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New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Prostitution Arrest (More Details)

Originally published on February 24, 2019, and last updated on May 23, 2020. See the bottom of the article for the latest update. – Okay, so I’ve praised Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots, and Tom Brady for years. Literally, years and seeing as though I’m a Pats fan, this one really hit home for me.

Hundreds of readers have emailed me asking for my advice about these massage parlors and I’ve given it without batting an eyelash. Now, I regret to inform you that Robert Kraft has fallen victim to the old Asian massage parlor sting.

Since I currently spend most of my time in Miami, FL (which for the record is a great city to “hookup” in for sure, and is relatively close to Jupiter too) and I idolize the entire Pats organization, this really hit me hard.

I nearly had to take the day off when I got wind of it.

Not because I was heartbroken, but because I wanted to investigate the heck out of this. I was angry, confused, upset, and I wanted answers so I did what anyone would – I searched everywhere.

WPTV robert kraft press conference
Credit: WPTV

The worst part is that they’ve supposedly got footage of him on video soliciting prostitution and getting the classic rub and tug at the parlor. I’m going to share some of the details and what I heard based on publications and news reports that have come to the surface.

Now, before I get into all this, I want you to know that there’s a site that I’ve explicitly suggested avoiding called RubMaps. I’ve said it for years that this site sucks and this is the icing on the cake hopefully for millions.

It turns out that the website actually helped police conduct this sting!

Trust me, this article here explains it all! The only words that come to mind – pond scum! Portraying to help out these Johns and then setting them up for failure? Even if they didn’t know about it, I said it for years that this site was no good. Not you know why!

Robert Kraft Super Bowl Trophy
Credit: CBS

Robert Kraft Asian Massage Parlor Prostitution “Tuggy” aka Rub and Tug

Before diving into what I’ve read, I’m going to share how the Patriots organization responded to these allegations:

“We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

Now, here’s what you need to know about this…

The first thing is first, this is an ongoing investigation and I’m not a legal expert or law enforcement. I’m simply a diehard Pats fan and I’m writing this as Pats Nation. In other words, don’t expect me to poo poo all over Robert Kraft.

However, I promise I’m going to keep it real and raw here. That said, here’s what’s important.

The facts about the sting are not very clear, but I was able to determine that the whole sting took place in Jupiter, Florida which is where Tiger Woods resides.

Tiger Woods watching hooker

I also know that they’ve allegedly got Robert Kraft on tape soliciting a sexual act, which they call “prostitution.”

Not once, but twice, yes, twice!

This is all information that’s been made public by Chief Daniel Kerr who is employed by the Jupiter Police Department.

This all happened at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. They’ve got specific details down to the fact that he was driven by a chauffeur.

The typical services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa are $60 and $80 or something like that depending on the length of time of the massage services.

Orchids Asian Massage Jupiter, FL

Now, this is no small sting. They’ve named 26 men who they on a list. Apparently they have video of every man and what’s gone down. Not one had vaginal intercourse with any of the girls involved. It was simply a happy ending, which is turning out to be not-so-happy for these men.

Who’s Really In Trouble?

Now, if you think Robert Kraft is the one in big trouble here, you’re wrong! It’s the Spa owners who are really in trouble.

They’re going after bigger issues here like prostitution, human trafficking, and more. Trust me, the human trafficking charge is not one that the courts take lightly.

The women were charged with running a sex prostitution ring and I’m guessing that they’re going to try and get them on unwillingly holding these Asian women and making them perform sex acts on these Johns.

My Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on all these things…

I feel bad for Robert Kraft to a certain extent. He’s an old man that’s just trying to enjoy himself and get a little release. Hey, if he can still get it up, then more power to him but there’s a right way to try and do this and he took the wrong approach.

Using Asian massage parlors is a bad thing. They’re not safe, shady, and obviously potential covers for bigger illegal operations. Hiring an escort is illegal and it’s really not even necessary given all the sex dating sites on the Internet today.

I also don’t feel bad for Kraft for the fact that he has enough money to pay someone to also pay someone to pay also someone to hire a hooker (or this guy’s girlfriend) or massage girl to meet him in a hotel room. He stubbornly exposed himself and left himself wide open for this just by his actions alone. There’s really no excuse here for him to be doing what he did in a public setting.

As for the operations of the Asian massage parlor, I’m not for doing so and I believe that if they’re truly running a trafficking and prostitution operation, then they should be punished accordingly. I’m not a fan of these things, hiring prostitutes and breaking the law just to get off. It’s not necessary and I don’t suggest doing so.

That said, from a John perspective, let’s be honest here…

Just about 95% of every guy that’s entered an Asian massage parlor has paid for the upgrade or at least attempted to do so. It’s like taking that Victoria’s Secret catalog or the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog that your mom had when you’re in middle school. More than likely, it’s going to happen.

Fredricks of Hollywood Lingerie

Other people have publicly voiced their own opinions on the matter. For example, Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports held an emergency press conference on the matter quicker than anyone out there. TMZ had a few things to share as well.

I speak for the entire Pats Nation in saying that Robert Kraft is still a great guy, the Patriots are the best NFL franchise ever, and Roger Goodell is nothing in my book.

Fact #1 – Haters gonna hate. Fact #2 – Patriots are the best. Fact #3 – You got a rub and tug too, just without getting caught.

Moving forward, if you want “release” just do yourself and the rest of the New England Patriots as well as every other John out there a favor and just meet someone online for a quick fling instead of hitting these dirty Asian parlors.

Most importantly and I’ll say it again, stay the hell out of those massage parlors near you or you’ll end up with misdemeanor charges.

News Updated: 5/2/19

It’s been brought to my attention that detectives are now confirming that Robert Kraft had his fingers in his butt crack during the Asian massages he was getting at the parlor in Jupiter, FL. I first got wind of this from Terez Owens who can be found @TerezOwens on Instagram. I’d like to go on the record here and say that I honestly would not expect anything less and to be quite frank, is there any other way to get an Asian massage at a rundown slum of a spa such as Orchids of Asia? Seriously, Terez perhaps you should try it sometime if you haven’t already. 

robert kraft finger up butt during massages
Reported by Terez Owens via Instagram


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I first published this story and things are really starting to get interesting now! There’s a new update related to Robert Kraft’s case. 

According to the Sun-Sentinel, on June 30th the Patriots owner will be partaking in a hearing with the Florida Supreme Court. This hearing will be taking place via Zoom Videoconference. This will take place at the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a fan of rub and tugs hot spots, you probably want to know what goes down here. Well, now you can! They’re planning on streaming the Zoom Videoconference session via the Fourth District Court of Appeal’s official website (http://4dca.org/Oral-Arguments). If you’re interested in streaming the case, then click the link I just provided to learn more.

You’re probably wondering, why are they doing this? Well, because there are too many people expected to be in the courtroom to uphold social distancing during COVID-19 lockdowns. So, you’ll now have the privilege of streaming the whole thing from your phone or computer. Just remember that a lot of people will be trying to get into this hearing, so get in early and have your popcorn ready!

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