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Costa Rica Sex and Prostitution

I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica, one I’ve had the luxury of doing on more than one occasion, to be honest.  While I’m all about sex dating, I figured I’d spit some of my knowledge of the local scene in Costa Rica and most noteworthy, what the deal is with Costa Rica prostitution. If you’re ready to just use the best sex network I use and do so absolutely free of charge, then try this. But be sure to read the article below regardless.

costa rica sex prostitution

Prostitutes in Costa Rica

Let me first get out my legal disclaimer:  I am not promoting prostitution, nor am I urging people to get on a plane and fly to Costa Rica to get involved with it.  What I am going to say though, is that the hobby is legal in Costa Rica (for people over the age of 18) – and it’s very in your face.  Summing it up, from a standpoint of a guy who is surrounded by ladies of all backgrounds here in Florida, is perfect blog fodder.  So with that said, your mileage may vary, and be very careful if you choose to partake in this hobby.

Costume Party
Photo from a Costa Rican costume party.

I say “Your mileage may vary,” for a good reason.  We all come from different places in life, both geographically and mentally.  Some people will rank the women of Costa Rica ahead of anywhere else they’ve ever been in the world, call it a sex mecca, and sing praise about visiting this country for sex tourism.

Others will say that the women are rough, rugged, too ghetto, too old, and well, just not their cup of tea.  Different folks, different strokes.  I’ll say this – the women are not getting younger in that trade (I’ve been visiting since 2000) but there are some seriously hot women if you are lucky.  While the majority may be chunky and over the hill, there is always an early 20s gal who is eager to please, so be patient.

The reports online state that about 15-20% of North Americans visit Costa Rica for this exact factor – the sex industry.  It’s no secret that bachelor parties in Jaco Beach are among the most desired send-offs a man can get, and erotic parties spring up all the time in the Capital of San Jose, not to mention other beach towns like Playa Tamarindo.  Basically, if there is tourism, there is always a strong chance of a working girl being in the mix no matter where you travel.

What is the Actual Law Regarding Sex Tourism?

Again, paying for sexual favor is entirely legal, but there is a caveat – there is no pimping! Anyone attempting to promote the trade or be a middleman will be punished.  Don’t even think about it.  You’ll find that the law is even more clear when it comes to minors – don’t even let the thought come into your mind.  You will be made an example of and no matter what sort of money you have, you will be stuck like Chuck.  Don’t do it.  Costa Rica does NOT play around when it comes to this.

Where to Find Women in Costa Rica

You’ll find that most of the prostitution is very organized and confined to dedicated hotels and bars for the most part.  However, you will find that strip clubs, which are called “Night clubs” in Costa Rica, are basically brothels as well.  You’ll find these in all sorts of areas, and they range from very run down, dirty, and cheap, to highly lavish and well-maintained.

There is a price point for everyone and everything, of course.  You’ll also find erotic massage parlors, although through the years many of these have been shut down for various reasons.  The only one that comes to mind these days that may – or may not be open -is the New Fantasy in San Jose.  Despite reports of being raided many times, it’s still operating.  Many other similar establishments have not had similar good fortune.

There are also many streetwalking prostitutes in Costa Rica, namely in one confined zone of San Jose.  However, the buyer (or renter) beware – they normally come with a surprise!  Yes, indeed, these women are actually men.  Most of them have been reportedly robbing people or taking advantage of the unsuspecting drunk guy, but I’m sure there are willing customers who have fetishes fulfilled or they simply wouldn’t be out there doing their thing on a nightly basis.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that the women in Costa Rica are not just local – you’ll find many Dominicans, Nicaraguans, and all other types.  Even the hottie Colombianas!


With prostitution being legal, the sex workers register with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.  By doing this, they receive an ID card that allows medical examination every 15 days.  Of course, not everyone participates, and not everyone gets all their check-ups.

There is also the concern that many STDs take many months to show up on a test.  One study showed that 1 in every 100 females who are in the sex trade have tested positive for HIV.  Even worse, 7 out of every 100 men in the trade have the virus.  It’s also reported that about 6% of them have syphilis.

Del Rey Hotel San Jose

Popular Sex Spots

With San Jose possessing the airport, over time it’s been the dominant player in the sex scene.  The almighty Hotel Del Rey is the primary attraction and hangout for prostitutes and Johns in Costa Rica.  On an average night, hundreds of women outnumber the men who ogle them, get fondled by them, and eventually get down with them.

Inside the Rey you’ll find the Blue Marlin Bar, which packs up nightly and offers anything you’d want to drink.  A casino dots the interior area, and from time to time there is a poker room and sports book, but it always seems to come and go and has very little if any organization over the years.  It’s hit or miss.

Across the street is the late night dance party owned by the Del Rey Hotel as well, called the Key Largo.  Live music, lively bartenders, and women who like to dance with men prior to being paid are all common.

del rey hotel san jose

Just a few short blocks away is a sports bar aptly named the Sportsmen’s Lodge.  You’ll find American bar fare, drinks, and sports.  You’ll also find women who don’t like the commercialized Del Rey hanging out and looking for a good time.  Many themed parties make this a hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

The Red Light district of San Jose is a dingier, grittier area that is home to many lower-tier brothels, bars, and massage parlors.  On any given night there are about 800 sex workers in San Jose, working in the area many refer to as “The Gringo Gulch.”  Many men who are into the trade have even made infamous maps that guide tourists on where to go to get sexual favors.

In recent years with the development of the new highway and the money sunk into Playa Jaco, the Hotel & Casino Cocal has become the #1 meeting spot in the country.  It’s now outnumbering the Del Rey in tourism (unofficially, just witnessing what I have been seeing) and many people skip San Jose entirely now and head right to the beach.  With so many other activities at your disposal, this makes it a solid trip with many options.  Add hundreds of hookers dotting a pool and outdoor bar that backs up to the beach and if that’s your thing, you’ll find yourself at home.

Of course, there exist many places that are hidden and “off the beaten path” but finding them is half of the mystique that is Costa Rica.  Overall, you’ll find that if you want to go low budget, you can find your fantasies for as low as $20, and if you want high-end, well, there are escort services with model types.  Of course, everything in between is on the menu as well.

If you do find yourself in Costa Rica looking for some paid sex, remember the three B’s of banging:  Behave, Beware, and Be Careful.

The trade has (somehow) lasted this long legally because of mutual respect between the pimpless women and the men who hire them.  Be a gentleman, and be careful.

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