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Georgia Prostitution Bust in Hotel Gets National Media Attention

I usually have to dig to find stories that I want to react to, report on, and do further investigative reporting on.  Today a simple search I normally do at my friend Google.com yielded results to a story that was reported just about everywhere, so I just had to dive in.  It had to do with Georgia prostitution, and more importantly, a big bust in a hotel.  You know I love feasting on news like this, so I had to dive in and see what it was all about, see who was involved, and see just how messed up the situation is.

Prostitution in Newnan, Georgia Produces These Mugshots

Georgia Escort Bust
Photo Credit: Boston25 News.


In this bust, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office found cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.  Sounds like some folks were going to have a heck of a party.  It’s unknown if they were using the hot tub for sex.

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Here are the names and charges of the people involved in this story, which I gathered from Boston25.


  • Latavia Jackson, 20 – possession of marijuana, prostitution, false name, forgery in the first degree
  • Tory Anderson, 31 – party to a crime of prostitution, possession of narcotics
  • Sidni Jones, 24 – prostitution, possession of cocaine
  • Desiree Hernandez, 26 – prostitution
  • Kristen Corder-Rojas, 26 – prostitution, possession of methamphetamine
  • Dawn Little, 37 – prostitution, possession of methamphetamine
  • William Williams, 46 – party to a crime of prostitution
  • Calvin Singleton, 29 – loitering, prowling, suspended license
  • Kristie Terrazas, 30 – prostitution, possession of marijuana
  • Jacob Lester, 26 – party to a crime of prostitution, possession of marijuana

Now, for the good news….

The investigators working the story did interviews with the suspects and made the decision that they were NOT involved in any human trafficking operation.  That’s music to my ears, because those stories break my heart, and half of the reason I do blog about stories like this is to create awareness for people to blow the whistle on human trafficking and more importantly, to report human trafficking. Seriously, it makes me sick to my stomach and if I save one life, my countless hours of reporting, blogging, and educating, are all worth while. You can read my archives of horror stories about people who have been victims of this very serious, widely unreported crime. In fact, read this story, it’s modern day slavery if  you ask me.

It’s worth noting that many suspects arrested here had been arrested for similar charges in the past.

I’m still scratching my head at the level of media attention this story received, perhaps it’s because it’s the slower Summer season and there just isn’t that much to report?  I’m not sure, but this story was really reported in many, many places.

Back soon with more news.  Stay safe, everyone.


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