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Executive Fantasy Hotels in Miami

So, you are in Miami and you want to have sex?  Problem is, you have nowhere to go.  Enter the Executive Fantasy Hotels in Miami.  These Love Motels are all the rage, and if you have been to any Latin American country and perhaps found a local hottie you couldn’t take anywhere else, you’ve done the whole hourly rental thing and you know what I’m talking about.

For those that haven’t had the chance to experience sex in Latin America, I’m going to walk you down the unique path of love motels, and in particular, talk about one right here in the Capital of Latin America, the Magic City of Miami, Florida.

What are Love Motels?

A love hotel is a short stay hotel or motel that allows people to partake in sexual activities.  While I’m familiar with these motels in the Dominican, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, and other countries, they do exist around the world.  And since they are on the risque and shady side, of course you’ll find plenty of them in my home base of Miami, Florida.

You’ll find these hotels being identified by using hearts as a symbol, often times being used prominently in their logo.  They also use the room rate with the word “rest” in it, and a typical “rest period” can last from one to three hours.  Rates will vary, and some have day time rates that offer a discount.  You’ll even find that peak rates will charge a premium.  Hey, when it’s Saturday night and you are tipsy and have a woman ready to go, you’ll pay any price, right?

Love Motels
Love hotels are becoming increasingly popular.

You don’t make a reservation, and if you decide to leave the room for any period of time, you simply lose it.  Further, you don’t normally get an option to stay overnight.  Yep, these are weird, unique, and downright filthy.

I’ve been installs in the Dominican and Costa Rica (my full sex in Costa Rica expose is here) that allow you to private drive your vehicle into a garage, which closes behind you and allows you access to a suite with a doorway to what appears to be heaven.  A dumb waiter serves you booze and food through a doorway for ultimate discretion.  Condoms await you, and a normally oversized bed facing a TV playing pure porno is directly in front of you.  Yep, as I said, if this isn’t the good life, I don’t know what is.

In overseas countries these are known for rampant prostitution, (Colombia has gorgeous pro’s) but there are many people who use these due to the fact that they live with their families and wouldn’t have somewhere to go otherwise.  Many Latin families stick together until marriage begins, meaning there are usually thirty-somethings living at home, oftentimes in small and close confines, and the ability to have a woman over screaming your name just isn’t in the cards unless Mom and Dad are at the beach. Even so, it’s considered highly rude and inappropriate with many cultures to have a woman over to your house prior to marriage.

Choosing Your Room

There are discreet entrances in most locations, and there is very minimal interaction with staff.  You can select your room with a panel of buttons you press to indicate which one you want, and the invoices for any food or beverage come through pneumatic tubes of sort or by sliding cash or a credit or debit card onto the dumb waiter.  In most locations, a large wall hides exposed vehicles from passerby’s on the street, helping with ultimate secrecy.
Cheaper rooms are basic, and the lavish suites can have all the fixin’s for a good time.  Rotating beds, mirrors on the ceilings, even karaoke machines.  You’ll find a lot of neon in these types of rooms and designs that were meant to be futuristic, but are usually pretty choppy.  Think Back to the Future crossed with the Embassy Suites.

Note:  In Latin America, these are mostly just referred to as “motels.”

Executive Fantasy Hotels in Miami

Back to how I started this article, you found yourself in a situation where you need a place to have sex.  Maybe you just found a woman on a popular Miami sex dating app, and you want to have a plan.  I know it’s taken down now, but for any of you thinking of using Backpage Miami for these awesome luxury motels for sex, don’t think about it.  Take my word, which I talk about here.

Now, for a little taste of what I have in my amazing city of Miami, Florida, let me tell you about a little oasis called the Executive Fantasy Suites. 

Located throughout Miami, these guys do it right.  The ten locations feature the utmost privacy you’ll ever find in a love hotel, and the level of sophistication and thought that goes into each room is incredible.  They have themed rooms galore, and this quick escape is the ultimate in sexual relaxation.

Rather than tell you, let me just show you what they have going on.

Miami suites
Champagne and hot tubs. Does life get any better?
Miami Motels
Seclusion, elegance, and sexual desires….
the cave
This room is appropriately named, “The Cave.”

I know I’ll be back writing more about this topic.  Heck, may be time to put some real work in the field and get some first hand pictures of these gems.

Bookmark this page, I’m going to get right on that.

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