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Unico 2087 Riviera Maya Mexico: Date Weekend Review

Last week was Thanksgiving and instead of spending time with my immediate family, I decided to go on an adventure. Well, it wasn’t exactly by choice but obligation instead. I had a wedding to attend for some friends at Unico 2087 in Riviera Maya and it was perhaps one of the best all-inclusive resorts I’ve ever been to in my life. I’ll share the whole rundown with you but first, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this review on a sex dating site, am I right? Well, you’ll be delighted to learn that unlike the trip I took last week to Sandals Ochi in Ocho Rios, this time I brought a girl with me.

I managed to convince some girl that I met online a few months back to go with me. She was a chick that I’d been banging casually for about four months and although I kept my distance and always kept it at a one night stand, I knew that for this wedding I wanted to bring someone hot to make me look even better. Yes, I had tricks up my sleeve…You’ll have to keep reading to find out exactly what they were.

unico hotel review

My Weekend Trip To Unico Riviera Maya Hotel

Okay, so we ended up flying in on Thursday, which was actually Thanksgiving and although I didn’t splurge on first class or business class seats, I did upgrade to the main cabin extra seats on American Airlines. We left out of Miami International Airport and flew into Cancun, Mexico. It took about an hour or so max I’d say to get there.

When we landed, there was a private shuttle ready to take us to our hotel. Wasting zero time, I cracked a beer and started sipping on a Corona Extra because when in Rome, do as the Romans right? The drive took about one hour and we were quickly at the Unico hotel and resort. Check in was a breeze and the people there are about as nice and accommodating as one would imagine. Now, before I get into the entire weekend, I’ll share my thoughts on the room and amenities.

The Unico Hotel Room

We had a standard room on the ground floor. The hotel room was extremely modern looking, clear, nice smelling and romantic even. All the rooms connect to one another via a swimming pool so you can swim right up to your neighbor and connect for some cocktails or sex (if that’s your thing). The refrigerator was stockpiled and the snacks were overflowing in the basket. As for the TV channels, you name it, we got it.

Unico Hotel Room First Floor

The Rehearsal Dinner

Shortly after arriving and giving the booty call I brought a good smashing, we proceeded to get ready for the rehearsal dinner/cocktail party. This took place at a restaurant nearby in Tulum called Gitano. I will tell you this right now. Hands down, they made the best spicy mezcal cocktails I’ve ever had in my entire life. The food was good even though we didn’t eat much but it was delicious. After slugging down a half dozen mezcal drinks, we ended up taking private transportation back to the hotel – that’s when things got really interesting.

Gitano Restaurant In Tulum

Hotel Fun

We spent the rest of the weekend at the resort, enjoy amenities like massages, workouts, steaks, margaritas, scotches, and even the occasional negroni cocktail. Almost every single day we connect with a new young single girl or a friendly couple. During one of the days, while in a drunken state of mind, we actually connected with some super hot couple. This girl was a ten, a total knockout with huge fake boobs, blonde hair, and a thong. We got to talking and somehow I mentioned that my date and I met on a casual website called Fling. The girl’s eyes lit up, and she knew all about it.

I left things at that for a little while and let that sink into her head. Well, as the afternoon pool party commenced, I had enough liquid courage to ask if she and her man got freaky at all in the bedroom.

Guess what, they admitted to me that they were SWINGERS!

They were getting away and chose this hotel because it’s so nice, young, and hip. They were on the hunt for some fun themselves. I spoke things over with the girl I was on the vacation with and she agreed to do a little swinger swap if they offered it. I was pumped!

As the pool party came to an end, we went back to their room for some more cocktails. Sure enough, the topic of conversation came up again and we ended up swinging with this horny couple staying at the hotel. She was easily one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had sex with while on vacation and it made my trip complete.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Unico Hotel is that it’s the nicest all-inclusive I’ve ever been to and the crowd is fantastic. I’ll be going back there with either another girl or solo if need be because I’m almost positive I’ll be able to pull that off once again.

I’d like also to mention that we took a mixology class and ate at the Mexican restaurant called Cueva Siete as well as the hibachi grill and both were amazing. If you’re thinking about heading to Mexico to party then skip Cancun and head straight to the Unico 2087 hotel and you’ll have the time of your life! Now, assuming that you can’t get to the hotel or afford a vacation right now, you can still meet the same type of girls that parade around in their thongs at the hotel pool. They’re all on the sites listed here. You’ll get laid, either way, trust me on this!

For the record, I will continue having sex with the girl I brought on this trip. She’s fun and gives me anything I want. A total pleaser and something I’m down with. Oh and the only negative thing I have to say is that the room service food sucked late night but other than that, the experience was amazing.

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