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The Erotic Review & 8 Alternative Escort Websites To Consider Using

Is The Erotic Review a good site to use? When looking for escorts, can it truly help you hookup? I’ve covered all that and more here today. Find out if their are other alternatives to consider besides the EroticReview.com.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that sites like The Erotic Review need to be avoided. While many people use it on a daily basis, I’m going to give you plenty of reasons why you need to stay off this website. I’ll give you a full rundown of everything that I know about this site and you’ll soon know how much trouble it can get you into.

The Erotic Review

The Erotic Review – My Breakdown Of Things…

Before I really dive deep into this site, I want to make one thing clear once again and that’s the fact that I prefer to use dating sites instead of erotic pay to play sites.

“What do I use,” you ask? Well, I use a massively popular network. In fact, you can find out why I use my Fling.com login more than anything before joining. Anyway, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get down to business here with regards to TER.

Tons Of Female Escorts

For those unfamiliar with this site and what it does, you’ll find that it’s a mega site that hosts a ton of reviews on female escorts, live chat services, and more.

They have tons of discussion boards showcasing reviews on call girls, sites that cater to guys looking for streetwalkers, and basically all things adult related. Well, I’m going to tell you one thing right now…


There are dozens of reasons why I tell everyone I know to never use this website. Before you do whatever it is that you’re thinking about doing, I want to you read this review of the site and learn why it’s so bad.

You Must Pay

The first thing you need to understand is that The Erotic Review is not 100% free. Although they claim to be the best free call girl review site on the planet, that’s a total crock.

To gain the full perks of the website, you’re going to have to pay $250 just to become a VIP member and gain access to the important information that the site publishes.

Now, if you don’t have the money to pony up $250 for a VIP membership, this site has slickly offered anyone willing to provide their information and submit reviews the opportunity to upgrade to VIP status.

My problem with this is that you’re essentially admitting to doing something completely illegal e.g. hired a woman to have sex for money. That’s a huge no-no and one of the many reasons why I avoid all escorts.

You’re admitting to committing a crime and they have all that information stored on the website for anyone to find out.

TheEroticReview Members Area

The New Reviews Section

If you check out the “New Reviews” section, you’ll quickly learn that TER doesn’t share any real rating information. Actually, they do buy not with anyone that’s not a registered user.

This essentially makes the site absolutely useless to those that wish to completely protect their identity. How would you like to get busted for being a registered user of an escort review site?

Think about that for a second. it can be life-changing and not in a good way!

Hidden Information

If you drill into each individual review posts on The Erotic Review, you’ll notice that all the most important information is hidden to those that aren’t VIP members. You’ll get no info on the cost of services, actual services provided or anything important.

Most importantly, you get no overall rating access. One thing you can do is access the number of guys that the girl has banged. If you see some girl listed with 75 reviews, she’s likely slept with over 750. That’s pretty gross if you ask me. Consider yourself guaranteed to get an STD hooking up with these call girls.

Cops Are Close

Now, you must remember that so many of these listings are likely cops trying to bust people for meeting hookers and paying them to have sex. I can’t tell you how many girls on Backpage are likely undercover cops trying to arrest guys hiring girls.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, if you’re willing to spend $250 on a stupid membership to The Erotic Review, then why not just spend $34.95 or something comparable monthly to join a casual sex network?

You won’t have to pay any of the girls as they’re just looking to have sex for free. Don’t waste your time with escorts on TheEroticReview.

Instead, just join a site that has real local girls looking to connect with horny people that just want to bang. Save your time, money, and avoid headaches. Join the EasySex network instead and you’ll get A LOT further, trust me on that!

Dating Sites Over Escorts?

Now, if you’re inclined to learn about all the top dating apps of today, then you’ve got to read this page. This is where I house all that daily updates on the best dating services I personally use.

You will not need to pay any girls if you join these. Trust me, I use them every day and hookup on a regular basis. The girls I meet are not “working girls,” but real locals just looking to have a good time.

Mark my words, you’re going to regret using The Erotic Review. Try the dating services that I suggest, they’ll get you much further.

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My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

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