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The Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Is On My Christmas List!

I’ve been waking up every Christmas morning hoping for one simple gift under my tree. Yes, I’m talking about getting my hands on a Kylie Jenner sex tape. There are few girls that I’d like to see have sex on video. If I had to expose the list to you, I’d say that Jenna Shea is in the top 3 but the number one girl on my list is without a doubt, Kylie Jenner. There are so many reasons why I want to see this sex tape and today I’m going to share some of the reasons why.

kylie jenner sex tape
Credit: Instagram @kyliejenner

Why I Need The Kylie Jenner Sex Tape In My Life

Today, girls like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Jenna Shea are considered goddesses. It’s all for their looks and to be honest, there’s no denying the fact that these girls have a booty that doesn’t quit.

They’re straight dime pieces and my guess is that you’ll never get the chance to smash these girls. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot indulge in any one of their sex tapes.

My guess is that each one of these girls has made a sex tape at one point in time. It’s most likely because they’re so damn fine looking, they want to see what they look like while getting dicked down.

I can’t blame them.

However, one girl that I absolutely want to see in a full on sex tape is Kylie Jenner. Here are the reasons that I want to see this tape and why you’ll likely want to see it as well.

But first:

What you need to understand is that it’s possible that Tyga (Kylie’s ex) leaked a video at some point in time and in doing so, he exposed her. I thought I hit the lottery on that day!

Now, as far as the many reasons why I’d love to see a Kylie Jenner sex tape drop are for the following reasons listed below…

10x Her Sister Kim

I can confidently say that Kylie Jenner is 10x Kim and she’s way crazier and willing to do more risque stuff. While I love Kim Kardashian, she’s getting old and is slowly becoming the “has been” in a sense, especially when it comes to having a banging body and social media stardom.

kylie jenner underboob selfie
Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

She’s Got Attitude

I don’t know what it is, but Kylie Jenner has a bad attitude that I’m loving these days. Truthfully, I tend to gravitate towards girls who think they’re the shit and that’s just the way I roll. I love a hot brunette with ‘tude!

All Fake Everything

If you take a look at my Jenna Shea look-alike post, you’ll quickly be able to determine that I like plastic girls with big boobs and huge booty. The more fake, the better and I think that Kylie Jenner has made the perfect transformation. She could not be hotter if you ask me. Also, as she enhances herself, I find myself wanting to bang her even more. I’ll settle for a simple sex tape of hers for starters though! Kylie even admits that she acts fake on social media platforms like Instagram and others. I’ll take whatever side I can get.

Kylie Always Looks Different

I like that fact that Kylie Jenner switches her looks up from time to time. The reason this matters so much to me is that she keeps us on our toes as you never know what you’re going to take. Different looks put different fantasy scenarios in my head and I love her for doing that.

The big question is where can you see the Kylie Jenner sex tape?

Well, the truth is that you’re likely not going to be able to get your hands on one of these sex tapes.


There is something else that I recommend which can be just as good if not better than watching Kylie Jenner have sex on video. Instead, think about joining some of the popular dating apps that help connect people for sex. There are literally advanced filters on sites that exist today which allow you to search for celeb look a likes or features that members might have. That’s how I met someone that looked like Jenna Shea. If you’re looking to meet someone then give this a try. You’ll be banging in no time, I’m sure of it!

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