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13 Tips to Get Your Girl to Do Anal Sex

So you have a wife, girlfriend, or casual hook up partner that you want to get to do anal.  How do you bring this up to her without sounding like a rabid savage that is only thinking about himself?

Today I’m going to walk you through a fool proof guide to convincing your girl to do anal sex.  Follow along, take notes, and you’ll be getting it whenever you’d like.  But be careful not to over-sell it, because this is a sticky situation that has to be done with baby steps.

This doesn’t matter if you are dating someone for many years, or you just met someone on one of the adult themed hook up apps.  The same rules apply.

How to Talk Her into Having Anal Sex

talk her into anal

Okay, so these are all of the talking points you’ll have to put in your own words, mack daddy style, so you can ensure her this will be not only a special experience for her, but a pleasurable one as well.  Most women associate anal sex with pain and suffering, so caress her with words like a lyrical gangsta.  You can verbally walk her through these topics below to comfort her and this will eventually talk her into allowing this anal sex to happen.

1. You 100% have to use lubricant. Without lube, you have to get her wet, and before you put it inside her tiny butthole, you have to lube up your dick.  It’s not something to even ponder.  Just do it, or risk never getting the opportunity again.

2. Make sure she knows how much you are enjoying it.  You will be behind her, so make sure she hears you, either through moaning or by talking during the encounter.

3. If it’s her first time, make sure you first warm things up by using your finger.  Don’t just try to jab your unit in there, it’s not what a gentleman does.

4.  Take things slow. It takes time to expand and you will find it’s very different from her vagina if you are doing this for the first time.

5. Make sure you don’t ignore her other body parts.  Play with her boobs, clit and vagina.  You’ll want her to have an orgasm, right?

6.  Don’t rush right into the anal, take care of her slowly with some foreplay.  Don’t get over-hyped and just rush into it.  Seduction is still a thing.

7.  Squeeze her butt, slap it, play with it, and pay attention to it.  Bonus points if she’s got a big Brazilian butt.  Take her mind off the fact there is a 4+” unit in there!

8.  If you thought of banging her in the butt and going into her vagina next, don’t.  This can spread germs and create infections. You don’t want that.

9.  Make sure she is at ease.  Smoke a little weed or something, to calm nerves.  You can meet women that are into the 420 life at this website.

10. A lot of blogs recommend wearing a condom to avoid getting dirty. I don’t practice this, so move on to the next one.

11.   The shower is a great place for anal sex.  #JustSaying

12.  Choose the right time and place.  There is something different about anal, so save it for a vacation where everyone is relaxed, assuming if is your first time.

13.  Make sure to not just get up and leave her after.  Maybe give her oral, play with her boobs.  Just don’t get up and leave like she is some woman from an escort website.  You need to make sure she is comfortable and knows you are into her to keep getting rewarded with anal.

So, there you have it.  A full blown guide to getting your Weiner into the un-promised land.  Let me know how you guys make out!


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