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Sandals Ochi: My Weekend Hooking Up In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Last weekend I had to attend a wedding in Jamaica. Since I’m a single guy, I decided to play it safe and go solo knowing that some other buddies were doing the same. The was going to ask someone to come along with me but then if things didn’t work out, it would’ve been a long weekend. That said, I played it safe. Today I’m going to share my experience traveling out of the country as a single guy and how I ended up hooking up with someone at the resort one of the nights. I’ll kick things off by saying that I had a fantastic time at the Ochi Resort in Ocho Rios!

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Sandals Ochi Ocean View

My Experience Hooking Up At Sandals Ochi Jamaica

Okay, so for those still unfamiliar with where this place is located, you can simply check it out here by searching online for this address: 130131 Main Street, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The flight was a quick one at less than two hours from Miami, FL and relatively reasonable too in terms of cost. I flew American Airlines in a new airplane and it was economy, not first class as I’m not a needy SOB that will waste thousands of dollars on short flights only to get 5 more inches of room for a 2-hour flight and a microwaved meal.

At any rate, for ground transportation, I took the standard shuttle bus from Montenegro Bay Airport to the Ocho Rios resort. They did have a luxury car which was a BMW but I didn’t need it. That basic shuttle worked out just fine as well with no issues at all. Keep in mind, I did all my traveling solo so it was quick and easy. The flight is much shorter than the one to Colombia, that’s for sure!

Arriving At The Resort

Once I arrived at the Ochi Sandals Resort, I was quickly greeted by lots of butlers on the grounds. Since I purchased what’s called a Butler Suite with an Ocean View, I was able to take full advantage of the amenities that they had. This also made my accommodations look rather appealing for those that had standard accommodations. Okay, enough about the room and the ride in, time to get down to the good stuff.

Meeting Up With Old Friends And New Friends

Now, one of the main reasons why I went stag was because I knew that typically at resorts there are groups of girls that travel together and they do so without men. Many girls take trips with their girlfriends and they make a week or weekend out of a Sandals Beach resort.

As for my friends that I knew were attending, I knew that many of the females were going solo and that would leave things wide open with a potential safety net for smashing if things got too dry.

How I Hooked Up

So, I’ll be completely honest with you here and say that I did have to put in a little bit of work to get laid during this trip but it was a huge success in my opinion. The need for spending tons of money to impress women was removed as it’s an all-inclusive resort. Also, the need for traveling to meet up was not there because everyone was staying within a five-minute walk from one another.

The very first thing that I did was turn on my WIFI.


Well, I know that many of the geo-based dating apps function on WIFI and that would be my best shot at finding some new booty to bang. I checked out all five of my favorite apps to see if any members were nearby. Given that the resort can accommodate thousands of people at once, I knew I was bound to find someone or better yet, a couple looking to add someone to their fun.

Sure enough, I found two girls out of thousands that were on one of the apps that I use daily at the resort. The geolocator made it easy for me to connect with them and eventually I sent them a few messages when close enough to them. Of course, I did this on two separate occasions, making sure to keep distance between both of them in case both were interested.

I had a cabana at the Beach Club on the beach side of the resort (which is the party side) and it made breaking the ice much easier. There were girls running around in thong bikinis and they even had a foam party in the evening. If you’re a booty worship kinda guy, then this is the pool for you! All I did was invite one of the girls to my cabana for some frozen pina coladas with floaters and a little bit of champagne. I eventually ended up back in her room after slugging down a half dozen frozen drinks and a bottle of champagne. We banged and each enjoyed the rest of our trip. I never saw her again because she was on the tail end of her trip.

Now, I never ended up meeting up with the other girl using the dating app because she was not very responsive, but you can’t win them all. However, there were plenty of girls attending the wedding that were riding single and looking to mingle. So, I did what any smart guy would do. I invited them one of them to the pool and bought another cabana on a different day. This time, it was at the Manor pool and for the cost of $49 I was able to get a sweet setup for the day. All it took was some liquid courage and I invited her to spend the day at my cabana.

We spent most of the day in and out of the pool, basking in the sun and eventually I worked up the courage to ask her if she wanted to come to see the view at my suite because it was the best of all there in my opinion. So what did I do?

I planned ahead, making a quick phone call to one of the butlers asking them to put down some rose petals, fill up the jacuzzi and get a bottle of champagne on ice. It was all that I needed to do to seal the deal. So, for less than $50, I was able to show off a bit and look like a stud who planned something special for a random girl that was attending the same wedding as myself.

sandals ochi swan towels

The trip was a success and in fact, if you ask me it couldn’t have been any better! While many people were there on trips as couples, I’ve proven that you certainly can get laid in Jamaica on vacation at any of the all-inclusive resorts if you get a bit creative and take things to the next level – for short money too!


Next time you’re planning on attending a destination wedding, you’re better off doing so on your own because you just might get laid more than if you were to bring a random date with you.

Good luck and enjoy Jamaica mon!

Side note: Please do not waste your time at the local strip clubs here in Ocho Rios. They are quite shady and in my opinion, they aren’t the safest places to hang out. While they might be safer than some coutries, it’s the local men that might try and scam you out of something on your way to the club or while you’re there. It’s much safer to try and hook up with strippers in San Jose, Costa Rica versus Jamaica. Then again, no reason to do that when you can just head to Cocal in Jaco Beach since you’re there, right?

One Regret: I do regret not going to the Dunn’s River Falls but that gives me a reason to go back another time. I spent that time working on hooking up and getting wasted poolside. So it’s not a total loss. Check out the video below which showcases what that’s all about. 

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