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Nicaragua Escorts and Prostitution

As I’ve been an avid Central American traveler, I’ve been to some seedy places in some strange Cities.  Perhaps none are more unique than a country currently experiencing heavy turmoil, and that country being the Republic of Nicaragua.

Why would you ever end up in Nicaragua, you ask?  

Sexy Latinas?  That’s usually enough to get me anywhere….but I’ll continue….

Photo Credit: Pina Records.

Well, let’s be honest.  The Costa Rica bachelor party and hooker scene is well known by my friend’s wives.  It’s something that you can read about not only on my blog, but on many other blogs out there talking about Central America and bachelor parties.

It’s not a secret, so you better really sell the rain forest and zip-lining adventures if you are trying to get one over your girl, because the Internet will not be your friend if she decides to see what could, and will, go wrong.

Panama sex trips are way more discreet, at least on the surface as far as being in circles of people talking about sex and stuff like that.  Plus, it’s Panama, a place with a lot of history, a big ass canal, and a lot of financial dealings that make it a feasible place to visit.

So back to Nicaragua.  When is the last time you heard people go to Nicaragua for a bachelor party?

That answer is probably zero, and for those of you saying one, I probably already know you.  Been there, done that, and had nine of my brothers with me doing battle along with me.  The reason this happened was because of the ease of getting there from South Florida, the unpretentious surroundings, the ability to smoke cigars at wit’s end, and drink Flor de Cana like it was going out of style.

Nicaragua isn’t known for much, but tobacco and Flor de Cana rum are two very good things to be known for.  With those, and a few women, you have a bachelor party that I’d put up there with any ideas the people in middle America come up with.

Plus, it can be done very, very cheap.  Throw flights aside, which aren’t bad due to a very low demand to get to Nicaragua, and you can slap together a very unique trip that you will never forget.

As far as the sex scene and prostitution in Nicaragua, like always, my disclaimer is that I’m not promoting or endorsing it.  I’m simply shedding light on how it works, what to expect, and how to navigate that so you can date women better and be a more respectful, mindful, and classy traveler.  Follow the laws, which are spelled out on this page, and stay away from minors.  Don’t even think about it, you sick fuck.  I don’t say that lightly.  

Where to Find Escorts in Nicaragua

As you probably know, you’ll want to brush up on your Spanish prior to heading to Nicaragua.  While English will be spoken at most hotels and tourist attractions, it’ll be less than say Costa Rica or Panama.

With prostitution being legal in Nicaragua, of course you’ll find the good workers who have been in the game a while knowing the right words, so if that’s all you are going to be doing, you won’t be so bad off.  In terms of prostitution and legalities in Nicaragua, brothels and other forms are illegal.

nicaraguan women
Photo Credit: My LatinLife.

You’ll be able to find them in the street, discoteca’s, (like American Night Clubs) or in massage parlors dedicated to sexual activity.  The term “night clubs” in Latin America is in reference to a strip club in the USA, so when you hear that term, know that you’ll mainly expect to see a stage, a show, and girls dressed accordingly.

Unlike most of the USA, and I say that with tongue in cheek knowing some very select places who skirt this rule, you’ll find bedrooms making it entirely convenient to do whatever it is you please once you strike a deal with a woman you meet there.

You’ll find most of the Nicaragua escorts in the Capital City of Managua, as well as in port Cities.  According to WikiSexGuide, there are up to 1,500 women working in brothels in Managua alone.  YOu’ll also find 100’s of teenage girls saddle up on the commercial corridor soliciting as well, often to support their drug habit.

Be very careful on the streets of Nicaragua. It’s insanely dangerous.  I can’t stress that enough.  Not just the women and what they could have planned for you, but the street gangs and violence are out of control, highly motivated to come after you if you have any perceived wealth, and many have illegal, automatic weapons. That’s not a joke.

With the bad, comes the good.  

While I’m not super into most Nicaraguan women, I say that with an extreme caveat – the diamonds in the rough in this country are as beautiful, and perhaps more exotic, than any other woman you’ll find in Latin America.  Yes, Colombia, I said it.  The cream of the crop Nicaraguan smoke show is hotter than your Colombian smoke show.

Overall, however, it’s not a contest. The average woman is just too Mestizo for me, but if that’s your thing, you will love Nicaragua.  There are enough women here that are absolutely stunning that any man, no matter race, creed, or level of wealth, will be in a better financial position, at least perceived, than they are.  So use that when you date Nicaraguan women.

If you are staying for a while, invest in an Amigos.com account or Latin Friend Finder account.  It’ll be like you are hunting over a salt lick.  You probably won’t find many members of my the usual sex apps I use due to the cost as well as language barrier, but if you already have an account on any of them, definitely run a search because that will yield epic results.

Nicaragua Escort Agencies

I’m not going to promote anyone, not for free at least, but if you look in Google, you’ll find many.  I don’t have experience with them, but they do exist.  This could be a hack worth exposing. If anyone has knowledge, by all means, please comment on this thread.

Note:  my time was spent in Managua, San Juan Del Sur, and Granada.  There are far many more women in Managua than anywhere else.  Granada is a lovely colonial town I highly encourage you check out, but other than finding seedy street walkers, which I avoid like the plague, you will only see some on bars and discos.  It’s not really promoted or rampant.  Managua is really the only place i can have a lot of commenting on, so again, if someone has other knowledge, leave a comment and expand our library of information please.

That said, our group did visit a lot of strip clubs in Managua, and there was a lot of fun to be had there.

Strip Clubs in Managua, Nicaragua

good times managua
Photo Credit: Good Times facebook page.

Again, this is where you will have a lot of fun. Just be careful with your valuables, never leave your drink unattended, and make sure you keep your eye on your tabs.

Good Times

Pista de La Resistence, Managua, Nicaragua

This is a popular venue you’ll hear many people going to. It’s not the cleanest or upscale, but remember where you are.


Paseo de la Unión Europea, Managua 14003, Nicaragua

This was my favorite, mainly because of location and talent selection.  This is across the street from the Hotel Intercontinental, which was the best hotel in town, but not your typical Intercontinental hotel experience.  This place was a bit more classy and definitely more welcoming of our group.  They rolled out the red carpet for us on our repeat trip knowing that we blew a lot of money there on night one and had a great time and tipped well.  This is the place any expat should go, but make sure you have a ride to and from here. The hotel staff told us not to walk across the street – all 50 meters of it, citing danger and lack of lighting.  It was very odd, but I don’t question locals, especially hotel staff who preside over that area nightly and work in the valet, etc.

Massage Parlors in Managua

Club Fenix has a bar and rooms for massages.  It’s arguably the most popular option in Managua.  We visited, but didn’t stay long.  It was more of a stop by to see what everyone was talking about.  while there are many other ones that are underground and more hidden, this one is right there off of a main street with some signage.

You’ll find all sorts of action in Nicaragua.  You can get into a lot of trouble, or play it low key.  I will promise you that if you visit Nicaragua, whether you are looking for sex, or not, you’ll be offered.  The local women are very aggressive and eager to please anyone who may be able to help their status.

Be very, very careful, however.

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