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Are you into dating women from China? Some people are all about the Eastern women and given that I’ve traveled the world (mostly South American places, like Costa Rica) it only makes sense that I share what I know about Asian dating sites and hooking up in the East in general. Sure, Asian women are gorgeous and tend to be a dream catch for the average American male. They’re sexy, submissive, and exotic, what more could a man want? The question is does ChinaWomenDating.Asia deliver all that and then some?

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If you’re into finding a hot little Asian woman to date, you may be tempted to try out a site known as This is a site that will supposedly play matchmaker, not only allowing you to choose the woman of your dreams but then translating everything you both say so you can get to know each other and hopefully fall in love.

Sounds pretty great, right?

It sure sounds great, but I’m here to tell you that what actually offers is not only less-than-great, but it’s a scam. If you are considering giving a try, hold off until you’ve read my review, I have a feeling you’ll quickly change your mind.

Reasons Why Is A Scam is a sister site to another scam dating site, What they both do is lure you into joining so you can be redirected to a third site, a matchmaking site, called looks like a typical dating site, even boasting that they provide protection and verification of their profiles to ensure that you’re not being ripped off.

So sweet of them!

However, not only is a scam (not to be confused with, so are their side sites,, and Here is why I think you should avoid the whole lot.

Memberships auto-renew.

Joining is free, just like every other dating site out there. However, once you want to do anything on their website, you have to pay. Yes, all sites are like this, so that isn’t the issue.

What is the issue is that if you are a paid member and you don’t cancel your membership, they’re going to keep charging your credit card monthly, whether you like it or not. This can get very pricey, especially because uses a pay-by-credit format.

Most dating sites charge you a monthly fee to use the site, but with China Women Dating you pay for every message. Imagine what that’s going to cost! Conversations via email are never just one or two messages, so when you factor in the $4 fee per opening and sending an email, your wallet is going to be severely hurting.

Don’t believe me? Read this:

rebills on ChinaWomenDating

This is why I tell anyone who is asking about joining a dating site to read their terms of service.

I know, I know, reading those are boring, time-consuming, and full of legal jargon that makes no sense. But, trust me, reading the terms of service of every dating site you join will let you know what they’re about and if they’re worth your time.

Once you join, they own your profile.

*Screech* Wait, what?

Sorry, my friends, but what you just read is completely true.

Once you join and create a profile, the owners of the site will own your profile and your pictures, and they are allowed to do with it whatever they like. This means they can change it and post it on other places, as well as act like you when talking to other members.

Essentially, China Women Dating uses your profile for their needs, including using your profile as a “Love Star” or a fake profile to lure others into the site.

Here’s the proof:

China Women Dating Profiles

I don’t know about you, but this is shady, and I don’t trust any site to decide what to do with my information and likeness.

Do you? is a supplier company.

What is a supplier dating company, you ask?

A supplier company works by taking information from real women and then creating a profile for them on the dating site. This is quite common with dating sites that have foreign members, allegedly because they cannot speak English. They will also then translate what you say to the member so she can understand you.

This sounds great in theory, but what if you both decide you want to talk away from the site? Well, you can’t. Yep, only allows you to speak through their translation service which means the chances of you meeting your new lady-friend are slim-to-none.

Isn’t the purpose of a dating site to get you to the dating part?

To prove my point, read what they provide in their terms of service: terms 

Not only are you stuck chatting through these contractors, they don’t even guarantee what they’re saying!

Final Verdict on 

I get that some men are into exotic beauty and I’m totally cool with it. What I’m not cool with is a dating site that knows how men want to be connected with these women and then screws them over. is nothing but a scam site. Not only will you be forced into paying huge fees to talk, what you’re saying isn’t guaranteed to be true and you’ll be stuck communicating through these third-party translators. Oh, and don’t forget that owns your persona too. I guess it’s safer than using the Private Delights escort site, but they both suck nonetheless.

Look, if you want a specific nationality as a girlfriend, there are a lot of sites out there that are legit (for example, this one for 24/7 banging), it’s just unfortunate that is not one of them.

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