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Ashley Madison Presents the Top 20 Cheating Cities in the USA

Everyone likes a good list of things, especially when they are on a level of deviancy that one would expect me to publish on a site about dating people for sex.  Today I happily stumbled across a list of the top 20 cities in the USA where people are renowned cheaters.  This isn’t just any list, but it’s a list from none other than the website that encourages cheating, AshleyMadison.com.  If you don’t know about this site, their tagline says it all:  life is short.  Have an affair.

Top 20 Cities Where Cheaters Live

So, with that brief explanation of how this list was formulated, let’s dive right into it.

Where do cheaters live?

All you Disney fans, know that things are getting straight GOOFY up in O-Town.  Orlando takes the #1 spot in the cheaters category, according to Ashley Madison.  Must be a lot of people falling for those Disney Park workers without facial hair!  Hopefully, they don’t run into this accused sexual predator.

I guess I should have known Orlando was such a deviant city when I wrote this piece on the backpage situation in Orlando.  I mean, Miami is pretty risque as it is, but I guess Orlando just gets down like we do.

Coming in hot at #2 was a surprising one to me, with Newark, New Jersey making the list.  I never spend time there, so have no comment other than the airport being a place I’ve flown into many times.

After that, you have St. Louis. I guess all that Busch Light goes straight to the brain and makes people make poor decisions?

Pittsburgh comes after that, and if you know those coal miners and Steelers fans up there, that makes perfect sense.  They are a breed of their own.  Shout out to my buddy Billy, who is a tatted midget of a Steelers fan who fits this mold entirely.  He meets women and fucks, too.

Fremont, California is next on the list.  No comment here, as I’ve never been to that city that I recall nor is it of any popularity for any reason, am I right?

Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas all make sense.  I mean, Atlanta is like the epi-center of Hip Hop wannabe’s and strip clubs.  Cincy is a bad, bad place, so what else are you going to do other than cheat on your partner?

Las Vegas, need I say more?  

Okay, I will.  You have a city full of escorts, tourists, gambling, free booze, and strippers.  Oh, yeah, and clubbing, night life, and legal prostitution.  Sounds like a great place to settle down, get married, and start a family.  (That’s sarcasm.)

If you can imagine, it was even worse when Craigslist ads in Las Vegas as well as the Backpage hookers in Las Vegas were making it easier to meet people around town.

Speaking of a city with a lot of sluts, Tampa comes in next.  Being a fan and frequent visitor of Tampa, I fully agree.  Women, and men, are scandalous out there.

I recently spoke about it as one of the best cities in Florida to meet women.  Apparently, these women aren’t afraid to cheat on their husbands, so you may want to check that out.

Next up, Gilbert, Arizona.

Don’t know where that is, I’ll have to dive in and circle back on that one. I don’t head out West very often, and when I do it’s to Vegas or LA, but I am slighted to be in Phoenix this fall so maybe I’ll figure out where Gilbert is and pay a visit just so I can keep this blog 100% pure.

After that, one of my favorite cities in the world for so many reasons you won’t understand unless you live in South Florida, Hialeah!

The armpit of Miami, a Cuban barrio full of cholas, this place is straight scandal. It’s always got the most bizarre crimes being reported, everything from prostitution, to drugs, to someone getting in a brawl over a 50 cent cafecito, Hialeah is just another world.

The rest of this list is sort of uneventful for me.  Cleveland, a place called Garland, Texas (probably hot women), St. Petersburg which is Tampa’s neighbor and totally cool with me, Plano, Texas, Seattle, Boston, Sacramento, Anaheim, and finally Arlington, Texas.

If you read my blog, you know about the deviancy I talk about in Florida, so it’s no wonder we have four cities representing us on this list. Sure, we are populated and big, but so is Texas, and we beat them in numbers as well as held down the higher ranks.  #FloridaFucks should be our hash tag, because clearly, we do.

As with any list out there, there are going to be some snubs. If I had to say one city got left out, it has to be Miami Beach, Florida.  That place is littered with people who aren’t afraid to cheat on things ranging from their spouses to their tax returns.

Anyone have any input on this list?

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