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What Does Catfished Mean?

Mean people have held conversations with others in an effort to take advantage of them.  It’s called “being catfished.”  So, what does catfishing someone mean, and how do you spot a fake profile or persona so you don’t become a victim of this stupid game?  Today, I spill the beans.

Catfish Show
Catfishing has become such a problem that there is a show about how people are affected by it.

What Does it Mean to Catfish Someone?

To catfish someone is to operate and manage a fake online person that attempts to take advantage of people by either leading them on or getting close to them so they can benefit from the situation.

If you are into dating with apps or online websites, you need to look out for this cruel game that people play.  Even sites like Facebook are susceptible to having fake profiles that people use to try to take advantage of others.  Bumble, Tinder, and other sites are victims as well.

With all of these losers doing this online catfishing, it’s important that you try to know a few things about this so you can spot fake profiles and avoid it happening to you.

Here is what to look for if you feel like you may be communicating with someone who “smells fishy.”

Signs of Someone Trying to Catfish You

Catfishing Signs

It’s Too Good to Be True

Hey, we all out-kick our coverage at times and land complete hotties.  I can speak from experience that I’ve been with women who I have no business being with.  Maybe they were fresh off a break up and I was a revenge hook up, maybe they were tipsy, or maybe just knew it would be discreet, so why not?

However, not having met a woman and seeing a profile with a body that has those curves like a Ferrari, face like an Angel, and having her come on to you in an over the top way, well, that’s just not something that happens to most of us Average Tom, Dick, and Harry’s.

Use your instincts and know that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Social media profiles are simple to make, and even more simple to operate.  I’ve seen people use pictures of B list celebrities in online dating spaces.  When it’s that blatant, you need to run.  Frauds are everywhere.  Don’t be the sucker who gets roped into thinking someone is real until you meet them face to face.

They Are Interested in Everything

When a profile says they like just about every social activity that the website allows them to check, you need to raise your red flag very high.  They do this as a way to try to attract more people.  (Having something in common with someone is the easiest way to get close to them.)  Look for profiles who are selective with their interests because who has time to be interested in sports, fine dining, travel, reading, yoga, interior decorating, science, history, dogs, cats, amphibians, reptiles, cooking, cleaning, and of course, coffee, sushi, steak, chicken, pork, and farming?

Take Things Elsewhere

If you feel like this profile you are communicating with is fake, ask them to talk on another medium.  For example, Skype, telephone, or some other messaging service like What’s App.

They may have a hard time trying to show up on another medium because they would need to port all of their fake profile stuff to the new medium.

When they become frustrated at this request, you know that you were successful in finding someone who is NOT real.

This may sound obvious, but this is when you STOP talking to them all together.

They Make The First Move

If a woman who rates “10” on the scale of 1-10 flat out comes across your profile and says some outlandish stuff, you can assume that she is probably someone posing as someone else.  In most online dating situations, men make the first move. Women receive the lion’s share of the messages, while men send them.  When this process doesn’t go like this, you can start to question this person’s motive.

Last, but certainly not least….

They Ask For Money!

The classic “oh it’s an emergency” situation springs up.  A sick dog, a missing child, or wait – their Grandma was held for ransom in Mexico!  If it sounds bad reading that, just know that you JUST met this person online.  They have nobody else to ask?   Hmmm… Smells Fishy.

There are websites that really comb their user databases to avoid this foul play.  I personally use this one.  Feel free to join any of those with confidence if you are looking for hook ups.

And remember, there are hunters, and there are the hunted.  Don’t be hunted – err – catfished!

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