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Colombians Warned Not to Have Sex Due to Heatwave

A country known for its flawless and curvy women may have just pissed off a bunch of the men that love having sex with them.  In global news, Colombia has issued a caution to anyone looking to have sex, warning them that the intense heat in the country could lead to health complications.

I’ve dated many Colombians here in Miami, meeting most of them on UberHorny.  To say they are spicy just doesn’t give enough context to how crazy they can be in bed!

Sex Warnings in Colombia!

The City of Santa Marta is a coastal city that started the campaign and it’s officially recommending that residents and visitors keep cool during the ridiculous heat that’s passing through the area.  The comments, made by health secretary Julio Salas, have been the topic of recent debate since he told people to give up sex during the day.

“Avoid making love or having sex at times when the temperature is high, especially at noon, because this activity places physical demands on you and increases your heart rate,”

– Julio Salas on a local radio interview.

If anyone in the area is interested in having to do physical activities, he’s urging them to do so after sunset or when the temperature goes down.  He’s also urging people to remain hydrated and wear loose clothing.  This is all so people don’t overheat. The American Heart Association deems sex a moderate physical activity that is comparable to walking up two flights of stairs.

The temperature has been as high as 104 F, which is uncommon for Santa Marta.  The 600,000 residents have been reported to complain of heatstroke symptoms, headaches, and nausea.

They aren’t the only country with this issue, however.  Tokyo and Montreal have both had all-time high heat records.  Japan even went as far as declaring a natural disaster as thousands of people have been put in hospitals with heatstroke.

While it’s been warm here in Miami, it hasn’t been ridiculous like these temperatures.  We always get that nice Miami rain, which keeps our palm trees green and our landscaping lush.

For those of you wondering what you can do now in Santa Marta, I found a video that offers up a few options while you take a break from sex!

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