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Dating In The UK (Best Networks To Consider)

I’ve got a couple of big updates to release to you today. One will be coming soon which is related to my trip to Panama but this one covers a trip to Europe that I took some time back. A few months back I went on vacation for a quick trip over the pond to hit the UK. It was a really quick trip but while there, I did my best to test out as many dating sites as possible. I must say, Britain and the UK have some truly epic dating apps and websites, but unfortunately, the country is also riddled with faulty & lackluster sites as well. What’s important here is that I’m finally getting around to sharing my thoughts and feelings about the sites over there.

The only way you’re going to be able to tell the difference is by getting a profile and checking out each site in turn, but this has some inherent problems. Firstly, you’ll have to make a time commitment as well as (sometimes) a financial commitment. This means that in order to find out if a particular website is fraudulent, you’ll have to give them personal data, which seems very counterintuitive.

Well, the best news here is that I’ve done the work for you and I know what’s best for you when it comes to dating throughout the United Kingdom.

UK Dating Sites

Top 4 Dating Websites In The UK

This is where you’re going to find the best casual dating sites for Britain in 2019. I’ve put a good amount of time and effort into vetting these sites so that you won’t be forced to spend money seeing what’s right for you. The reviews I put forth here may sometimes be a bit rough on the companies in question, but that’s only because I’m unwilling to either use or promote a dating app or website that I just can’t stand behind.

The Approach I Used To Test These Sites

I decided that the best way to conduct this test was to hone my searches down to specific cities in the U.S., where I would search for specifics like “women 30 to 45, no kids, unmarried,” etc. After finding a relatively manageable list, I would send a similar message (either by the site’s chat function, or by using their provided e-mail address), and then compare & contrast the response messages I received, in the hopes that, if the site were illegitimate, I would notice to an abundance of canned responses. Alternatively, if there were a high number of conversations that progressed well, I could gather that there was an actual user base engaging with the site regularly.

After using this approach, I must say that there was a small percentage of these sites that almost immediately gave me evidence to suggest that they were completely fraudulent. The chatbots would almost immediately reply with calls for me to get a “real profile” so that we could “really connect.” These chatbots were sometimes fairly convincing, getting me to spend a good 10 or 15 minutes exchanging small talk before I could accurately discern that they weren’t real people.

I bring this up as a warning to all you would-be British daters. Technology has really improved, making data theft and unwanted expenditures a common occurrence. Keep this in mind, regardless of any sites you may be checking out.

Map of United Kingdom

A Few Of The Best

1) AdultFriendFinder

While not strictly for Brits, Adult Friend Finder is a powerhouse site for casual dating, and its full list of features is available everywhere in the United Kingdom. During my search, I encountered over 50 actual women in my area looking for the same sort of connections I was. While I won’t bother getting into too much detail here, suffice it to say that I sealed the deal with more than one of them!

2) EasySex

While EasySex is a bit newer than AFF, their massive user base means it’s a breeze finding a partner, even if it’s just for the night. Their approach is meant for the kinkier types out there, so make sure you keep this in mind when signing up for a profile. I also liked their design and interface on both the desktop site and the EasySex mobile app.

EasySex has really been growing lately, which I would imagine in due in no small part to its easy, straightforward registration process, as well as their long list of included features. They even provide users access to homemade pornographic photos & videos from other users, which means that you’ll get a detailed idea of just what you may be getting yourself into.

3) InstantHookups

The last one on this list wasn’t quite as exciting as the first two, due in no small part to their almost complete lack of free membership options. I don’t think it’s wise to bar any new users looking to get their feet wet, but once I was inside, I could kind of see why they charge. Notably, InstantHookups.com boasts that a large percentage of their employees use the app, which says to me that there’s an inherent level of quality & safety built in.

I should mention that there is a “3-day free trial,” but it’s so restricting that you won’t get a good feel for the site without coughing up some cash.

4) Fling

There was no way that I was going to the UK without giving the Fling.com network a shot. I’ve gotta say, the reach here with Fling is so wide that it’s almost next to impossible to not meet people looking to bang while using this. They’ve got a free membership option, but I opted for the Gold trial membership. It costs me a little bit of money, but it was worth every damn penny. Get on board right here today.

The Bad & The Ugly

1) MySexHookups

My biggest gripe with My Sex Hookups is that, on several occasions, I was solicited for money in exchange for…erm, “physical services.” The website was also poorly designed, something I knew going in, as the problem is covered on more than a few user reviews.

Another significant issue I had with this website is that, while they boast about their extensive features & functionality, the interface & site were incredibly simple, and looked almost as if they were scaled back at some point. When paired with the fact that they lack a large userbase of any sort, it makes avoiding Sex Hookups a no-brainer. FYI, I don’t have a full review of this one published yet or I’d share it with you.

2) HornyMatches

Oh boy, where to begin with HornyMatches. The website at least seems to have some real users, but as they’re almost all male, it was nearly impossible for me to properly test the website out with my messaging tests. While I received a few replies, they were almost all painfully fake. While they do provide a free user profile, don’t be fooled: this site is just broken if you ask me.


By the end of my trip and doing extensive research, I ended up checking out over 100 different UK dating sites, which is not an easy task. At the end of the test period, I was surprised to find that there are actually more “good” sites out there than “bad” ones, believe it or not.

I think there’s quite a bit on this list to choose from, which means you shouldn’t have any issues avoiding some of the worst, and signing up for some of the best. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know. Just leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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