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Lake Worth Pimp to Serve Life and More for Obstructing Human Trafficking Investigation

Florida has been a hotbed lately for local news stories about prostitution busts and of course the famous Asian Massage Parlor in Jupiter. I often come across these when I’m having my morning coffee, checking the local sports updates, the weather, and of course, the stings, raids, and busts that are so common in the “Sunny place for Shady people.”  When are you going to stop giving me daily fodder to react to in the prostitution business?  While much of this is sad, it’s interesting to me. It’s interesting how BAD people are.  Today I present you Alston Williams, a Lake Worth pimp facing life.  Today I’ll share his story and the horrible acts he’s committed.  Thanks to the Miami Herald for breaking this story.

Alston William’s Convicted of Obstruction of Human Trafficking Investigation

alston williams
Photo Credit: Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

As my loyal readers know, I’m viciously against human trafficking.  In fact, I set up a page for awareness on the topic, which you can view here.  My goal is to get people to blow the whistle and stop this ridiculousness forever. Imagine being forced into prostitution?  I just can’t. If you ever suspect anything, don’t hesitate to call any of the numbers I have listed on that page.  While prostitution may be the oldest hobby and business going, the forced stuff is just wrong, and that’s why this Florida man is in hot water.

In this case, Lake Worth resident Williams had women living with him that were “enslaved as prostitutes.”  Some of the women lived in a house in Tamarac with other women and they worked together in an escort agency.  If the women ever acted up vs. Williams or defied his orders, he punished them in front of the other women with “needles to the buttocks” and “slapping a woman’s vagina.”  Sounds like a guy with some anger management issues.  He eventually was caught after one of his victims, who had tried to escape twice already, arranged a meeting with investigators who posed as prostitution Johns, most likely to avoid any confrontation with Williams sniffing out the plan.

The woman alerted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that she was fed up with him after he brought her to the Virgin Islands to do some cleanup work after Hurricane Irma to help his Mother.  She also shared that Williams made death threats on her family if she were to try to escape a third time.

When she was on a “date” in November of 2017, Williams showed up to pick her up and was promptly arrested.  Two women who were working for him labeled him as an “evil, destructive person,” and a “cancer.”

On a good night, she’d earn $2,000 from prostitution, all of which Williams would keep, in true pimp fashion.  He also had her bank records, personal documents, credit cards, and tracked her every movement with a cell phone application.  What a creep.

Williams, 43, ended up with the following:

  • Five Life Sentences – (one life for each of five counts of sex trafficking of children by fraud, force, or coercion.)
  • 20 Years on Count 6, which will run concurrently with quintuple life sentences.
  • Obstruction of a human trafficking investigation.

A prior story printed at the time of his arrest on Bradenton.com outlines how Williams made the women do chores at his Mother’s house, have sex with him and other people, and be house slaves.

Yuck.  This guy got what he deserved.  Riddance.

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