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Prostitute Angelina Barini Gets 30 Years in Prison

I have no problem with prostitution, when done legally, of course.  However there is a very large risk you take each time you go down that path, especially in the places where it’s illegal, such as the USA.  This story about a Queens, New York, based prostitute named Angelina Barini just confirms my stance that online dating (with the right apps) is a much better option to seek out sex versus getting into a shady situation with prostitutes.

Let’s get into this awful story…and why I’d advise staying far away from NYC backpage hookers and all other services like that.

Queens Prostitute Gets 30 Years in Prison for Fatal Drugging of Customers

angelina barini murder
Photo Credit: Facebook.

According to a story published in Yahoo!, Barini, 43, was giving her customers deadly doses of fentanyl-laced drugs.  All in all, her greed led to death in the case of four men the prostitute took advantage of, as explained in court.  This happened in the Summer of 2019, and she didn’t let the fatal doses stop her from attempting to repeat this awful act on new men who were seeking her services.

In Brooklyn Federal Court, judge Brian Cogan sentenced her to 30 years.

These instances happened on July 4, July 11, and August 5, all in the year 2019.

Additionally, on August 18 of the same year, Barini and Leslie Lescano, her ex-boyfriend, were able to get the head chef of Cipriani Dolci, Andrea Zamperoni, into a questionable hotel room in Queens called the Kamway Lodge.

The story continued to detail how Lescano laid low in the bathroom on his ex-girlfriend Barini’s orders as the 33 year old chef walked into the motel room with the now infamous escort.

Then, she slipped the chef a fatal dose of a date rape drug, leaving his body to decompose as she and Lescano used the hotel over the next several days.

(This reads like a real life horror movie, so pardon the gory details in the next part.)

Next, the prostitute obtained sheets to wrap the chef, then brought in a garbage can and had the audacity to ask two unknown people if they could source her a hack saw, the Feds stated.  Barini also used the Internet to look into reports of the disappearance of the chef.

On August 21, 2019, NYPD officers paid a visit to the hotel room and were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of a decomposing body in addition to incense burning.  Barini screamed “her pimp made her do it,” and upon searching the room, they found Zamperoni’s corpse.  It was all wrapped up in bleach soaked sheets and put in a trash can in a corner of the room.

The report continued to state that Lescano left a trail of using Zamperoni’s credit cards.  He must have been thirsty from all the work he put in, as he purchased a Gatorade, among other things, and tried to take out money at a casino with the chef’s credit card.  #LOSER


“Barini’s petty greed had fatal consequences. And regardless of whether the defendant intended to kill her victims, she showed an astonishing disregard for human life,”

-Government sentencing memo

The prosecution stated that Barini knew she was on a killing spree, and cited a series of July 2019 facebook messages where she mentioned “one of them died.”  A female acquaintance later blamed her first known victim’s death on “dog food,” which is a slang term for heroin.

“The defendant drugged and killed multiple people for a few quick dollars. She stole their personal belongings while they lay unconscious dying from the lethal drugs she gave them,”

-Breon Peace, the U.S. attorney for New York’s Eastern District

The prostitute pled guilty last August multiple counts of distributing drugs that ended up taking lives.  If this horrific act scares you, it should.  Stop looking at escort sites and find real people who want to be with you.  For sex, I recommend the adult friend finder app.  Plenty of horny people on that app and one I recommend.  Most prostitutes have a man behind them with an angle, and as fun as their photos may look, let this horrific story be a lesson to anyone out there searching websites that allow people of the seedy underworld an opportunity to lie, cheat, steal, and in this case, murder.

Sending thoughts and prayers to all of the victims families. 

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