SugarNights Review: The Escort GFE City Directory Report

Today I’m going to share everything I know about the one and only Do you enjoy spending time with escorts, sugar babies, having a “girlfriend experience,” or one of those “special spa” massages that leave you feeling a little lighter in the pants? If you do, you might wonder where you can turn to find these types of specific, fringe sex services without having to search for each service individually. is an escort directory that looks to connect Johns with escorts, massage providers, and women who specialize in providing the girlfriend experience…for a price.

sugarnights homepage has most major cities listed and once you have picked your city of choice, you’re ready to dive into what the site has to offer. Are you curious about what that might be? Keep reading to find out more about

But first: 

You need to understand that I’m not a guy that hires escorts. It’s not something that I do nor is it something that I suggest doing. Plain and simple, it’s something that you’ll most likely want to avoid doing. But let’s focus on the review and not hiring any hookers for starters. Just read this and you’ll see what I truly recommend.

My SugarNights Review Tells All

I’ll kick the whole review off with the first glance…

Landing on

Once you land on the webpage for, you’re going to find a map of the U.S. where you can choose the city you’re living in, or if you’re traveling, the city you’re currently in. You’ll see the majority of the cities are on the east and west coasts, with the Midwest being vastly underrepresented. I chose to check out Pittsburgh, since it’s not a huge city, but not small either.

When I clicked on Pittsburgh on the map, I was immediately taken to SugarNights Pittsburgh and presented with featured escorts, recent escort listings, and a sidebar where I could choose different categories such as:

  • Independent Escorts
  • Asian
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Pay for Play
  • Sugar Babies
  • Live Sex Cams
  • Discreet Affairs
  • Fuck 4 Free
  • Local Hookups
  • Live Trans

If you’re someone that enjoys alternative sexual experiences and encounters, and you don’t mind paying up, then might just have what you’re looking for.

The Escorts

Once I settled on an escort I was interested in checking out (for reporting purposes only), I clicked on her thumbnail picture that provides. I was taken to her profile which had some pictures, her measurements, a small bio, the things she would do, and contact information including her email address, social media, and her phone number.

One positive thing I noticed was that the girls all seemed to have area codes that fit for Pittsburgh. When you’re using an escort site and the area codes are all far away, chances are the profiles are fakes and stolen to lure you in.

There are ads for other sites in each profile, usually a sexy video looking to entice you into clicking, which I did. I was then taken to a video site,, which apparently works in tandem with This isn’t a huge red-flag, most dating and escort sites cross-advertise, you just need to decide if those are sites you’re interested in visiting.

It is also apparent that is a partner site with If you choose to search one of the other categories listed on the left-hand side you’ll be taken directly to the login page for This also happens if you choose to visit the email links in the escort’s profiles.

Now, this is a bit of a red flag for me, I’ll admit. Is just a front for Truthfully, I believe it is.

Yes, there are email addresses and legit looking phone numbers listed for each girl. Yes, the pictures look legit. But, why does everything link right back to

Escort Categories

If you are looking for a specific type of escort, you’ll probably find it on Sugar Nights. They include categories such as:

  • Incall
  • Outcall
  • Anal Play
  • BBW
  • Bisexual
  • Domination
  • Fetish
  • Full-Service
  • GFE
  • Manual Release
  • Multiple Partners
  • Strap-On
  • Submission
  • Tantric Sex

Honestly, whatever you’re looking for on, you’ll probably find it. But you can find the same things for free right here at this site.

Wait, What About

After being redirected to repeatedly, I decided to give it a look. is a site that caters to men who want a specific type of relationship, mainly one where they pay for sex from a sugar baby.

Sugar relationships are still rather taboo and finding a partner can be a little tricky. is trying to break down those barriers and make finding a sugar baby or sugar daddy much easier.

If you’re joining, though, you’re probably not looking for a continuing, ongoing paying sexual relationship with someone, so you may get a touch irritated with the continuous links back to the dating site.

If, though, you’re looking for more of a one-on-one relationship that puts a beautiful woman at your disposal for a fee, instead of sharing her with many men, you might be interested in what has to offer.

If you’re interested in SecretBenefits, it’s free for everyone to join. However, women get to keep their profiles for free, men, you’ve got to pay up. Talking on is done on a credit-based system, which will currently cost you the following:

  • 100 credits-$59.00
  • 500 credits-$169.00
  • 1000 credits-$289.00

The site offering on is similar to most other adult dating sites, allowing you to search for a partner based on a variety of parameters. A good sign that this is a serious site is that they verify profiles, ensuring you’re not being ripped off by a catfish or fake. If you’re in the market for a sugar baby, looks to be a good way to find that.

Final Thoughts of

I’m on the fence about this site, honestly. I don’t mind parent companies or dating sites that partner with other sites to promote each other, but what I do mind is completely presenting a site as one thing (an escort site) and giving me something else (a sugar baby site).

There are positives with, the phone numbers match up with local numbers, the women have social media that also matches up with who they say they are, and they look legit. I did not contact any women on SugarNights to arrange a date, I’m not looking currently for an escort, but I am pretty positive that I would get the one I contacted if I wanted to hire one.

Joining SugarNights is free and easy, so if you’re truly interested in hiring an escort or an erotic masseuse, it won’t cost you a thing to give the site a try. Not unless you hire someone and they perform services. The worst you have to lose is a few minutes of your time, which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t too bad.

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