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photo of airpods

Having Sex With Airpods is a Thing?

Everyone here who reads my Sex Dating Blog knows that Apple and Amazon are clearly on a mission to take over the world, am I right?  I really can’t fathom a world where people aren’t buying something on Amazon while rocking at least one electronic device by the technology giant, Apple.  Today’s update proves that we’re seeing a shift in clothing, style, and actions, and it’s all supporting the theory that Apple is clearly too big for society.  People are having sex while wearing AirPods, the ear bud replacements that people walk around with that let you know they are either cool, talking to someone privately, or listening to music.  While I’ve done many weird things while having sex, even in a hot tub, I’ve never once worn any sort of headset device while having sex.  Let’s get into where I read this story and discuss, shall we?

photo of airpods

Sex With AirPods

This information comes via a survey discussed on Mashable, and it was done by a ticket selling platform called “TickPick.”  This study was done to figure out the “intersection of music and sexual preferences” and it discussed this topic with 1,010 people, and among other weird facts found out during this survey was that nearly 25% of people who listen to folk music has cried during sex.

Self-reminder, don’t date girls who are fans of folk music unless you want to deal with that drama.  

The fact that I took away from this survey was the one in the headline, and that one is that 17% of people in this survey have worn AirPods during sex.  It’s not known if they were listening to audio during these encounters, but the mere thought of having someone wearing these hideous devices during sex makes me cringe.  I’m seriously an AirPods owner, but I don’t use them like your average person who never takes them out.  I use them when strategic, and when I have to, but never when it’s inappropriate, and I’d never call up some girl I met on a meet and hook up app and have her over and start doing the damn thing while wearing these things. I can assure you that!

I’ll first cite the issue of germs. These things are played with by our dirty, grimy hands more often than I care to thing about.  As a guy who works out and drinks a lot of water, I’m in the bathroom a lot.  Bathrooms are sick, and dirty.  My AirPods follow me there, as do my hands. My hands are constantly touching my AirPods, which are in my ears.  Yep, my ears.  The same dirty ears that I see disgusting things come out of every time I use a Q Tip to reveal what sort of organisms entered my ears unknowingly while I sleep and frolic around town.  Just think about that one minute:  hands, urinal, penis, AirPods, ears.  They all come into contact with one another, and germs flow, spread, and grow.  Gross.

The only thing more gross than this, could be this old story about this disgusting Oklahoma couple having sex in public.  Don’t click that if you are looking for gorgeous babes, but do know that the content you are about to see went viral at the time of publication.  Yuck!

Call me old school, but I’m fine with a boom box playing while I have sex.  What about you?  Anyone here have sex with AirPods yet?

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