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The Miami Hooker Scene And What You Need to Know

People come to Miami for all types of reasons.  I’ve lived here long enough to see that most of them are looking to party, and party hard!  When the drinks start flowing and tourists are sick and tired of seeing perfect 10’s serve them, walk by them, and be in the same venues as them, they often get into hiring an escort for the first time.  I could tell you war stories about partying in South Beach and overhearing guys talk about hiring their first escort, but for every story like that, there are local men – both with money and without money – keeping the Miami hooker scene extremely active.  today I’ll share with you what living in Miami over 20 years has taught me about where to find prostitutes in Miami, how much to pay for a hooker in Miami, and what you can expect.

Quick Disclaimer:  I’m not endorsing prostitution in Miami or anywhere it’s illegal for that matter.  Know your local laws and know that while I’m speaking facts here based on 20+ years living here, this is for entertainment purposes.

Disclaimers aren’t fun…..but I guarantee this article on Miami prostitutes will be.  

Guide to Finding Hookers in Miami

miami hookers

According to WikiSexGuide, the sex economy in Miami exceeds $300 million!  This is made up of mostly illegal trades of sex from street walkers, escort agencies, strip clubs, and discreet massage establishments.

Let’s start with the best and get down to the grimiest, shall we?

Miami Escort Agencies

Nothing will be more expensive, and perhaps more organized, than going through an escort agency with private women you won’t find in strip clubs.  You’ll find everything from perfect 10 Russian Dolls to stacked Ebony women and everything in between.

There are escort agencies catering to every race, body type, and feature, and you can get into this game for as low as $500 an hour and as high as several thousand dollars per hour.  It’s not uncommon to see travel packages available as well as notes about being yacht brokers.  Hey, you gotta appreciate the organization and entrepreneurial spirit of the top-class Miami escorts!

Again, that’s how you’ll find the primo ones that will only cater to a true VIP, so don’t expect a woman from a high-end Miami escort agency to come meet you for beer and wings with your bro’s while you’re on vacation.  Only contact those prestigious escort agencies for the most discreet encounters where you’ll be blowing a lot of money, and hopefully a load or two.

High-End Strip Clubs in Miami

Of course, I’ll get comments debating which strip clubs in Miami are high-end all day long, and I expect it, but let’s be real with one another, on any given night there can be absolute stunners in any strip club and there can be some absolute nasty women.  I’ve had all types of experiences, both highs, and lows, in all types of strip clubs from dirty San Jose Costa Rica strip clubs in the ghetto, all the way to the top-class stuff in New York, Miami, and even in Europe.

Head over to Deans Gold in North Miami Beach for my personal favorite where you’ll find Eastern European stunners mixed in with a lot of South American women.  You’ll find Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians, and everything else.

I’ve met women from over 50 countries here and it’s a very classy environment that you’ll be sure to enjoy.  The ladies know how to take care of you in a very discreet environment on the premises, or just make sure to take care of them and many will leave with you or see you outside the club.

Deans Gold main stage

Another one that’s not too far away is Scarlett’s.  Located off Interstate 95 between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, this one continues to be a locals favorite, although Miami locals rich and poor alike normally flock to Tootsies Cabaret, just minutes from Scarletts.  This is the largest strip club I’ve ever been in, or should I say, remember being in, because I’ve been in some big ones in Las Vegas, but I can’t possibly recount the exact square footage.

And let’s not forget about Eleven Miami, which is downtown right near Brickell Avenue, where everybody decided to settle in during the pandemic.  This 24-hour after-hours is a party like no other.  You’ll find exotic dancers, civilians, and everything in between all in one well-appointed building.  It’s right by Club Space, so you’ll see people looking like Zombies.

Pay no attention, they’ve been doing drugs for many hours and are normally harmless.  However, it’s always a good idea to keep your guard up in Miami, especially anywhere you can find hookers! What some people do is browse through EscortBabylon.net to see if the female dancers are escorts.

Middle of the Road Strip Clubs in Miami

I’d say the ones I list here will fit the bill of being somewhere in between what I laid out in the above section and what you’ll read below, so using those two sections as a guide, you can sort of imagine what you’ll find at a moderately priced strip club in Miami.  Check out ONE Gentlemen’s Club, Gold Rush, and Foxxy Lady.

Low-End Strip Clubs in Miami

If you’ve been to Latin America, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The types of clubs where people go to get drunk and lay low in a dodgy environment where normally over-the-hill women, sometimes with stretch marks, too many bad looking tattoos, and a lot of anger issues subtly dance on the main stage while nobody pays attention.  Of course, since everyone here is usually a budget strip club customer, they don’t seek out dances.  For this reason, the women come around and ask for tips after every dance from every customer.

Pro tip:  it’s a great time to use the restroom whenever a dancer is leaving the stage.

Pro tip #2:  it’s also common that these women will hunt you down and tell you that you watched their dance and they want that tip still.

I find these places uncomfortable and downright unfair.  I understand everyone is trying to make money and trust me, I appreciate the grind.  These women put up with some really bad people along their journey, and most likely work with pimps on the outside, so who knows what they really get to take home and use for their own vices.  However, if there is an obese woman onstage who I’m just not into, I’m going to sip my beer and have a conversation with anyone who will listen rather than look at her and let her think I’m going to tip her.

Most of these places are very Latin, and while you’ll find all types of women here, most of the customers tend to be Latinos as well.  I guess they are accustomed to this style of strip club format.

club pink pussycat
club pink pussycat

There was one that I really liked way back in the day, called the Club Pink Pussycat, that followed this model.  Yeah, there were some questionable women in there I didn’t want to make eye contact with, but between the few diamonds in the rough I found there and the awesome Corona specials, I really took a liking to this place.  Plus, it was the closest place to Miami Beach, where I was staying back then.

Update:  The Club Pink Pussycat in Hialeah is BACK OPEN.  That is crazy, because for over 15 years it sat there, empty, without a roof even.  I’ll have to go for nostalgia reasons.

Overall, you’ll find that in these lower-rent Latina strip clubs in Miami you’ll be able to find women willing to sleep with you.  Either there on premises (99.9% chance of that) or at a Miami Fantasy Motel, or your place.

The fact is, at these types of places a lot of the women are in debt, have drug problems, support a huge family, or trying to send as much money back home to keep the family abroad above the poverty line.  It’s pretty sad, actually.

The strip club scene in Miami changes so often that it’s hard to make a list of places that fit this category, but I’ll list a few and do my best to update this guide in the future to keep it current. (Or rely on my following to comment and give a brother an assist!)

Check out Booby Trap, Bellas Cabaret, and Playmates.  I’ve personally vetted all of them and can vouch that you will get laid if you know the game.

Latina Spas & Asian Massage Parlors

One of my most visited pages I ever wrote was an expose on the Fort Lauderdale massage fronts.  If you get a chance, go on and give it a read.

South Florida is a bit different from other markets in the respect that morals are mostly thrown out the window here and sex is advertised everywhere.  We have “spas” but don’t expect to get an exfoliation treatment or anything of that nature because these are simply discreet places where you can get your rocks of.  We have Latina Massage Spa’s and Asian Massage Parlors.

Orchids Asian Massage Jupiter, FL

If you check out sites like Rubmaps.ch you’ll see that both of these are heavily mentioned.  (I wouldn’t suggest going there.  It’s a great way to get in trouble.)

Reading the Internet and having homies who still hobby in this sort of way of hiring a hooker, I know you can get anything from an easy hand job to full-blown sex.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t frequent these places for legal reasons but more than that, I’m totally against human trafficking, and a lot of these establishments have been busted for human trafficking. I’m not cool with that, and I’ve written about that quite a bit on this site in the past.  Here’s an example of one in Orange County.

Plus, if you are there getting a hand job like Robert Kraft did and the police kick the doors down, are you cool with this all going public?  NOT ME.

Okay, so we’ve talked about going the hyper private route (escorts), and the sorta of private routes (strip clubs and massage parlors), so let’s talk about the least private ways you can find a hooker in Miami!

The Fountainbleu Hotel

fountainbleu prostitutes
Prostitutes congregate at the Fountainbleu hotel. Photo Source: TripAdvisor

This place is iconic and popular.  When you combine those two things, add in the parties hosted at LIV are a huge draw among the hip hop community, and you are going to get hooker central.  You’ll find them hanging here, and I’m not saying that because it’s the only hotel in Miami with this problem, but with all the money flying around there, you can be certain to find it.

The Hard Rock Holly Casino

Yep, like the above reference, you’ll find women in the hotel’s casino pandering at the circle bar.  If you feel women are friendly, guess again.  They want your cash.

The Bowl Bar in Miami

This place is now closed, but it wouldn’t be right to talk about finding low rent hookers in Miami without mentioning the iconic Bowl Bar.  Do yourself a favor, and read all about it on this page.

Street Walking Hookers in Miami

Believe it or not, this was the only way to do it not too long ago before the Internet became an avenue to not only solicit services, but also share stories of what happens in the aforementioned venues.  

Ocean Drive Hookers

Ocean Drive is full of street walking prostitutes, but be careful, there are reports of under cover agents working there as well.  It’s getting pretty rampant in my old stomping grounds of South Beach, and it’s a far cry from the celebrity stocked mecca it was in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  South Beach has become crime ridden, and while it’s always had prostitution, it’s gotten out of hand, especially post pandemic.

Flagler & Little Havana Street Walkers

Ever since I’ve lived here this zone has been full of women parading the streets at night trying to turn tricks.  Every so often I’ll come across a story about it being so in your face, but nothing is ever done.  At any rate, this sort of stuff reminds me of the San Jose, Costa Rica downtown area.  I’m not sure if the women here are tranny’s (probably not having seen some in passing) but it wouldn’t be my first choice to visit to find a Miami hooker.

The aforementioned Bowl Bar is located in this area, so if you know about that place or read the story I linked to, you’ll understand it more.

Conclusion: There Are Other Ways to Find Hookers in Miami

Match-making sites, which is really why I started this blog, are a place you can meet escorts.  You’ll find them on Tinder, but you’ll have the best luck finding the real pro’s on Sugar Daddy themed sites like Seeking Arrangement.  I don’t care what a woman wants to tell herself, but if she’s collecting money to hang out with a dude, and anything sexual happens, that’s a ho.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I call them like I see them.  There are some REAL pro’s in this life down here in Miami. If you aren’t careful, you can get sucked dry (both your penis and your bank account for that matter) and will live with a lot of regret. I’ve seen it happen to smart guys, and of course there was the famous story about the Philadelphia news anchor named John Bolaris, who was led on, drugged, and robbed of almost $50,000.  The story even made American Greed.

Well, there you have it. My Miami hooker expose.  Happy to hear what you enjoyed, disliked, and felt that I messed up.  Comments are open!

Now, all that said and done, if you really want to turn it up a notch and you do not want to pay for it, then all you need to do is check out a free sex network that I know 100% works. In fact, you can signup for free below!

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