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Apple Considers Banning Meet Me Sex App for Prostitution

The app store at Apple may be short an app if the streaming and dating service MeetMe, which I discussed here, the reports are confirmed that prostitution is rampant at this app, according to Fox News.

The dating app allows people to exchange money digitally for live peep shows, and there was prostitution alleged, which is forbidden by Apple’s terms of service, not to mention illegal federally.

MeetMe App Could Be Kicked Out of the App Store

Apparently, there was a situation where a man from Missouri, aged 22 years, used the app to seek out an 11-year-old girl and rape her.

Ordered to register as a sex offender (clearly), the man was charged with kidnapping and statutory rape, and he admitted to a single count of third-degree molestation and got five years of supervised release, which to me, is just absurd.  Lock this guy up.

Does that remind anyone of the alleged sick fuck from Disney I blogged about a few weeks back?

“We work hard to keep a safe environment on all of our mobile apps, and are in touch with law enforcement in cases when there are direct threats to physical safety,” said Brandyn Bissinger, a spokeswoman for parent company The Meet Group.

“We are not aware of an ongoing investigation of the nature suggested in your message,” she added. “We monitor the app 24 hours a day. We do not allow prostitution.”

The app was launched in 2017 and is on track to earn $82 million this year, according to information gathered which cited regulatory documents citing that figure.  That’s an awful lot of money, and perhaps a lot of prostitution.

Ever wonder what the corporate culture is like at Apple?  If so, check this video out.  If you don’t care, like me, then do yourself a favor and try these free apps.

How the company makes their money is by letting users buy digital currencies to send off to other users.  When they do this, the company and the receiving party each earn 35%, while Google’s App Store and Apple get a 30% take.

In one stream checked out by The Post, one man was masturbating and exposing his junk.  In another stream, a woman showed her tits while the viewer cheered her on.  (Advantage, viewer.) .

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this one.  Sometimes a hard-line stance by a big company has an effect on many other apps that may, or may not, be doing something similar on the shadiness level.

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