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Fort Myers Prostitution Bust & Special Investigation and What to Know About Area Escort Busts

The Florida prostitution scene in general is just out of control lately.  Today, I read that it’s not just confined to South Florida and the always in your face Miami scene, and it’s making it’s way over to the melting pot of old-timers and somewhat tough ghetto areas of Fort Myers, Florida.  The latest story I read about prostitution in Fort Myers is that two women were picked up by a special investigation unit and they offered up pricing for sexual services while on the ride.  The video below shares the brief story.

Prostitutes Busted in Fort Myers in Multiple Incidents


The women were Brittany Hradsky, 25, and Brenda Derouaux, 49.  Both were brought into Lee County Jail after providing amounts to be paid for sexual services.  They were picked up in the Pine Manor community along Oak Drive.

Fort Myers is a bizarre little city to me.  It’s full of retirees, which would lead me to believe that there are some men there with income that can drive this industry quite well, but there are also some very rough and tough areas in Fort Myers where a lot of incredible football players come from.

It’s a very segregated area from North Fort Myers to the rest of Fort Myers, and the crime is pretty much confined to certain areas.  Unlike South Florida where things are all on top of each other and you never know where things are going to happen.

Another Escort Bust in Ft Myers, Florida

And that wasn’t the only recent prostitution bust in Fort Fun, there was another report, which I read about here, where nine people were arrested.

This bust was done by an undercover sting by the Fort Myers Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Unit and the ages in this bust between men and women ranged from 26 to 75.  The names of those arrested are below:

Waldo Rivera, 75, of Cape Coral; Chelsea Dillard, 26, of Fort Myers; Michael Zurla, 67, of Cape Coral; Antoine Wright, 43, of Fort Myers; Charles Cosby, 37, of Lehigh Acres; Melody Ducasse, 31, of Fort Myers; Virgil Robinson, 45, of Clewiston; Benjamin Waber, 35, of Cape Coral; and Tarvaius  Roberts, 32, of Lehigh Acres.

Apparently, citizens were complaining in an area known as the Cleveland Avenue corridor, which led to the sting.  Word to the wise, if you are going to be pimpin’ and ho-ing, keep the noise level down!

As I blogged about last week, Florida prostitution is so out of control that the State is actually looking into being the first one ever to create an actual registry for prostitution arrests.  You heard that right!  Soon there may be a public database of Florida prostitution offenders.  That includes Johns, as well.  Click the link to learn more, it’s definitely something that could deter people from getting involved in the oldest profession known to man.

That’s all I have for the day, but I wanted to make one thing clear to everyone because I often get comments about “why do you do this, Ryan?”

I blog about these busts for YOUR safety.  It’s a cold world out there. I don’t judge, and I don’t hate on people who pay for sex.  In fact, I actually talk about where it’s legal in many posts and give advice on navigating that terrain.

What I am against, is human trafficking.  Many of these prostitution arrests have a lot of trafficking involved, and I’m flat out against that.  I set up a page for people who want to report it – view it here.

I just think with all of the apps out there you can use to find sex, there is no reason to get caught up in illegal activity in the USA.  It’s just a gamble I won’t take when there are so many women on sites like the Adult Friend Finder and others, that it’s just an easy decision for me.


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