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Wells Fargo is Closing Sex Workers Bank Accounts!

Imagine waking up and being told by a bank that they don’t want your money.  That’s what’s happening to multiple people who work in the sex industry, according to numerous reports.  Various news outlets have gone on record talking about how Wells Fargo Bank is closing accounts held by people working as sex workers.

Adult Film Star Alana Evans is Kicked out of Wells Fargo Bank

wells fargo bank

I first saw this story posted on The Daily Beast, and then ended up going down a rabbit hole looking at other, similar stories.  Adult Film Star Alana Evans received a letter in the mail telling her that she her account was being closed.  The letter talked about “evaluating risk,” and was sent in a white envelope that looked anything but a formal letter.  Thirty years of banking with Wells Fargo, which she joking called “her longest relationship of her life,” and just like that, she was asked to take her money elsewhere.

At first glance she thought it may be a fake letter, or even some kind of a joke.  Surely, this couldn’t be legit, getting sent a letter asking a customer who has never over-drafted money or bounced a check, to just up and leave the bank.

Evans called the number on the letter and waited for about half an hour to get to someone in the risk department, and sure enough, the number rang to Wells Fargo.  After talking to the representative and asking why her 30 year relationship banking with Wells Fargo was being terminated, she was told that the decision was made by management and it’s final.  She was told she could talk to a supervisor, but that the supervisor would tell her the same thing.  No further details were given and no explanation as to why.  Obviously, Evans was angry at this.

She was getting her income from the popular web platform Only Fans, which deposits money into her bank from their company name, Fenix International.  In addition to that, she earned checks from production companies in the adult industry and she mentioned that the names of the companies “are a dead giveaway” as to what her profession is.

At times, the name of the check would be the title of a film she starred in or worked on, and it would create all sorts of inconveniences at banks with tellers, as you can imagine.

“Oh, I saw that one, you did really good in that scene where you….” That would be my take on how things went down at the Wells Fargo branch she presented checks at.

(She said that the option to get direct deposit helped eliminate that uncomfortable time.)

How Wells Fargo Kicked Out all of their Adult Sex Workers

When the name Fenix International became known as the parent company for Only Fans, it started to become something Wells Fargo decided to look into.  By entering the business name into their client database, they could find out every person who was getting deposits from this company.  In one push of a button, Wells Fargo could not only see if you were working with Only Fans, but they could also generate a letter terminating your relationship with the bank.

This isn’t a huge issue with smaller, more under the radar providers, but with Only Fans becoming MASSIVE during the pandemic, it started becoming very well known.

It’s like they just had a nuke that would be a project called “Only Fans Finder” and BAM, all the people getting their income from there are gone.

alana evans

After all this, Evans received a letter from Wells Fargo.  It was delivered by a secure messenger service that Wells Fargo uses.  Once she figured it out was real, she opened up the letter to read about how the company “recognizes, respects, and understands differences among all people.”

The letter closed in saying that the freeze on her account was lifted on September 7, 2022 and that they apologized for the inconvenience.

But thats not all….about any hour later she received a call from someone who worked for Derek Flowers, a VP at the bank.  She had said that the letter was a MISTAKE.

Mr. Flowers apparently reversed the decision, leaving this chaotic situation in an absolutely uncalled for spot.

The story concludes saying that adult film stars and sex industry workers are “high risk clients.”  It’s unfortunate, especially when you consider all the content published by big cam sites in the adult industry, and all the smut that is published.  I’m pretty sure strip clubs are allowed to bank.  But their entertainers?

What an incredibly weird society we live in today.

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