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Guide To Finding Sex In Cincinnati, Ohio

I created this guide for people visiting Cincinnati, mostly those crazy football fans that head to Cincy to see the Bengals get rocked. Anyway, I don’t want to pick on this city’s football team because but I can because where I live, the team is much worse! Cincinnati has typically been known as a conservative city, but things are a’changing, my friends. Don’t let its conservative nature fool you, because this city of approximately 333,000 has its kinky side too. Cincinnati is more than its museums, hiking trails, golf courses, and educational institutions, instead offering up a plethora of sex-related fun things to do.

Cincinnati Bengals stadium

The Ultimate Cincinnati Sex Guide

If you’re looking to find the naughty side of Cincinnati, you’re in the right place. Straight or gay, or something in between, here is your ultimate sex guide to the newly crowned “Queen City.”

Online Sex Site In Cincinnati

While the mentality in Cincinnati is still kind of stuck in the past, one thing that is guaranteed is that the people of Cincinnati are horny. Just take a look at the number of people you’ll match up with online if you’re looking to have quick hookup or maybe find a friends-with-benefits.

If you’re in the area and you want to meet up with a sexy local, you might want to give these sites a try:

  • Adult Friend Finder – No matter what type of partner you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.
  • Instabang – Pretty self-explanatory, bang here.
  • Fling – Don’t we all want to be “Fling-ing?”
  • Instant Hookups – Great site for hookups with no membership fee intro.
  • Ashley Madison – If you’re in a relationship and want a side piece that’s also attached, here ya go.

Prostitutes, Working Girls, and Street Walkers

Conservative Cincinnati has a dirty little secret: Prostitution was big business for a good chunk of time, especially in the “Red Light District” of the West End. In fact, you can still get some tail there from one of the streetwalkers or prostitutes that are working the corners.

Cincinnati ladies of the night are pretty cheap compared to other areas of the country, but you need to watch out for bargains. These ladies aren’t Julia Roberts, you’re getting legit sex workers, so there is the risk for STD’s, getting ripped off, getting robbed, or worse. If you’re still ok with all this, then a prostitute in Cincinnati will run you about $20-$40 for a handjob or blowjob, and sex starts at $50 and goes up from there.

The places to find your next shady

quickie in Cincinnati include the following:

  • State Avenue and McMicken on Vine/Finlay Street
  • East, West, and Lower Price Hill near 8th and State

Cincinnati Escorts

If you like your sex worker to be a little more upscale, getting yourself an escort is always an option. Prices start at $300 and they’re well worth it because the lower-end prostitutes are so iffy.

Escorts in Cincinnati come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and genders, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it, especially on these escort sites but I encourage you to not use them because they can lead to trouble, even jail:

Cincy Massage Parlors

Massage parlors are big business in Cincinnati, and they are often busted for illegally offering up sex work such as happy endings. While it is risky to use massage parlors for sexual activities, people still do it and the cost is approximately $60 to start. If you’re interested in a Cincinnati massage parlor, which may or may not offer up any type of sexual contact, you could give these places a try:

  • Well Being Massage House
  • Chinese Touch
  • Asian Massage
  • Abby Massage
  • Sakura
  • 8029 Space & Asian Bodyworks

Strip Clubs Bengals Fans Hit

If you’re the type that likes to frequent strip clubs, good luck. Cincinnati and its prudish ways do not have many strip clubs to be found, so you’ll have to travel a bit to Kentucky to see any boob shaking. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t even recommend that because those are some rough-looking ladies in my opinion.

If you want to brave the strip clubs in Kentucky, try these:

  • Liberty’s
  • Playpen
  • Concepts
  • Brass Bull

The Cincinnati Swingers

As behind the times as Cincinnati can be, one thing it isn’t is against swingers. Seriously, the television station Bravo was considering a show called Neighbors with Benefits, which was canceled, and the awful tv channel Fox News has even covered the *ahem* story of how many swingers are living and swinging in Cincinnati.

If you’re new to the swinging lifestyle and want to take a technological approach, then you can try swinger’s sites, SDC, Swapfinder, and Swing Lifestyle. If you’re more into meeting in person, then consider Club Princeton. Be warned, though, you cannot show up as a single on Saturday nights unless you’ve been preapproved.

Club SinDay is another option, located in Middletown. This is a very exclusive swinger’s club, so be prepared to dress to impress the other members after you’ve submitted an application and you’ve been approved.

And finally, the Silk Nights Club offers up events for those in the swinger’s community as well.

Sex Shops and Adult Bookstores

If you’re unsuccessful in finding a sex partner, you always have the ability to get yourself some sex toys to release the tension. Hustler Hollywood on 7th Street has a wide selection for whatever your sexual needs, including vibrators, dildoes, fake vaginas, and whatever else strikes your fancy. If you’d rather order online, spend $69 and you get free shipping.

Gay Clubs In Cincinnati

I’m not afraid to research for my gay friends, so I did. Not everyone is straight in Cincinnati, in fact, this little town is quickly becoming the “Queen City” for the sheer number of gays and lesbians in the area. Recently named the 7th most Gay-Friendly city in the U.S., the gay clubs abound. If you want to check one out, here ya go:

  • Bird Cage
  • Club Masque
  • Tillie’s
  • Home Based Tavern
  • Below Zero Lounge
  • Rosie’s Tavern (Kentucky)
  • Bar 32
  • Bar 901

If you’re into shemales, you’ll probably find yourself one or three in one of the above places, but you can also do a quick internet search using the following trans dating sites:

Final Thoughts on Sex in Cincinnati

Every city has its bad areas and Cincinnati is no different. There are definite areas you should avoid if you’re looking to get laid while you’re there, and unfortunately, with sex work comes other illegal activities. If you’re planning on using a sex worker, be careful and avoid these places:

  • Westwood
  • West and East Price Hill
  • North and South Fairmont
  • Roseland
  • Winston Hill

If you stay out of those areas, you’re going to avoid the sketchier ladies and the even sketchier criminals looking to do harm to unsuspecting horny folks.

Ultimately, I have to say that I do not suggest hiring a girl in Cincinnati. Instead, you’re better off starting on one of these free sex sites and then upgrading after that. Enjoy your time in Cincinnati and get busy!

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