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What is the Sex Scene Like in Miami?

I get this question all the time from long time friends who I knew from growing up or even through my travels.  What is the sex scene like in Miami?  There’s a simple answer to that, it’s absolutely bat shit insane!  Today I’ll share with you what over 20 years of living in the Magic City of Miami have shown me about sex in Miami.

Miami Sex Guide

Miami, FL

I feel like I’ve been total perv ever since moving to Miami in the early 2000’s, but then again, this City just oozes sex.  Everywhere you look, there’s silicon breasts, fake asses, and women wearing next to nothing.  We have every race imaginable in Miami, but are mostly known for our Latinas.  You can find any race, body composition, sexual preference, and personality you want.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, men, because we have a rampant sugar daddy scene that allows anyone willing to part with a few bucks to have an absolute bombshell woman by his side.

Is There a Lot of Sex in Miami?

A 2012 survey by Trojan Condoms found that Miami is the biggest city for sex.  

The survey found that people in Miami have sex an average of a whopping 177 times per year, so just about every other day.  Those are numbers I couldn’t even put up as a college athlete, but in Miami, you can find it on every corner.  I’ve blogged many times about these topics in the past, and you have most likely seen these places or heard of them if you have been to South Florida:

Places to Find Easy Sex in Miami

  • Escort agencies offering high end, discreet meet ups.
  • Spa’s featuring hot Latina masseuses offering extra services.
  • Asian massage parlors.  You can find out a lot if you just take a look at the Rubmaps Miami section.
  • Strip clubs, such as the famous Deans Gold and of course, Tootsies Cabaret.
  • Miami has street prostitution, which is filthy and you never know what you will get, but it’s quite rampant.
  • Night clubs
  • Pool parties
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • South Beach – whether on the  beach or just simply walking around Ocean Drive.
  • Miami Beach & Brickell Avenue Hotels.  These are crawling with travelers looking to enjoy Miami.
  • The Hollywood Guitar Hotel & Hard Rock Casino
miami hooker map
I found this scree grab from a YouTube video.

I’ve also made a full hook up guide to Miami for the guys who want to go on the prowl.  This City offers so much, as does neighboring Fort Lauderdale, that there is so much sex to be found it’s not even funny.  Recently, we saw a surge of people from New York and California due to the pandemic.  Many of the single guys I’ve met are simply in awe of how in your face the sex is in Miami.  

Miami Sex – The Gory Details

“Bring a vest for your Jimmy in the City of sex,” is a lyric in Will Smith’s hit song, Miami.

This lyric is so true, as Miami has a very high population for sexually transmitted diseases.  A 2022 report showed that Miami has the 24th highest STD rate.  So be careful out there, with all the transient people coming in and out of the 305, plus all the athletes who get around, it’s quite easy to catch something if you aren’t careful.  I can’t tell you how many women I’ve slept with that have been hooking up with athletes and other celebrities. In a city that celebs flock to, it’s easy to go out and see A, B, C, and of course, F list celebrities.  It’s one of the insta-ho capitals of the world, so you will see all types of people here.

Is There a Red Light District in Miami?

Yes, and it’s located in the 1700-1800 block of NW 17th Avenue, in the Allapattah section of Miami, which is predominantly Hispanic and Black, low income, and about 2 miles inland from the Biscayne Bay.

You’ll find street walkers in Little Havana, (on the famous Calle Ocho and nearby on Flagler), Hialeah, and in other parts of Miami.  Biscayne Boulevard used to be a hot spot, but recent commercial development has cleaned up the area immensely, and while you may find a late night straggler, it’s really not what it was 20 years ago.

Of course, with all of strip clubs and even swingers clubs out there, there are many ways you can get your freak on in Miami.  The low budget, predominantly Black or Hispanic strip clubs will offer you a variety of ways to get your rocks off, even full on sex, inside or outside the club, as will the higher end clubs.  You can spend about any budget in Miami, there literally is something for everyone.  If you want a $15 gummer from an old Cuban lady in the hood, do you.  If you want a five star porn star experience with a high level escort, that’s totally on the table, just be ready to pull out your wallet in Miami and be ready to answer to some pimp if you are causing a scene.  Miami is NOT the place to mess with someone, because you’ll find that these women are often protected by Cuban, Colombian, or Haitian gang members that don’t mess around.  Or worse, Russian Mafia.  So mind your business and be very careful if you are going the escort route.

One of the best reads I’ve come across on the topic of Calle Ocho prostitutes is listed below in the resources. It’s a read that takes you back to 2003, but I highly encourage you to read it.  Called “Sandwich and a Hooker,” it’s an all time classic.

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