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Disneyland Workers Turn to Sex Work to Get By Tough Times

I don’t know how this story didn’t get more mainstream media attention!  It was reported on a website (that I admit I hadn’t heard of prior to this) called Giant Freakin Robot, that workers at Disneyland actually had to turn to sex acts to make ends meet due to the low wages paid at the hyper-populated Disney property.

It’s obvious that many venues had to close their doors due to the pandemic.  Many were forced to limit their hours of operation, especially in states with poor leadership.  (That’s why I live in Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis, the best leader during the pandemic!)  Disney struggled to keep people coming into it’s parks with all of the limitations society had in place, and the workers there suffered quite bit in the fact that they were “overworked and significantly underpaid.”  Which, of course, leads me into this story about becoming sex workers.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this!  In fact, just last week a creative agency owner got into sex work, creating a stir on LinkedIn when she updated her profile to say so.

Disney Employees Turn to Sex Work

A report stated at a site called Inside the Magic, which I have to assume is all gossip having to do with Disney.  I’m not even going to go down that rabbit hole, as I know many of people literally live and die by the Disney brand and I have to imagine there are many Disney cults that I’d surf into and I’d waste a day asking myself what in the actual F*ck am I using my time for?

Apparently working at Disney led to a lot of hardship.  I read about people not earning enough cash for gas, food, and other basic items.  Some slept in their vehicle in the park and lived off cheap grocery store food because times were that bad for them.  However, reportedly one ex worker at Disneyland turned to the oldest profession in the book to make ends meet while working full time at Disneyland.  In a Reddit thread that discussed the wages at Disneyland, a man claimed that he was doing sex work as well as being an escort.  The $800 in wages he made at the global brand wasn’t enough, and while this was prior to the pandemic, you have to imagine many more stories like this came out while the park was shut down due to COVID-19.

As we sit here in 2022, it seems very little has changed. The Reddit files went on to talk about co-workers who were knowingly staying in their cars so they didn’t have to drive home and spend money on gasoline.  The average rate for Disneyland is about $14 an hour according to reports, which is insane, being that I know people in Florida working at Taco Bell (as minors) making about the same pay, or in some cases, more.

My Take:

Nobody should have to turn to turning into a sex worker to make ends meet.  However, this is what happened to our society when a pandemic swept across the world, leading to people moving to different states with varied leadership, inflation, and a whole new war going on with Russia.  We are now in a recession, yet housing remains sky high, and the price of food is astronomical.  Things are out of control, and unless they get fixed, people will be turning to sex to make ends meet.  While I feel for people who have to do that, I’m glad they aren’t out there robbing people, or worse.



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