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MpReviews and Alternative Massage Finder Sites

It seems like every year another massage parlor review site pops up, and today I decided to check out MPReviews.com, yet another place you can use to help find happy endings and other naughty services in your local area.  There is a HUGE market for these types of services, and I’ve covered Fort Lauderdale erotic massages in depth in an undercover type expose, so this is something far from new to me.

In fact, I did a whole Asian Massages report as well, so I guess you could say I’m sort of a connoisseur of checking into these types of things.

That, or just a flat our deviant, or a combination of both, which I’m fine with.

My quick disclaimer:  don’t do anything illegal and always follow your local laws.  Many of these places sadly are involved in human trafficking, something I’m totally not cool with.  I am not endorsing erotic massages, as fun as they can be, and advise you to be law abiding deviants.

Okay, legal jargon aside, let’s get down and dirty!

My Experience Checking Out MPReviews

I went to the website after seeing it pop in Google after I was doing my normal checks for things to check out having to do with sex in my area.  I decided to NOT create an account, and instead poke around as a lurker and see what I could find out.  The first thing I noticed is they really push the VIP membership in order to access the massage parlor reviews, and as a non-paid guest, you can’t see any of the information, view pics, or anything that would be informational to me as a first time visitor.

That’s my pet peeve, asking for money without even giving me a tease of what’s inside.  So we started off on the wrong foot straight away.

They do claim they have been around since 2001, but using my ninja marketing savvy I did a search and the first known version of all it’s glory doesn’t show up until 2003.  Hey, would you expect false claims or anything less from the dirty adult industry?  To their credit, maybe they registered the domain in that year. An image of the first version of the site is shown below and as you’ll see further down in the MPReviews review, it’s changed since then, which is consistent with most internet websites evolving.


Memberships to MPReviews

When you decide to join as a VIP member, which currently costs $16.95 a month, you are given access to everything inside the site.  You’ll see reviews and information posted from third party users who registered to share stories of their deviancy, happy endings, and even sour endings when the experience didn’t go their way.  Of course, like any site of this nature, you can expect spa owners to pump in their own reviews and shill their establishments from time to time, so like anything, take the site’s reviews with a grain of salt.

They make it clear that when you pay for this membership, you’ll be billed by the descriptor name “SEOMarketingLabs,” which is smart.  Nobody wants this membership traced back to their bank statements with obvious adult-oriented names.  This is similar to what strip clubs like Dean’s Gold in Miami do, and par for the course in the adult space.

The site boasts that this membership gives you all the access you need to find out about your local massage establishments, and that it is a huge time saver versus doing your own recon.  If this is something you hobby in, it can save you a ton of time poking around to get information before you spend your hard earned money.

The problem, as I see it, is that the site is fairly bare for having “100,000 massage parlors” listed on the site.  Many places lack reviews, so the site either lacks users, or lacks users that share information.  So is that worth almost $20 a month to you?

Here’s what you can expect to see when you find a spa, and want to see what a certain provider is all about.  

mpreviews website

As you can see, my view is limited since I didn’t join MPRreviews.com, but if you are willing to shell out the money, you can unlock all of the above information.

Final thoughts on MPReviews

I’ll be honest, I had no intention of joining, and once I went down the rabbit hole, I knew it was the right idea.  There are tons of sites like MPRreviews that offer free or cheaper information, so I’d look around.  I’ve looked at other websites that offer these service, and none are great.  The one that seemed to have the most users was Rubmaps.

Btw, I’m not the only person who feels this isn’t a good site, MrPornGeek had some scathing words you can read about this place on his awesome blog.  Game recognize game, that man knows what he’s talking about and porn bro’s are porn bro’s, so I tip my cap to him.

Other Sites Like MPReviews

I also talk about these types of things on my erotic massages near me expose, which I think you’ll get a kick out of.

Welp, that wraps it up.  Hopefully you came away from here with some information that will help you make an informed decision if you were planning on signing up for this site.


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