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VR Dating and How to Date in the Metaverse

Have you ever wondered how does dating in the metaverse work?  Even more direct, how do adults find hook ups in the metaverse?  Let me step back for a moment, because most people may not even know much about the metaverse, let alone dating in the metaverse!  Let’s break this down and hopefully I can educate my fellow readers on this fine Friday about a topic I myself am learning about as I go.

What is the Metaverse?

I found the best description of what is the metaverse is basically telling people that it’s a 3D rendering of the Internet.  It’s kind of a trendy word, and it’s become even more trendy thanks to Facebook’s re-brand into “META,” and it can be taken in many different ways.  Some people call it the future of the Internet.  Some will refer to it has augmented reality or a virtual reality.

Facebook isn’t the only giant betting on the future of the metaverse.  Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all joining in the fun as well and according to Vice, it should be an $800 Billion market by 2024.  Yes, that’s Billion with a B.

Think of the metaverse as a digital world that runs in the background of real life.  A place where fantasy can be reality, and reality can be forgotten.  You can spend time there, have your own avatar, and interact with other digital avatars.  Enter the ability to date people in this strange new world!

What is Dating Like in the Metaverse?

VR Dating

With this idea coming to reality there are now tangible things you can hang out with, interact with, and spend time with.  I even know people who are playing in the metaverse casino, drinking beverages digitally and getting high off living vicariously through their avatars.  Wild, I know.

With this new world making it’s way into the mainstream, people have been spending more time there, and this has opened up a totally new way to date:  virtually.

But Can You Find Love in the Metaverse?

Let’s take a closer look at how this could even happen!  I know there are some lonely people, or pervs like myself, who want to dive in and see what COULD BE out there.

First, you put on a virtual reality (VR) headset.  You get into this world of augmented reality (AR) and choose to do some interacting.

While you are not only viewing the content you surf into, you can also choose to interact with that content using tools.

These tools are normally stemming from the VR headsets and gloves.  When you use these types of devices, they help you feel present and active in the metaverse and even more so, in gaming.  But today we’re talking about virtual dating, and for me, dating is a game of hook ups.

As technology advances and people adapt to it, it’s only fair that traditional ways of dating, which have become more advanced and “easier” over the years, will glob on.  While you can swipe, see pics, and even trade videos on a lot of the current dating apps, this new virtual dating has become a place where you can actually interact on a more personal level.

List of Dating Platforms in the Metaverse

Here’s a list of virtual dating properties trailblazing the metaverse’s dating scene:

Never Met

If you have a VR headset and want to use it for dating, this is the first one to check out.  You can get on board the platform and use the provided filters to select your age and gender.  When you are all set up with your account, you swipe exactly like you would on the Tinder app.

The images you use on Never Met are actually virtually made images of yourself, which makes this platform very unique.  Human faces are NOT used here.

Planet Theta

They refer to their platform as “social VR” because you can meet people and then go hang out with them in virtual spaces.  For example, you find someone you are interested in, and you can ask them to go spend time together, enjoying your virtual date among all the places to explore.  You can go to bars, clubs, sight seeing, anything is possible.

Planet Theta launched in May of 2022, and it’s already gaining a lot of popularity.

planet theta

You don’t need a VR headset to try this VR Dating platform.  It’s on Steam.

More Info:  https://planet-theta.com/

Lastly, there has been a lot of chatter about Match and Tinder joining the VR Dating game.  Match bought Tinder, so you know those two will get together and create a huge splash with their massive user bases and based on their past success, you can expect it to be massive.

Is Metaverse the Future of VR Dating?

Honestly, I think it is.  While people will never give up their way too convenient dating apps on their phones, (my favorite is the Fling app) they will definitely get curious about a new way to meet people.  I really think that tech-savvy people will gravitate towards this new way of virtual dating, so you never know, some serious matching could actually happen out there that leads to some new power couples!  Time will tell to see how far this actually goes, but I’m going on record saying that sooner, rather than later, you’ll be reading my virtual dating reviews and hearing all about my escapades of deviancy!

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