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Sex Island Coming Soon to Las Vegas

If you want to “feel like a king,” you have your chance once again.  “Sex Island,” the X-Rated vacation that provides three nights of debauchery, is making a triumphant return.  This time, the setting will be in a private setting in the Nevada desert.  For the fee of $6,000, anyone who wants to go can be taken from a private helicopter to this discreet location.

I could probably do this for blog fodder and write the whole thing off, but I’ll probably just continue to use the meet and fuck apps that are working for me and put the $6,000 into my gambling fund.  Seriously, what sort of No Games McGee would go on a trip like this for that kind of money when there are hookers in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua where you can do it for 20% of the price?

Okay, you don’t want to travel outside the USA?  Try the Key West Sex scene.  It’s fun.  Trust me.

The Story Behind Sex Island

The founders of the event have had events in the Caribbean and in Venezuela, and unlike those events, this will NOT be close to any beach.  100 women are promised to be at the location, which is also said to be alcohol and marijuana friendly.

Like, would anyone go if there wasn’t alcohol?  I feel like it’s stupid they even have to say that.  In Nevada, recreational weed is legal, so no huge deal there.

“The girls’ mission is to please you and make you feel like a king,”

-Website Comment

The event will be held from July 4 to July 7, so even if I wanted to go anyway, I have plans.  #MERICA.

Of course, the event is being held in some sort of locale where being a prostitute is legal, so Nevada really is the only place in the USA that could pull off this sort of event.

The location was supposed to be near Cartagena, Colombia, (which is actually a bad ass place, but again, you can get hookers that are smoke shows locally for $100 so why mess with this event) but the authorities didn’t approve it and it had to be moved.

This is the location that was shot down in Cartagena. Photo Credit: Fox News.

The website also states that there will be 50 guests going to the event.  That’s a whopping $300,000, and when you figure that the average hooker makes, you can see there is a solid profit in there for the organizers.  How they aren’t busted for pimping is beyond me?

The ticket promises the company of two “beautiful” girls on a daily basis and an unlimited amount of sex throughout the stay.

Of course, if your dick gets raw, you can always go ride horses, do a casino tour, or take part in a poker event, according to the founders.

I’ll go on record that this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.  It’s worse than hiring a hooker on Las Vegas Back Page!  I do this exact same thing, for much less money, pretty much quarterly, in Costa Rica.  And I make my own agenda, do my own thing, pick my own women, and don’t have to be on some property with a bunch of losers who just got roped out of $6,000.

Who agrees?


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