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Florida Couple Bring Home Stripper, Husband Gets Arrested

A couple residing in Lantana, Florida decided to have some hot kinky fun back in April, as reported by 93.9 MIA, a leading FM radio station in the Miami area.  However, the newlywed couple didn’t plan on the husband getting arrested after their April rendezvous over cocktails at their house with a local stripper.

#OnlyinFlorida do these things happen, people.  I swear, the news gets wilder and wilder every day that passes.  No word on which strip club from the Ultimate List this happened at with so many of them in Florida, it really could be anywhere.

Florida Couple Brings Home Stripper and Melee Ensues

This couple had only been married for five months prior to this incident, and according to a Palm Beach County Sherrif Deputy, they drove the stripper back to the club they found her at, and as she left the vehicle, the wife overheard her husband ask the stripper for her phone number.

A fun affair quickly turned into trouble for this couple.  The story continues as they went to a nearby gas station, where a confrontation happened between the husband and wife over the request for getting the strippers phone number.  As the argument escalated, the man left his wife at the gas station.

At this point, the 39 year old woman decided to take an Uber back to their home in Lantana.

Upon arriving at the couples home, the wife attempted to enter the master bedroom but found it locked.  Then, she began knocking on the door until the husband opened it.  When he did open it, he grabbed his wife by her neck with two hands and pushed her into the closet doors.  She stated that he choked her until she couldn’t breathe, and she eventually passed out.  The husband laid back down on his bed and tucked himself into the comforter.
What. A. Guy.  
Jhoan Navarrete-Leiva
Photo: Canva/Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

At this point, the wife came to and ripped the comforter off of him and told him to leave the house.  He once again went after her and squeezed her throat.  She was finally dragged to the ground where she passed out again.  He once again laid down in bed, and she finally was able to get up an leave the house and phone 911.  She eventually declined to get help from emergency services and stated she was okay.

Jhoan Navarrete-Leiva is the name of the husband and he verified her story up until they returned to the house, where he denies laying a hand on her.  Okay, so one report has her passing out from choking, and the other says nothing happened.

#FISHY.  I know some women like to be choked during sex, but this is straight assault.  

Navarette-Leiva also says she came back through the window and upon entering she started striking him while he laid in bed.  Eventually she stopped striking him and she called 911 while he slept.  The deputy did find probable cause that the husband did in fact “apply pressure on the throat or neck impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood so as to create a risk of or cause great bodily harm.  The man was arrested, and will face charges of domestic battery by strangulation.
Moral of the story?  Get her number when your wife isn’t around.  


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