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Hinge App Is No Longer Considering Itself A Casual Dating App

Some people that I know have been using the Hinge app. While I’ve tried the dating app, I haven’t had a chance to write my official review on it. However, I might be writing it a lot sooner than I thought based on the information that I read today. I’m going to start by saying that Hinge is the type of app that uses existing connections to build an even larger web of connections. Sure, I’m completely down with that type of thing. What I’m not down with is a real relationship and that’s the direction they’re headed. If you visit the Hinge.co website, this is what you’ll come across. They’ve literally taken everything down off their site. What does that say about a dating site that you’ve give personal information to? They let us casual daters high and dry! I’m not happy, nor should you be!

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Hinge Drops All Casual Dating And Gets More Serious, So Fuck Them!

According to an article recently published on the infamous Tech Crunch website, Hinge CEO Justin McLeod is taking the app in a brand new direction. That’s not the only thing that they are doing though. Hinge is getting rid of the entire app as of October 11th!

They will not be offering any type of swipe technology in order to connect with people. Instead, they will reformat the entire Hinge app to function like a more serious dating app. They are going so far as to call it a “relationship app” and not even referring to it as “dating.”

Well, I can say that a ton of people are going to be saying bye-bye to this already unpopular app. What the company doesn’t understand is that no one wants to be in a real relationship and they don’t want to find one using some app. Instead, they want to find someone they can have sex with that lives down the road.


I think Hinge.co plans on launching the app brand spankin’ new and it will likely be without any existing connections.

If you’re worried about breaking booty call connection then, get any number that you don’t have. If you’re looking for an alternative to Hinge, check out these adult dating apps.

You might actually get lucky on the apps I’ve listed, unlike Hinge which is garbage, to begin with. Deuces to the crappy Facebook clinging dating app that never was to begin with!

later bitches

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