re going to approach her.

If the Las Olas beach bar scene fails, you can always post up at the W Hotel which is where lots of horny local women hang out. If you’re not up for heading to the beach section, then there’s always the Royal Pig Pub & Kitchen. Seriously, perhaps the best Old Fashioneds in the local area – no contest.

girls at ft lauderdale beach


Home of the Florida State Seminoles, this is a college town with super hot college girls. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s perhaps the school in Florida with the hottest girls and the best parties.

You won’t find anything too fancy here other than smoking hot college girls, keg parties, and Saturday showdown bashes. I don’t necessarily like the Seminoles football team but in the name of getting laid, I’ll pull that card and like whatever team I need to.

Tallahassee girls


Last but not least is none other than Orlando. I spent quite a bit of time up here and I can tell you that the girls attending the University of Central Florida are hot. They like to party and they’ve got lots of options in the area. Heck, I had luck meeting someone at the Rocco’s Tacos spot up there even.

Whatever you do, absolutely 100% out of the question is calling up someone on the Orlando Backpage site. That’s a really bad idea and the strip clubs there suck too. However, the college girls that hang out in the downtown Orlando area are pretty damn hot and loose based on my experience.

orlando girls

The Final Touch

Now, knowing where all these hot girls are located in Florida is great but if you don’t have any idea how to connect with them, then you’re out of luck. This is exactly why you need to incorporate the use of a casual dating app if you want to up your hook-up chances.

Do yourself a solid and download one of the apps I’ve reviewed. You’ll find them all on this page. Either download a couple or register via the sites (start here), they’re one and the same. Once you do, start attempting to connect with local girls in the area. You’ve just shaved off 90% of your efforts of finding a horny local girl in Florida willing and ready to bang.

Thank me later, just get to work!

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