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tootsies miami strip club review

Tootsies Miami Strip Club Review

I’ve spent a lot of time bouncing around many of the Miami strip clubs. To be honest, I think I’ve probably consumed more alcohol there than just about anyone living in South Florida. That holds especially true when it comes to the Tootsies Miami Club. Perhaps it’s because I like to watch women get naked or maybe it’s because I like getting lap dances. It’s just about every entertainment factor that grabs my attention and more.

There are so many strip clubs in Miami, FL that you have to choose from and I’ve hit them all. Given that I’ve been to all of them, I can easily do a comparison and tell you what’s different about each of them, but I’m not going to do that today. Instead, I’m going to share my feelings on Tootsie’s Cabaret in general versus a comparison. What I can say right from the get-go it’s awesome! Learn more about my experience crushing drinks and making it rain at the local strip club in Miami Gardens, FL.

Tootsies Miami FL Review

Why I Love Tootsies Cabaret In Miami, FL (A Must Read)

I’m not sure how to put this other than just coming out and saying it. I absolutely love Tooties Cabaret! While I’m not in the area all the time, I make it a point to go when I am.

One of the things that many people don’t understand is that quantity and quality both matter, especially when it comes to strip clubs. Let me give you a better understanding as to why I love this club and what they offer.

The main reason I like Tootsies is that of all the amazing girls. You can head to the club on any given Sunday for some NFL fun or any Saturday for the college football throwdowns or a boxing match and you’ll see hundreds of girls.

No, but seriously…HUNDREDS

I went during one fight night and they had a parade of girls that they ran to show them off. I believe there were 186 girls during that event. My guess is that you’ve never seen what 186 strippers look like. If you cannot find one that you like, then chances are you just don’t like exotic dancers.

There were so many girls during this fight that even a very successful boxer and other professional athletes were spotted at that club.

I’ll get into the details about these girls but first, let me explain what more details about the club itself. Are you a sports fan? If so, then this is the place to be.

The Sports Room

The knockers sports room is awesome. If you’re into watching games, matches, races or any sporting event whatsoever then you’ll love the knockers sporting room in the back. There might be 3,000 TVs hanging on the wall back there and the food is top notch.

Dead serious, 3,000 plus!

That’s a ton of TVs and let me not forget about the food. I’m a huge fan of fries, wings, and cold beer. That’s all you need to enjoy a game or two back in the knockers sports room. You can even play pool and video games back there if you want to place some friendly wagers with friends.

The Stages

You heard that correctly, I said stages, plural, that’s because they have fours stages that girls dance on here. Two of the stages are upstairs and two are downstairs.

The main stage is shaped like a boxing ring which girls you the ability to watch from afar or get up close to see whatever your heart desires. No magnifying glass needed at this Miami strip club. You can get up close and personal as you’d like with these girls.

The VIP Section

If you’re looking to spend a little bit more money, you can buy into the VIP section. Full disclosure, I rather use the Fling.com dating service versus pay these girls for fun but it’s good for a change. This section is located upstairs and it’s where all the hottest girls hang out.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars upstairs in this VIP section. All you need to do is buy a single ticket or you can purchase a 100 bottle and get all your friends upstairs sipping on some drinks.

You’ll need to still tip girls up here in this section. The best part about this section of the club is that the bar is less of a wait and the bathrooms are nearby. Given that Tootsies Miami is an old BJs Wholesale, it can be tough to navigate from one end to the other. If I had to guess, I’d say that this is the biggest strip club in Miami and perhaps the East Coast.

tootsies miami strip club review

The Private Rooms

This Miami Gardens strip club has a bunch of private rooms that you can rent. They aren’t super expensive but they’ll cost you something.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that getting into one of these rooms is going to cost you roughly $200-$500 depending on the night. Now, that’s just to rent the room. You’ll then need to pay the girl for whatever agreement you make between the two of you. Dances, drinks, whatever.

If I remember correctly, they have a huge room by the stage which has a private TV, two stripper poles, and room for dancers to enjoy themselves. It’s hard to not enjoy yourself at this club, especially if you rent one of these rooms.

For clarification purposes, the room I’m describing will cost more than the typical rental fee. One thing I want to make clear here is that you should definitely head on over to this strip club before attempting to use the erotic review website to meet “working girls.”

Buying Single Dances

If you decide that you don’t want to spend cash like that, you can buy individual dances with strippers. The dances can be purchased for cheap and you can get a basic off stage topless dance for $15-$20 per song. If you want the girls to get naked, you can go ahead and buy a couple dances in the private dance booths for $25-35 per song. The girls will show you a very good time back there too!

If you’re looking to get somewhere with these strippers at Tootsies, you’re going to have to bring your wallet. However, I’ll give you one tip that helps me connect better with the girls. I always ask them if they use any websites to meet people.

Each time I visit the club, I ask them if they use any sex networks or apps. The reason I ask them is to get a better impression of whether or not they are DTF. Some of the girls will do things offsite and will meet you out for a date or two if you’re willing to spend money and take them out for a nice date. it might cost you more but it can be really fun.

make it rain

The Drinks

One last thing I want to cover in my review. The drinks at Tootsies Cabaret are dirt cheap. I’m talking $3.00 each on the regular and sometimes they even do a two for one special.

You won’t find a strip club in Miami with more girls and more economical drink prices out there. I’d be willing to bet my bank account on it.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is pretty clear, Tootsies Miami is the bomb. It’s the place to go if you want to watch sports, see fully nude strippers, buy inexpensive bottles and feel like a true baller. They don’t refer to this as a Disney World for adults for nothing. The strip club is top notch and that’s the end of that. There are some other clubs that give this one a run for its money e.g. Dean’s Gold, BT’s Gentlemen’s Club, Scarlett’s Cabaret and a few others. However, this one seems to be the best if you ask me.

Miami Gardens, FL Location Details:

150 NW 183rd St.
Miami, FL 33169


12 PM – 6 AM Daily (Open 365 days a year)

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