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Kittenfishing, Left on Read, and Other Dating Trends

If you’re a serial dater like me, then you’re likely always on either social apps or hook up apps. Whatever it may be, my guess is that you’ve had to deal with kittenfishing or any of the other things I’m about to cover below.

I’ll come right out and say that all of these things that I’m about to mention all need to disappear for good. I hate the bulls**t, and nonsense that some people play online.

Yes, I’ve had to deal with many of the things I’m sharing today too. You might recall that update where I shared everything I know about catfishing. If not, what the hell are you waiting for?

All jokes aside, if you’re using dating networks, then you need to know and understand this terminology because the knowledge very well may come in handy soon enough. Heck, it might save you a shit ton of time and money too. (You’ll understand what I mean, just keep reading.)

Kittenfishing and dating trend definitions

Kittenfishing and Other Modern Dating Terms of 2019 (That Suck Big Time)

Without wasting your precious time, I’ll just cut right to the chase here. I’m going to share the definitions of these things and some advice on how to avoid putting yourself in various situations, starting with the first one – Kittenfishing.


If you’re not familiar with this term it’s a scenario where you show up to some date and you realize that the person in the photo looks ten years younger than the person you’re currently meeting. This is a clear case of being kittenfished and it sucks big time! It’s somewhat similar to catfishing but to a lesser degree because the person is actually real. They’re just showing you a much younger photo of their present self.

This is not kittenfishing as you know, but the literal version…



Next on the list is benching and no I’m not talking about the exercise that you do at the gym to impress hot girls. Benching is the act of putting a relationship on hold in hopes of a better one coming along. Twisted but it happens daily.

What typically happens is someone gets benched and the benchwarmer ends up sitting on the sidelines waiting for the person to make the move. Being on the bench SUCKS.


I had no idea what firedooring was until I stumbled across the term randomly and looked it up. Firedooring is another way of saying that a relationship is super one-sided. It’s a situation where one person does all the work and the other basically ignores them not giving a flying shit about them or their feelings.


This one doesn’t happen all that often on the dating sites I use because they’re all primarily casual, but some people do have to deal with this issue. Dateview is when you go on a first date and immediately get baggered about having kids and your views on marriage. It’s basically like an interview but during a date. Screw all that noise!

In fact, you’d be less intimidated during an interview with Chris Hansen. Just kidding, that would be awful but if you keep messing with sites like SkipTheGames.com, then you’re sure as hell going to end up on that interview or something like that. Just ask the people involved in this Allentown, PA sting.

Chris Hansen meme


The term cushioning is something that we all can relate to at one point or another in our lives.

It’s when a relationship isn’t going very well and either one party or both parties begin flirting with other people in order to cushion their breakup finale. Basically, it’s like applying primer to a wall before painting it.

Thirst Trap

This one REALLY pisses me off big time and I know some people will not agree with me but I don’t care. Thirst traps have got to go! Seriously, they’ve really gotta go because they’re not helping us single men find girls down for some nookie.

A thirst trap is when a super hot girl posts something on social media (typically a photo of themselves) with no intention of meeting the people commenting on them. Basically, it’s an attention whore looking to grab people’s eyes and likes with nothing to offer in return.


I’m not going to cover ghosting in a lot of depth, but this is basically when someone just cuts ties with you completely and stops all communications e.g. text, call, messaging, social media.

It’s basically a crappy and cowardly way to say that things didn’t work out and they’re over.

Left on Read

Last but not least, I want to cover left on read. This one takes the cake and is the world’s biggest asshole move ever. It’s when someone reads a message but chooses not to reply. By far one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with in dating, regardless of the relationship dynamics.

Conclusion: Do Your Part, Stop All These Trends

If you’re the one that’s causing these trends to exist, then I hope you never get laid. In fact, I hope you get blacklisted from every dating network known to man! We need to stop these trends from growing and actually do something about it for gosh sakes!

Partaking in any of these things WILL NOT help you get laid. It’s only going to cause everyone to build up their distrust and disbelief in online dating actually working. If you still believe (like I do) then you’ll want to head on over to the main page and learn everything there is to know about the best networks. Trust me, these networks do a great job of keeping out the people using these tactics I’ve just mentioned.

Oh, one last reminder, don’t be a perverted creep either or you’ll end up like Joey bag of shit in the gif below – on Dateline NBC’s show with Chris Hansen…then the five-o! For god sakes people, just date of age people looking to hook up on verified dating networks – END OF STORY.

Chris Hansen gif

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