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Three Nicaraguan Soccer Players Sent Home from Gold Cup for Hiring Escorts

I can’t believe I didn’t catch this earlier!  Three Nicaraguan soccer players were sent home from their Gold Cup tournament for hiring escorts.  This came in the heels of a 4-0 defeat to the Costa Rican national soccer team, and by chance, this happened in the Capital City of San Jose, Costa Rica.

If you haven’t read my expose on Costa Rican prostitution, you should.  You’ll definitely understand why these men hired women in Costa Rica versus the local escorts in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Boots Three Soccer Players for Hiring Escorts

The three players, according to this report (and there are multiple online, so it’s confirmed, this is not a rumor) were Marlon Lopez, Carlos Montenegro and Carlos Chavarria.  This event happened on Sunday, June 16, only four hours after the side lost to the local Ticos.

The team had to finish the tournament with only 20 men on the roster.

Costa Rica was a Gold Cup host nation as well as Jamaica and the USA.  Henry Duarte, the coach of the Nicaraguan National team, was very embarrassed. Duarte is a Costa Rican national himself.

He was quoted as saying:

The hotel security woke me at 1am, and showed me a video of various players entering their rooms.  I couldn’t tell from the CCTV who they were, but the security people identified them as Chavarria, Montenegro and Lopez.
As the coach dismissed Montenegro and Chavarria and told them they were out of the tournament, the hotel staff reportedly let him into the other room, occupied by Marlon Lopez.  A woman stepped out of the shower at two in the morning, and the coach told Lopez to “keep his party going, but to pack has bags and go home once he’d finished.”
Lopez plays for the Nicaraguan team called Real Esteli.  Chavarria plays in Iran for Padideh, and Montenegro plays locally in Costa Rica for Carmelita.
Probably would have been much easier to just find a date on Amigos.com and have her show up as a girlfriend, and not a blatant escort, am I right?

Marlon Lopez Hires Escort in Costa Rica

marlon lopez soccer
Not a very “heads up” play by Marlon Lopez to hire an escort while on a business trip.

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