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What is Face Sitting?

Just when you think you’ve heard of all of the possible sexual fetishes out there, (I mean I for real did a piece on breastfeeding sites), along comes face-sitting.  This fetish also goes by the name of “queening” and it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Today I’ll explain just what is queening, and or face-sitting, and tell you a few places you can learn more about it.  (Mostly because I refused to take time away from looking for sex and writing about how to be a deviant.  Not that there is anything wrong with acting out sexual fetishes, this one just isn’t for me!)

What is Queening or Face-Sitting?

This is literally the act of dangling your genitals over your partner’s mouth for oral sex, which also gives you a very robust thigh workout since you have to hover and can’t fully sit on your partner’s face or you may suffocate them!  Apparently, this is very big in the BDSM community, and in those circles, it was dubbed “queening.”  Get it?  Queening, like they are a queen sitting on the throne, expressing dominance.  This is a sex act that is popular in the kink community but it’s also something that anyone can do – you don’t have to be a part of a community or do this with people who use the best BDSM dating sites. Anyone can get in on the action.

Face Sitting
Photo Courtesy of Pornstar Mia Queen

How to Face Sit on Your Partner

Being the queen has its perks!  Simply kneel over your subject, who will be on a bed or floor lying on their back.  Then, straddle their face by flexing your thighs and hovering your genitals over their mouth.  If you are a man, this could be considered tea bagging.

Don’t put your entire body weight on them or you’ll possibly make it difficult for them to breathe, so be careful in that respect.  It’s worth noting that there isn’t an ideal position in terms of which way you should face, so switch up the angles and see what you and your partner are into.

When in this position, you have the power.  You can feel free to tell your partner what you want, including licking, sucking, kissing, or whatever else it is they do to your clit or genitals.

There’s also a variation in the BDSM community called smothering, and this is when the dominant partner smashes their genitals on their submissive partner’s face which will definitely restrict their breathing.  To me, this simply isn’t my jam.  To others, this is something they get off on.  Be very careful out there on your execution.  Don’t die doing what you love!

And there you have it, today’s sexual fantasy you can act out.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any variations or tips for my readers.  And, of course, if you find yourself alone tonight, make sure you change that by joining one of the recommended hook up apps that I’ve personally tried and tested.  There’s a giant world of freaks out there, you just need to know where to find them.

Happy hunting!

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