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Small size

What is the Size of the World’s Smallest Penis?

Small size

There’s a Guinness World Record for just about everything. I mean, it’s generally easy to accept that people want to record physical anomalies, such as the person with the longest fingernails of over 9 feet each. I’m even highly impressed by the guy who spun a basketball on the tip of his toothbrush while holding it in his mouth for the longest time (22.41 seconds).

You better believe I support the record for the largest group of women photographed on a beach in bikinis (1,010 of these lovely ladies). Still, I can’t imagine how we got a category of the world’s smallest penis (or the longest penis).

The Red Alert

People often say that you should never complain because it could be worse. Today, we’re talking about a few guys who have that right. Each one has a little prick, but only one is the smallest in the world!

The Guy with the World’s Smallest Penis Size

Mike Carson, who lives in Miami, Florida, a HUGE hook up City, is a truly unfortunate man. His little prick is so tiny; you literally can’t see it. Even if you shave all the pubic hair away, you only see the penile skin because the shaft is buried inside and not visible!

While I’m sure you don’t need numerical comparisons to understand what 1/16th of an inch is, I’m throwing data your way anyway. I also want to say that the average flaccid penis size is 3 full inches. When erect, it is about 5 inches.

Studies push that number for a penis to about 6 inches, but these are often discounted. They relied upon a self-reporting option from the subjects. What the hell would you do as a man? You’re going to exaggerate your own penis size, right!?

What Is It Like to Have the Smallest Penis Size in the World?

You can probably imagine how hard things were for Mike with his small penis. He’s now in his 30s, but he had to shower with other guys in high school. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t kind to him. The ridicule and teasing were relentless!

The bullies had a favorite joke: Mike had no penis and instead had a large clitoris. Things got so bad that the hero started to doubt if he was a man or not! If he had no penis hanging from his body, he had to be a woman!

Other guys have small penises, though his is the smallest in the world. Regardless, here are a few real-life stories you should know about:

Nick’s Erect Penis Length

Small penis

Nick Gilronan is also a poor guy with a small prick. It’s not the smallest in the world, but it is the smallest in Brooklyn, New York. He’s even got credentials proving it!

He actually won a pageant called the “Smallest Penis in Brooklyn,” held in a local bar back in 2013. This led to much comedy, and Miley Cyrus even said she regretted missing the event.

The precise measurements weren’t released, but we know that Nick beat the runner-up, who only had a length of 1.75 inches. That guy was called Rip van Dinkle!

Basically, if your erect penis length is under 2 inches, it’s impossible to have sex with a woman and get her to orgasm. Therefore, a man in that situation requires other techniques to please his lady and have some fun.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Them

Let me let you in on a secret, my friends. All jokes aside, I really don’t feel sorry for these guys, and you shouldn’t either. Nick is proud of his small penis victory in Brooklyn, claiming that it hasn’t negatively impacted any of his relationships. What about the grand champion in Miami? Mike says he’s benefited significantly from his small dimensions.

Testing Out the Smallest Penis

Word of Mike’s distinction has now spread, so our guy gets approached by tons of women who want to “try out” his minuscule penis. So many men, including myself, have larger penises than him, but we still have to work hard to get women to beg for a ride!

What about the guys who used to torment Mike in school? Many of them have died of overdoses, but Mike works at a Fortune 500 company and is climbing the corporate ladder. The bullies met Karma, and she’s sure a “biatch.”

Working with a Small Penis

There is a real medical condition called “micropenis,” though it’s rare. It’s defined as applying to penises with an erect length that’s much less than 3 inches. It generally occurs in about 0.6 percent of the male population. Therefore, it’s more common in men who worry and have paranoid minds!

Mike definitely qualifies here, but he doesn’t want to get surgical intervention because it’s not affecting his health or body. As noted, he’s doing fine with women. Most guys are only concerned about that, anyway.

Even the guy with the smallest penis size can turn it into an attraction and attention factor. Girls like men with status, so having an unusual feature could be sexy.

Statistically, men who fear they have a micropenis are worried about nothing. Even if you’re below average, you don’t need this title to make it an advantage. Penis size doesn’t matter when getting a woman into bed for sex that first time, and you can do other things to keep them begging for more.

If you know what you’re doing, your fingers and tongue can be sexual organs and just as important as your dick. Most girls can’t climax solely from penile penetration; they require more during sex.

There’s no “correct” way to use digital or oral stimulation. It’s based on the girl’s preferences and body. Here are a few principles to think about during sex:

  • Rub the vulva with your fingers first before they go in to ensure she’s wet.
  • Search around for her G-spot. Pay attention to her reaction to determine when you’ve found it.
  • Keep the tongue working her clit at all times so that stimulation doesn’t die. She’ll build to orgasm! Just don’t overstimulate her.

Try Getting a Fetish Going

If you really want to get lemonade from the small penis life handed you, consider fetishizing your stature. I spend tons of time on MyFreeCams and other cam sites, and I can say that MFC has a thriving and sizable SPH kink community.

What is SPH? It stands for Small Penis Humiliation. It sounds like it is. Hot babes belittle, tease, and dominate the guy based on the man’s penis size.

The fetish could take on different forms based on what’s happening inside everyone’s minds. It fits in well with cuckoldry. This is where a guy’s girlfriend/wife has sex with other guys with their reluctant consent and knowledge because he can’t satisfy her himself.

Often, the feminization angle gets played, so the guy dresses his body in women’s clothes, getting demeaned by the dominatrix as a sissy boy.

If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s no problem. Kinks are personal. However, SPH is big on the internet, and many guys are into it.

Who Is Ant Smith?

Ant Smith is a performance poet and has been praised for his bravery. After talking about his micropenis, he wrote a special book about it.

Overall, Ant Smith is 50 years old and lives in East London. He’s also married to a sound recordist. Initially, he gained attention when he recited a poem talking about his manhood size. He’s had a huge response from men who suffer from the same issue.

While his isn’t the smallest, he was highly embarrassed as a child. It stands at about 3.5 inches, and he got teased. Plus, he refused to have sex until he turned 21. In fact, he said the condom often slipped off because his shaft wasn’t large enough to keep it on.

That isn’t something you can talk about with your friends, though many men are hung up on it. Somehow, penis size is linked to how masculine you are, and that’s nonsense. When he finally met his wife, she assured him that size wasn’t important.

What’s the Small Penis Bible?

Ant Smith went on to write a book called The Small Penis Bible, documenting his experiences. It’s featured as a self-help book and is filled with humor and his life story.

Overall, The Small Penis Bible claims to answer everything about size anxiety, living with a small penis, and penis enlargement. Plus, Ant Smith was hired by the blood-testing company, Thriva, to host a campaign that tells people there’s nothing wrong at all with a small prick.

The blood-testing company, Thriva, is the first preventative health service in the world that wants people to use at-home blood tests to track their health. Ant says that it’s a playful but serious message, and everyone would be better off if they properly monitor what’s happening inside their bodies, even if they can’t see it in the mirror.

Blood tests can help people learn a lot about themselves. There’s more than meets the eye when your health and body are involved.

That’s why Ant Smith partnered with the preventative health service. Many men are scared that something might be wrong. They search online, get information that might be incorrect, and worry more! Therefore, this serious message can get others to properly monitor their bodies and health.

Companies like this exist to reduce the surprise of having a health problem. There’s nothing wrong with understanding how you feel and working toward fixing issues. Ant Smith was born to make tests fun when people are scared. There’s no need to miss out on life because you’ve got a small prick.


Bodies are all unique and amazing in what they can do. As long as it doesn’t affect your health, having the smallest penis in the world isn’t that big of a deal. You’ve heard real-life stories from people in Miami, Brooklyn, and East London.

Now, you can take that information and feel more confident in your life. Sex is always beautiful, and it pays to be curious. Search online and start talking to hotties or browse for more stories to satisfy your needs. My personal favorite is MyFreeCams, but there are many other related site options available. Choose one, find partners, and enjoy yourself!

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