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What is Sex like on Shrooms?

I’ve always been a guy who likes to experiment with my mindset when I have sex with women.  The first time I ever tripped, I was at a party on South Beach and I had gotten ahold of some shrooms on a scorching Summer day.  Miami pool parties just hit different!  After the party, I hit up a woman I had been casually dating, and buzzed out of my mind, I decided it was not just time for some sex on shrooms, but sex on shrooms on the beach!

I Had Sex on Shrooms in Miami Beach and Here’s My Story

If you want to hook up with a woman in Miami, take her to the beach.  We all call Miami Beach simply “the beach,” but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the actual sand.  Yes, it’s full of bodies by day, sleeping homeless people by night, and even sharks infesting the water, but there is just something about sex in Miami Beach that hits different.  On this fine Summer night, I was about to find out what sex on shrooms was all about.


The first thing that entered my mind was who I was about to trip with.  It was a carefree woman from Colombia who came to visit her Aunt in Miami and just stayed.  She got a job at a clothing store on Ocean Drive and learned English rather quickly.  Not a party girl, per say, but one that just loved a good time in the company of people she trusted.  She was the perfect person to experience sex with on mushrooms, and it wasn’t even something I had to think about twice.  (Plus, her huge fake tits and athletic body had some say in that as well.)

The problem with having sex with this Colombian stunner on mushrooms is that I became infatuated with her very quickly.  We went from casually hooking up to becoming connected, and neither of us wanted that since we met on the popular AFF app.  However, we just simply had a connection that night that took us to a pace neither of us had expected to be at, with me hollering on the daily to see what she was up to, and to see if she had enough time on the weekend to maybe have sex on shrooms.  I was considerate of her six day per week work schedule and knew that this couldn’t be something that happened often, the problem is, sex on shrooms is such a transcendent experience that you’ll want every time to be just like that.

Sex while on a psychedelic drug can be very emotional, let’s me just say that.

You’ll never know what will happen next, since you’ll be so open, vulnerable, and carefree.  It’s like all of your feelings – minus love – are erased.  However, all of that can take a turn if the trip turns sideways, I’ll advise.

That night on the beach was epic, but not without it’s nuances. 

I first was reprimanded for not going down on her long enough.  However, I thought I was down there for a solid hour, so let’s blame that on the trip.

Next, I found that every time she made a moan or expression I felt a certain way about it.  Sometimes it was awesome, sometimes it was cringeworthy.  There was no in-between.

Things got rough, and then they got to a point where I was told to settle down. I don’t know if the shrooms were to blame but the drama in that whole ordeal was nerve racking.  It was like I was on pins and needles and in my own head about my performance.  One second I was having the best time ever, the next I felt like I was getting judged for every move and being reprimanded.

So. Many.  Emotions.

What’s my Verdict about Sex on Shrooms?

I feel like this is something everyone should try.  However, I will heed the warning that you need to know your partner.  You may freak out if you try this with some random and it doesn’t work out.  The whole experience lies with connection and an understanding that you’ll go through it together. If you don’t know the person you are with, sex on shrooms could totally suck.




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